Your Weekend Love Horoscopes for Nov. 29th to Dec. 1

Weekend Love Horoscopes

November 29 to December 1: Love Potion

Maria DeSimone  Maria DeSimone on the topics of love, horoscopes, astrology

With the Moon in sultry Scorpio you’ll crave emotional depths in love. With Scorpio there’s nothing superficial and certainly nothing halfway.  Either you’re “all-in” when it comes to an affair, or you’re just not interested. Fortunately, the Moon will make fantastic aspects all weekend, supporting the best of what Scorpio has to offer rather than activating his shadowy and sometimes controlling side.

First, on Saturday there will be a trine to Neptune and a sextile to Pluto. This will encourage you and your mate to explore your passionate fantasies in a way that makes both of you feel secure, rather than vulnerable. In addition, the Sun will be at a trine to Uranus on Saturday, offering a burst of sudden vitality and innovative energy to shine a light on whatever it is about your relationship that is most unique. Don’t worry about your love thinking you’re eccentric … this is actually how you’ll win him or her over.

Then, on Sunday, the Moon will make supportive links to Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Mars. WHEW — that’s half of the zodiac all rallying to boost Scorpio’s potential for intimacy and soul-binding erotic moments. This weekend, when it comes to love, the universe has your back.