Magickal Tip – Spelling on a Budget

Magickal Tip

Spelling on a Budget

As kids stock up on new supplies for back to school time, take advantage of all the broken crayons, old erasers, and short pencils that would otherwise be tossed aside or left on a shelf to collect dust. Melt and recycle broken crayons into customizable effigies and magickal candles to boost energy and creativity, and crumble up old erasers to use in diminishing, curse-breaking, and banishing powders. Keep a few short pencils in your car to use for written spells on the go, or grind the graphite into an energy-boosting dust to use in your wandcraft.

—Melanie Marquis


One thought on “Magickal Tip – Spelling on a Budget

  1. As a teacher and caretaker of our planetary home, thank you for this wonderful recycling tip! To prevent school wastes, it also would be helpful to supply “recycle boxes” in the Teacher Workrooms” to gather used and unwanted school supplies year round as point source collection points…..just be discreet about how such is being recycled. Maybe create a “blessing candle” to return as gifts to school staff with a little thank you tag with a blessing on it. Love your website and the helpful tips. Blessings and Peace, Star


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