Don’t Forget Our ISP Drive this Weekend

At this time, we will shortly be leaving the internet. As soon as our Service Provider sends us our final notice, we will be gone from the internet permanently. When I do receive this notice I will delete all trace of the WOTC from the internet. This site will no longer exist and all the other sites that are associated with the WOTC will neither. I have seen enough ghost sites on the internet and I won’t leave a site of ours like that.

I am going to extend the Drive a little longer. Perhaps by the grace of our Goddess, we will be spared. But something in my heart is telling me no matter what dreams we might have they are not to meant to come true. So when we have to say our final goodbye, hopefully someone else will pick up our mission and carry on. Maybe that is what is meant to happen. But I will guarantee you one thing, I will fight for the WOTC till they pull the plug on us.

I am going to say something I probably shouldn’t but I am rather upset right now. We were so close to reaching our goals. Then it is all jerked out from under us, I hope you understand. As many members as we have, if each one just donated a dollar, $1.00. We could survive for another six months. By that time, I would be able to make our server payment and never have to bother you for a dime again. But anyway, that is not to be and apparently this is the end of The WOTC.

At least one thing I am proud of, the WOTC, all the volunteers and myself will go out with a spotless reputation. After 10 years, I think that is something to be proud of. We have served the Pagan community to the best of our ability and now our time has come. But all good things must eventually come to an end as they say.

When we do get the disconnect notice, I don’t know how quick the server will pull us. So the minute I get it, is the minute I started deleting all our sites. That way you will know when you try to find us and we aren’t here what has happened. Like I mentioned earlier, I have seen too many ghost sites on the net and the WOTC will not be one of those. But until we get the final notice, we will carry on as usual. Then right before the disconnect date, all the sites will be deleted. So until that time, we will be here. Hoping and praying for a miracle.

Until that time comes, I am putting the matter in the Goddess’ hands. This is still time, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.


I know I will hear, “you are always hollering for money.” No, I only holler about the Server Bill. The reason being it was discussed among a few of our members and myself that we needed to upgrade our systems to meet our needs. I was guaranteed by a certain few if I upgraded I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. They would always take care of the server bill. Well it now appears these people have not heard my message or else they are hanging me out to dry. A good lesson that I might have learned to late, never trust anyone. Because in the end, you will be left all alone and crushed.


‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for May 5th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Realizing that there is a multitude of wonderful things to appreciate, we must shake them all together in our minds and wait for the chosen ones to rise up the top like bubbles. Life is such a challenge, such a joy to live when it is appreciated. If we could only realize who gave is life, we would understand even more why the Creator intended us to appreciate and love all that is about us.

The things we can appreciate are never in any particular order, but mingled together as they are in our lives. We can so beautifully and joyfully appreciate the sound of our children’s laughter when sudden happiness overtakes them; the tremendous and moving power of silent prayer; a strong voice singing a song of inspiration, or of sentiment; early morning sunrises, misty pink and fresh; a mockingbird singing out its heart in the depth of night; the touch of souls in understanding; violin music; and our children in prayer, in spells of delight, or in any other movement.

To name them all would be an impossibility, to live them all is a blessing. We must not pass these things by without appreciating them. We must not lose them by failing to give thanks. These are the things we always have near us, and we can appreciate them merely by attuning our senses to them.


Available online! ‘Cherokee Feast of Days’
By Joyce Sequichie Hifler.

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Elder’s Meditation of the Day
By White Bison, Inc., an American Indian-owned nonprofit organization. Order their many products from their web site:

Elder’s Meditation of the Day May 5

Elder’s Meditation of the Day May 5

“There are many things to be shared with the four colors of man in our common destiny as one family upon our Mother the Earth.”

—- Traditional Circle of Elders, NORTHERN CHEYENNE

The Elders tell us the time will come when the four colors of Man will unite into one family. According to prophecies, we were told this would happen when the Sun was blocked in the Seventh Moon. There was an eclipse of the Sun in July, 1991. We are now in a new Springtime called the Coming Together Time. Each of the four colors of man has knowledge that the other colors need to heal their families. Let us all be willing to sit in a circle and respect our differences.

Creator, let me be willing to have an open mind.

May 5 – Daily Feast

May 5 – Daily Feast

Remembering can be painful and sometimes without any real benefit. But much of the time it helps us move ahead like a spur that tells us not to tarry but to go on and do what we have to do. It is far too easy to carry around, a u s ga nv tsv, a false guilt, a wrong idea, to override our good memories. We lose sight of the positive things we have done and the happiness we have shared by recalling a thousand impossible wishes we wanted to come true. But it does no good to dwarf the present time because the past was not what we hoped it would be. We cannot help but recall things and times and people dear to us – but to remember them with pleasure does them more honor than to focus on what we did or couldn’t do in the past.

