Flashback – Winter Solstice 2001

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Yule marks the beginning of a new solar year. Honor the newly born Sun God by festively decorating your home, lavishing everything with light, and staying up late into the night playing “midwife” to the Sun’s mother, our Goddess. As with any form of creation, birth is not a quick process, so plan to make this ritual last over the next thirty-six hours or so. In frequent meditation, project loving energy to her as she struggles to give birth. As the dawn approaches, welcome the newborn God of the waxing year with acorns, the symbol of the oak tree, which is representative of his next half-year’s reign. Make a breakfast featuring other nut products: breads, cakes, and butters are all easy to find or make. The following evening, offer a prayer of thanks to your deities as Yule Day closes and you note the Sun has set just a…

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Flashback 2001 – Summer Solstice

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Litha is the Midsummer celebration of the Sun at its zenith. It is a time when heat, light, and the Sun-God himself are the strongest. After this brief moment ion time, their strength will start to diminish as the year wanes gradually to darkness. FOr this ritual you will need a small amount of dried herbs, a fire – and heat – proof container in which to burn them and some matches. Use caution, so that you don’t start a fire outdoors or set off your smoke detector indoors. Choose herbs that share an affinity with the Sun and fire such as bay leaves, sunflowers, basil, frankincense, or any mint plant. Verbally pay homage to the Sun-God, then light the herbs. They will burn fast and hot – and may not smell wonderful! Revel in the heat and light pouring from the container and feel the way it symbolizes the…

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Want More Information on Becoming a Witch?

If you are interested in doing lessons on the basics of Witchcraft go to WOTC sister site http://covenlife.co/ . I mentor people who want more information on how to become a witch for both sites. I am always happy to try to answer questions about The Craft in general also. If you want to email me questions please send them to ladybeltane@aol.com. You can read my bio on there and decide if I might be able to help you in any way. There is no cost for the lessons but it would be nice if you could donate a little something to Witches of The Craft to help us keep both sites going.

I will also try to answer questions for those doing papers on Witchcraft for a regular school assignment.

I do not to spells for individuals, so please do not ask me to, but I will teach you the basics of The Craft so you know how to properly do them yourself.

To Make A Charm for Control

A Charm for Protection and Control

Special Tools:
• One red candle, One white candle, A small piece of white paper, Protection oil (pre-made or homemade), Ink pen, Red ribbon
Cast the circle. Set a white candle alight on the left to represent the Goddess and a red candle alight on the right to represent the God. Place materials for the charm between the candles. Using the protection oil, with the index finger of the right hand, draw a pentagram in the middle of the paper while saying:

“With the seal of this pentagram I request this charm be used for protection and authority over those I am with today.”

Using a pen, in the center of the oil-drawn pentagram, draw the rune Algiz, (the rune of protection). Say:

“With this rune, Algiz, I request this charm be used for protection and control over all I do”.

Now seal it but If you’re doing the ritual for someone else, hand him/her the piece of paper and tell him/her to concentrate on the rune and what it means and ask aloud for what you want. Then to seal those energies into the charm, tell him or her:

“When you are ready, roll the paper up tightly, lengthwise and give it back to me.”

When the charm is handed back it is wrapped three times with a red ribbon sealed with wax dripped onto it (use a ring or seal if you have one or draw a symbol like the 3 pointed star in the hot wax pool to seal and then tie the ribbon into a bow. Consecrate the charm with an element of the God, fire, and an element of the Goddess, air (the smoke from the candles). Hold the charm over the red candle of the God and say, “I consecrate you in fire for (name) so that he/she can defend and protect him/herself/ myself with the powers he/she/ I has (have). Hold the charm in the smoke of the white candle of the Goddess and say:

“I consecrate you in air for (name) so that he/she I can defend and protect him/herself or self with the powers he/she (I) has (have).”

Tightly clasp the charm in both hands, the right hand around the charm and the left over your right. Concentrate on the charms task. Seal the left end of the charm with white wax and right end with red wax. The charm is complete and given to the intended person or kept by you if you make it for yourself. Close the circle.

Turquoise Protection Amulet


The ancients regarded turquoise as a powerful magical aid to ward off misfortune, illness, and the evil eye. You can use turquoise to make your own amulet for protection.

To begin, during the waxing Moon take a piece of blue turquoise or an item of blue turquoise jewelry and hold it in your hand for a moment. In your mind’s eye, picture a blue light surrounding you. Hold the stone to your heart, and breathe on it to charge it with your power, saying:

“Stone of blue, surround me with protective energy.

I am protected by your soothing blue light.”

Carry your turquoise with you or wear it as often as you can. Handle it frequently to keep the spell active.

The Cauldron and the Knife Spell


Just before going to bed, fill a cauldron (or iron bucket, bowl or pot) with water and place it inside your house near the front door. Take a very sharp knife or Athame and place it point-down into the water, saying:

“Into the water I place this blade,

To guard against the thief and shade.

May no flesh nor astral shell

Enter this place wherein I dwell”

This is a good protection spell, and can be performed every evening. In the morning, remove and dry the knife, and place it somewhere safe. Then, without touching it, pour the water outside, (or down the drain if necessary) and put the cauldron away. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do this spell if you’re expecting company, as it could be dangerous (and wet). You can do this at each door if desired, and protects against more than corporeal forms.

Protection from Harm Ointment


You will need:

• 2 parts Mallow (not Marshmallow Root)

• 2 parts Rosemary

• 1 part Vervain
For the base of ointment with shortening, follow these directions:

Melt 4 parts shortening over low heat until liquefied.

Watch that it doesn’t burn. Add one part dried herbal mixture (which would be all of the herbs listed above). Blend with a wooden spoon until thoroughly mixed.

Continue heating until the shortening has extracted the scent.

You should be able to smell it in the air.

Strain through a cheesecloth into a heat-proof jar, a canning jar would be perfect for this. Add 1/2 tsp. tincture of benzoin (can be found at an herb store or drug store) to each pint of ointment as a natural preservative. Store in a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator.

Ointments will last for weeks or months. Discard any that turn moldy, and make a fresh batch. Rub onto the body and to drive out negative influences and to keep them far from you.