The most persuasive argument against eating fast food you are likely to see

Howard Portnoy
Nutrition Examiner

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. By that calculus the slideshow at the left is worth 11,000 words, though in truth no amount of verbiage quite does it justice.

The photos were shot by professional photographer Sally Davies. All, moreover, are of the same subject—namely, a McDonald’s Happy Meal that Davies purchased on April 26, 2010. She then placed the edible contents—a hamburger and fries—on her coffee table, uncovered.

For the next six months, Davies took daily snapshots of the still life presumably as a means of chronicling the ravages of time on unrefigerated, unprotected “fresh” food. The results speak for themselves.

Perhaps when the First Lady with the support of the USDA speaks of the need to nudge the public into make healthful food choices, they should instead direct them to pictures like these.