~ Our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch of our ancestors as we walk over this earth. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

The Daily Motivator for May 4th – Rise to the challenges

Rise to the challenges

Just because the job is challenging doesn’t give you an excuse to be less than your best. In fact, what it gives you is the opportunity to rise to the challenge.

Great success is not achieved by just doing the easy stuff. Great success is the result of being willing to, and even enthusiastic about working through the challenges.

Each challenge you encounter can either be a reason to quit or a pathway to achievement. Through your attitude and your actions, you decide which it will be.

Difficult, complicated, challenging work is not a curse, but rather is a valuable blessing. It is your chance to learn, to grow, to become stronger and more capable, and to achieve.

In every challenge is a way for you to make a meaningful positive difference in the world. Welcome the challenges, and you welcome the potential for new richness into your life.

You are much more powerful and effective than you’ve ever experienced. The way to know that without a doubt, is to rise to the challenges.

— Ralph Marston


The Daily Motivator

Daily OM for May 4th – Clearing Our System

Clearing Our System
Food Allergies

In this day and age we know so much more about our relationship to food than our predecessors, and the way we eat and think about food has become almost unrecognizable to our grandparents’ generation. One example of this is our awareness of food allergies, a condition that has recently entered the collective consciousness. Most of us know someone who is allergic to such commonplace foods as wheat and dairy, and we may even be prone to such an allergy. Understanding how our bodies react to food, and making the necessary adjustments in our diet, can have a profound effect on our whole energy system, and can be the key to shifting our mind into a state of greater clarity.

When we are continuously exposed to a food that gives us an allergic reaction, we feel lethargic, foggy-headed, or as if we always have a low-grade sinus infection. Other symptoms can include nausea, digestive difficulties, skin problems, and difficulty breathing. Many of us have been fighting these symptoms our whole lives without realizing that getting relief could be as simple as cutting a particular food out of our diet. When we do, we feel as if we are waking up out of a fog, and our whole system, cleared of substances that work against it, benefits. Many people see skin improvements, they sleep better, have more energy, and feel able to think more clearly. When we feel less than well, testing ourselves, or getting tested by someone else, for food allergies may be a good place to start.

If you know how to do kinesiology, or if you work with a pendulum or have access to clear signals from an inner guide, you can test yourself. If these modes of gaining information are unfamiliar or uncomfortable, you can get tested through a doctor of your choice. However we go about it, exploring our relationship to the foods we eat can be the first step to a more optimal state of health, well-being, and clarity of mind.

Daily OM

Send It Back Spell


This spell uses heavy visualization and energy manipulation skills, so be aware of this if your skills do not include these. You might want to develop these skills first before trying this spell.

Reach a meditative/trance state, and feel your own area, and your own space. Visualize the negative energy around you, and “see” it with your mind’s eye. Suck this energy into a ball at your center, seeing it as a ball between your hands…a black swirling ball/whatever most helps you todo the energy manipulation.

When you have gathered sufficient energy, whisper to it to go to the original sender, or out harmlessly into the environment. Open your hands, and with powerful intent and focus, release the ball into the air, “watching” it go with your minds eye towards your attacker, or towards the hexer. If you know the hexer, you may tell it to go to that person, or if you want to send the negativity at someone else, then tell it to go there.

Cleansings and general protective spells are recommended after casting this spell.




Reverse any negativity or hex being sent your way. Annoint a purple candle with Rosemary oil. On a piece of white paper write the following in black ink…

“All blocks are now removed.”

Fold the paper three times. Light the candle and burn the paper in a bowl, ashtray or any fireproof dish. Invoke the power of fire and it’s elemental spirits. Repeat three times:


“Firedrakes and Salamanders,
Aid me in my quest,
Protect me from all evil forms,
Turn back the negativity being sent.


After repeating it three times, say:

“So mote it be.”


Spell To Purify Your Soul From Evil Spirits



Rose petals
Ivory scented candles
Glass box
Geranium oil


Make a pile of rose petals two feet high. Dry them until they lose their fragrance. Light ivory scented candles around the pile. Keep them burning until the dried rose petals begin to smell of Ivory. Then chant the following spell,

“Bygone begonia you cursed wraith,
The harbinger, believer of heinous faith.
Evil spirit with the evil eye,
Like petals here shrivel and die.”


The petals turn a ghostly ivory white. Crush them in a grinder. Collect the ground rose petals in a glass box. Add a few drops of geranium oil. Cover tightly with a lid and toss it into the sea on a full moon night. If in spite of performing the above spell the spirits do not depart then repeat the spell on the next fortnight but attach a paper to it. On this paper write your name and concentrate all your energy on it whilst you do so. This will help prove your real identity to the spirits and once the identity strengthens they will depart