Well, my sweets, I hate to cut it short today but………

Ah, it’s beautiful when it is in a picture, isn’t it? In real life, it is definitely a different story. We have a wintery mess coming at us. That is the reason I am cutting today’s posts short. I have a few things to pick up before we get snowed in. We are suppose to start out with a little freezing rain then snow. The freezing rain scares me to death. I remember back a few year ago when we were out of power for 11 days. That was a nightmare. I don’t want to have to go through that again. After the freezing rain moves in, we are suppose to have a foot of snow (did I mention I am really not crazy about winter, lol!). So I figure before all this mess hits, I might as well get up and run out in the 5 degree weather and go to the store. But tomorrow when I am snowed in and nobody can get to me, I will give you information overload, deal? Deal!

I will be back on tonight to up-date the site. Get rid of all the old stuff and bring in the new, or should I say “ring in the new.” Anyway, we are going to start something that will run for a month, it is our membership drive. This is the first time we have ever done anything like this. No telling how it will turn out but we are going to give it a shot anyway. We want to make 2014 a year that is on fire for the Goddess. We want to spread the true beauty of our Religion by leaps and bounds. I have become extremely ambitious, I would like to see our Religion back in the mainstream before I pass. What a glorious accomplishment! With the Goddess’ help we can do it. It is going to take as many people as we can muster to accomplish this. Thus the reason for the membership drive. The more we grow and grow, eventually we will be so large they can no longer ignore us. They will have to listen to us and finally understand us. Then qw will have to be recognized as a true Religion and given our place back in  mainstream Religion.

We don’t want you going out and dragging people to our site. If you have a Pagan friend, you can casually mention to them, “hey, why don’t you check out this group online?” If the join or if you join during our membership drive, we have some great incentives for you. For the 10, 25, 50 and 100th persons to join we have some excellent spell kits to offer. Like this one shown below…..

If you don’t want a spell kit of your choice, then you can search our store for something of equal value. How’s that for joining up?

I have said it over and over again, now is our time. This year let’s make it finally happen. Let’s finally cement our teachings, beliefs, and practices in concrete. Let guarantee our children will know our Religion by the writings we  leave behind. And most important to ensure our Religion has a place in the future for generations to come.

Ok, now I will get off the soapbox, I will be up-dating this site tonight. Then when I am through here, I am going to put some new merchandise in the store. If you haven’t been over there to check it out recently, then do so. If you have a hard to find item, email me. We have access to 3 wholesalers, if one doesn’t have it surely the next will.

Now that you know my plans, I must run. Oh, I almost forgot it only cost $4.00 to join as a member of the WOTC. That’s the cost of getting a PTA ticket. And I should mention the ones that already sponsor us, you are automatically sucked in, lol! I know you appreciate that terminology!

Seriously think about what I said. We can’t do it by ourselves but together we can move a mountain.

Have a very blessed Saturday,

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A




A Little Humor for Your Day – ‘You’re Having A Bad Day When…..’

You know its going to be a bad day ahead when…

> You wake up to realize your waterbed broke and then discover you don’t have a waterbed.

> You put your bra on backwards and it fits better.

> You call suicide prevention and they put you on hold.

> Your birthday cake collapses from the weight of the candles.

> You want to put on the clothes you wore home from the party and there aren’t any.

> You turn on the news and they are showing escape routes out of the city.

> Your twin sister or brother forgot your birthday.

> You wake up face down on the pavement.

> Your horn goes off accidentally and remains stuck as you follow a group of Hell’s Angels on the freeway.

> You walk to work and find your dress is stuck in the back of your pantyhose.

> You call your answering service and they tell you it’s none of your business.

> You put both contacts in one eye.

Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 4 – ‘Trivia Day’

Today is ‘Trivia Day,’ so I thought that I might share some of my own. Did you know that having a lit lamp on the same side of the desk as your writing hand will have you experiencing drowsiness and headaches? That’s because the light create shadows that will subtly make you work harder to see what you’re reading or writing. The extra effort and eyestrain could then cause headaches or even a drop in energy. Simply switch sides and see a big boost in your output.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Your Charm for January 4th is The Utchat

Your Charm for Today

The Utchat

Today’s Meaning:  

You must take steps to make this aspect safe. There are issues you may not be aware of that may cause harm or injury.

General Description:  

Much importance was attached to this lucky talisman in Egypt, the Utchat, or Eye. The word Utchat means primarily strength, and was, at the summer solstice (about June 22nd), applied to the Sun at that time when at its greatest strength and power on earth. The Eye of Horus was supposed to bring strength, vigor, safety, good health, and protection to the wearer. Many of these charms were engraved by the Egyptians with the 140th chapter of their Book of the Dead. This was considered to endow the Utchat with particularly strong and effective magical powers.

Your Animal Spirit for January 4th is Magpie

Your Animal Spirit for Today
January 4, 2014


Ancient culture associate Magpies with excellent fortune—so it looks like you’ve got something really terrific coming into your life today. However, you may need to search a little to understand the true gift that’s being presented. Pay attention to omens, messages, the clouds, feathers, bird song—your fortune is hidden in those subtle messages. Opportunity is knocking at your door—will you answer?

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Jan. 4th is Futility

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


Sadly sometimes our desires lead us down paths which have no end and offer us no chance of achieving the results we want. If we persist we end up like Sisyphus: forever rolling a boulder uphill only to have it roll back downhill before we ever get to the top. Futility suggest the existence of just such a situation–we are chasing a prize that will never be ours. Futility indicates a need to rethink our ambitions and direct our energies towards a goal or goals that can be attained.