Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – The Hammer of Thor

Dark AngelMay 19 and 20

The Hammer of Thor

For those who follow the Nordic traditions, May 19 and 20 are dedicated to the Hammer of Thor, Mjollnir (the crusher).

The Hammer of Thor is a symbolic tool that discharges the power of right orderliness over that of the power of harmful chaos. According to mythology, one activity that was undertaken at this time was the ritual of trial by combat, where the will of the Gods would decide which combatant had goodness on his side. Today, devotees of Thor wear small hammer pendants as symbols bols of their dedication to the Scandinavian sky God of thunder and patron.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – The Hammer of Thor

  1. More than that, Thor is the protector of mankind. Wearing that symbol is a way of placing yourself under his protection as a member of the human species. It is the symbol not only of fighting strength but of provider, protector, and craft-made strength. Thor does all of these things for humans, and better, shows us to find the strength in our own bodies and minds. Mjollnir is a symbol of all of these things.



    1. Thank you for the additional information, sweetie. It is always good to know all you can about the Gods and Goddesses. Thank you again!
      Have a very blessed day!
      Lady A


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