Gris Gris Bag for Love Spell

Gris Gris Bag for Love Spell

Things to put into your bag for the Love Spell:

Something to connect the energy to you such as hair, nails and/or body fluids seems to work best; if you have someone in mind, you should get something of them to put in your bag.

Herbs associated with drawing new love such as Apple seeds, Grains of Paradise, Lavender, Rose buds, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Jasmine, Basil, Catnip Yohimbe, Valerian and Chili pepper.

Stones associated with love such as rose quartz, ruby, emerald, pearl and even rough diamonds.


One a Friday night, in the Waxing phase of the moon, and preferably in the Planetary Hour of Venus. Place all the things you intend to use in your bag into a bowl. Put your right hand over the bowl and allow energy to flow into the herbs. Picture in vivide detail for 20 minutes what you want the Gris Gris bag to do for you. It is important that you picture it as already done now. So you see clearly in your mind what you want as it is a reality happening now.

The total number of items used in the bag should equal to an odd number (5, 7, 9, 11 or 13). In the case of a love spell, 7 is a lucky number so you should put 7 items in your bag.

Every Friday put a few drops of Hoodoo Love Oil on your bag. When you are confident your desire has manifested bury the bag in the earth.