The Daily Motivator for June 23 ~ Without compromise

Don’t just go through the motions. Go through life with passion and  purpose.

This day is yours to live, so make something truly meaningful and beautiful  out of it. Get curious, get interested, get involved, get active, and bring your  life to life.

This is your one chance to live this moment, so make the very most of it. You  can create great, rich, meaningful value, so do it now and do it often.

Let yourself be amazed and enthusiastic about the possibilities. Let yourself  be joyful and purposeful and filled with love for all the goodness that  surrounds you.

Choose what to do and then follow through. Dream your best dreams and then  bring them to life.

The amazing gift of life is yours, so do something truly amazing with it.  Live fully and richly now, without compromise and with a passion that is  uniquely yours.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator