Saturday and the Perfect Corresponding Spell

Egyptian Comments & GraphicsSaturday and the Perfect Corresponding Spell

Saturday is the sixth day of the workweek. It’s officially the weekend. Some see it as one of the luckiest days for gambling. It’s one of those days where you can do what you need around your home and relax, as well. You can take care of a little business, then, reap the rewards. It’s a really good day to do collect, courage, reap, gamble and exercise spells.

Garden Witch Protection Spell

This Saturday witchery is designed to stop bad feelings and harsh words between two friends. It’s tough when a person that you consider your friend turns against you for whatever reason. Perhaps you quarreled or you have simply grown apart. In these situations, however, now that the feud is on, your defenses are low. Emotions can be raw, and feelings may be hurt very easily on both sides. Why? Probably because you know each other well enough to know exactly which buttons to push. If you feel that you’ve hit your limit on what you can handle, then try this protection spell designed to end the fight and let the both of you heal and move forward in a positive way.
Gather the following supplies:
• A single stem of blooming snapdragons (snapdragons break manipulative energies and are very protective magickal flowers)
• A few dark purple pansies-a bloom or two will suffice
• A black satin ribbon
• A 6 x 6-inch square of cotton or silk dark purple or black fabric (it’s best if the fabric is natural)

Take a few of the snapdragon blooms and a pansy flower, and place them in the center of the cloth square. Repeat the spell below three times, and on the final saying, gather up the sides of the bag and tie it closed with the black ribbon.

Snapdragons, snap back at hostility
End the quarrel between my friend and me
The bewitching colors of purple and black
Remove hurt and keep negativity back
Pansies are a sure cure for the brokenhearted
Let us both move on and our relief get started!
Knot the bag three times. Close the spell by saying:
For the good of all, with harm to none
By Saturn’s energies, this spell is done.

You may keep the charm bag on your person for as long as you need to. Allow yourself self some time to mend. It won’t be instantaneous, but you can reinforce this spell every Saturday as needed. Perform in a waning moon phase to push away the hurt and in a waxing moon phase to pull healing toward yourself.

When you feel that you don’t need the herbal charm bag anymore, open it up and give the floral components back to nature. You now have two options with the fabric square and the ribbon. You may wash them by hand, allow them to air-dry, and save them for another use. Or you can dispose of them in a garbage can well away from where you live and work.

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