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WOTC Extra (d) Closing the Intuitive Seasonal Spells


Closing the Intuitive Seasonal Spells

Allow the tealight to burn until it is gone or until the water has evaporated. When that happens, you may close the spell by saying:

For inner knowledge true, bringing harm to none,
By fire and scent, this psychic spell is done.

Once the lamp has cooled to the touch, carefully wipe out the oil dish so your lamp is ready to go for the next spell.

Remember to focus on and to enjoy the seasons every day, no matter what zone you live in. Stay connected to the natural world as the year turns, and you will discover a new level of perception. Now use this knowledge wisely, and add it to your own personal magickal traditions; for the more we work with and empathize with the seasons and cycles of nature, the more we develop spiritually.


—Ellen Dugan, Natural Witchery: Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick