Wicca on the Go!

Wicca on the Go!

by: Venusfire71

Do you feel as if you are always too busy to research that spell you have been wanting to perform? 

Not enough time to devote for full-on ritual?  Yet everything seems to be crashing down on you? 

The following suggestions may be helpful to those wiccans, witches, and pagans who are always on the GO and don’t have time in their busy lives to devote to the pomp and circumstance of full ritual…


Magick in your car

1.  Hang feathers, beads on a cord, or a simple crystal from your rear-view mirror.

2.  You have four sides of your automobile, motorcycle, etc. that represent the four directions.

3.  Put together extra chants, spells, etc., when you do have time to devote to full ritual, that you can carry with you and chant while driving.  (Believe me this works!)

Magick at Work

1.  Computers are amazing things.  A simple image set as your background can be used as a makeshift altar and nobody is none the wiser, except you!  The same extra chants you put together can be used here as well, just say them to yourself.

2.  Don’t have a computer at work?  If you have a cell phone, and most of us do, use a simple background image on it.  If you have children, have them draw an image of their choice.  (I can just feel the power that would have because I have a couple of my own’s son’s images at work near my computer that I can glance at.)

Basically all you need are dedication, concentration, and belief.  The Goddess and God will hear your plea, even though you are not all decked out in your ritual garb.  So many of us work long hours, are busy raising children, going to college, traveling to and from soccer, music lessons, dance lessons, etc. (yes, witches lead these lives too!!), that it seems we do not have the time to devote to ritual that we would like to.

I speak for myself when I say that I don’t have this time to devote for ritual.  I have a five year old that just started kindergarten this year, and after dropping him off for school, I go to work and don’t get home most nights until after 6:00pm.  Then we have the dinner and bath ritual.  I wanted to share these simple ideas that you can use to stay “connected” and honor the Goddess and God while trying to get from place to place in our busy lives.