I Need To Clarify Something Real Quick

Witchy Comments & Graphics 
I believe some have misread out ISP Drive posts. I have comments in the back that read, “We hate to see you leave the site, good luck in whatever you decide to do.” I would like to make it clear I am not going anywhere for the next five days. Within those five days if we do not raise the remaining balance of $135.00, then I will be leave and so will the WOTC. As I explained earlier, I will never leave this site on the internet without someone operating it. There are too many ghost sites on the internet. These sites are hacked, have filthy on them and everything else you can imagine. If we cannot raise the $135.00, the WOTC and I will be both leaving the net. We have till May 13th, which is five days away, to raise $135.00.  We started out hoping to raise $549.00 to pay our server bill. Now we are down to $135.00. Surely after we have come so far, we can raise the rest of the amount.  Please help us raise the rest of the ISP bill, so we can remain on the net.Thank you!