We wanted to do something special for you on this Mabon!

I wanted to do something special for you on this Mabon. I don’t know if you followed long with the ritual or not. Nor do I know if you can’t anything out of it. But I know I did, I suddenly found a peace. A peace that came over me like an ocean. I know now everything is going to work out for the best. It is going to take some work on our part but we can make it happen.

The world is too violent of a place right now. If we don’t step in and do something, then I believe the Goddess is going to get fed up with all of us. Especially us, the witches, because it is our main objective to work for the betterment of mankind. That is why we were given our powers “to better mankind.”

I know there has been times when I have called us together to act as one. But now, as out of hand as the world has gotten we need to do it every day to something gives. Till we see a sign that our work is accomplishing something. There is a lot to be done. Truthfully, I don’t even know where to begin. We have are own government that can’t get along with itself, we have nuclear maniacs or at least we are told that, we have terrorists taking over malls, terrorists killing our troops overseas. It has to stop! We have to be the ones that stop it. Instead of sitting on our butts, we need to hit the floor on bended knee and pray to our Divine Mother.  Pray to Her for guidance, pray to her for her love and most of all her help cleaning the mess this planet is in, UP! Pray to Her that she will guide us and assist wherever we are needed. No matter what it is, we have to act.

The way the world is headed, it won’t go on much longer without Divine intervention. Ask the Goddess or whatever Divine Power you believe in, to help us. For we never need our Divine Mother now more than ever. All we have to do is ask and she will show us. Please pray with me, my friend, please!

This Mabon season as we look around and our bounty runs over with a plentiful harvest. Think of those who are less fortunate and pray for them. Pray that they may come and know the beauty and True Love of our Divine Mother. Pray they will come back to the Ways of the Old. No murders, robberies, mass executions, nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, shall I go on. Pray instead that our new world return to its old Ways. The Ways of the Ancient were Love ruled the land along with peace, harmony and good will. Let us not become so advance that we become barbaric. Remember how it once was, wouldn’t it be lovely if our children could grow up in that world again. They can and we can make it so. Wishing Each & Everyone of my dear family members here,

A Very Prosperous & Blessed Mabon,


Lady A & The Witches Of The Craft


Mabon Comments & Graphics
With the High Priest through with Banishing The Elements, the High Priestess finishes tonight’s ritual with a Circle Banishing:

Equal night and equal day
Soon the light will fade away
Equal day and equal night
This circle fades as does the light
Thus the magick we invoke
Fades anon like wisps of smoke
Until we next decide to play
Equal night and equal day

So mote it be!

“Blessed be” and “Peace be with you” are given between all in the circle.

Mabon Comments & Graphics
The High Priest Turns and faces  North: 

Guardians of the watchtowers of the north, return now to the
Earth where worms burrow deeper and seeds nestle awaiting the long sleep of
Winter.  Take with you our blessings and thanks.  Hail and farewell!

Mabon Comments & Graphics
The High Priestess Turn to the West and Says:  

Guardians of the watchtower of the west, return now to the

Autumn rains which cool the Earth’s fevered brow baked in the heat of Summer

afternoons. Take with you our blessings and thanks.  Hail and farewell!

Mabon Comments & Graphics
 The High Priestess Moves to the South and faces it, saying:

Guardians of the watchtower of the south, return now to the
dying fires of Autumn’s heat soon to give way to Winter’s chill. Take with you
our blessings and thanks.  Hail and farewell!

Mabon Comments & Graphics
All quiet now please, the High Priest begins the Quarter Banishings 

He turns and faces East: 

Guardians of the watchtower of the east, return now to the brisk
Autumn breezes which are brimming with the excitement of the year’s climax.
Take with you our blessings and thanks. Hail and farewell!