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A Little Humor for Your Day – “Coven Rules”

Coven Rules

Dear Ones:
Every Coven should have some rules that people can look at so they know what sort of conduct is appropriate or inappropriate for members, and knowing them being helpful to harmony and fellowship within Coven. Here are a few that I am thinking about instituting:

~ ~ No coven member shall consume their weight in beans before arriving for ritual.
~ This has happened in the past, and the results can be devastating. It is unpleasant when 32 cubic yards of methane are unexpectedly released into the atmosphere within Circle, and other Coven members begin dropping to the floor unconscious, turning blue, gasping for air and struggling to keep from being overcome by the vapor. Add to this, the presence of the open flame of the candles on the altar and the quarter candles. Several years ago, the north wall of our altar room was blown clear out when the methane expelled was detonated by the flame of a single candle and the explosion that followed interrupted our rites. Please be considerate of others, and make every effort not to render them victims of a tragic episode, particularly as the Guardian of air is called. We evoke the power of the winds, but make every effort not to break wind.

~ ~ Some people feel a need to wear something on their feet while attending ritual.
~ It is suggested that slippers or socks might be acceptable. However, showing up for a skyclad ritual wearing nothing but cowboy boots is utterly unacceptable. This is particularly true if there should be actual shit clinging to those shit kickers!!!! This will definitely be frowned upon.

~ ~ If the rite is to be skyclad, please remember your position in space in relation to the candles.
~ While folks of another religion may appreciate the odd burning bush, we have noted this can lead to negative effects upon a Covener who carelessly fails to exercise due caution, and inadvertently ignites their genitalia! Remember folks, “Never Again the Burning Times” also applies to Witches in our Circle.

~ ~ When skyclad rites are conducted do not pluck a handful of hair from between the cheeks of the High Priest while his back is turned.
~ I would remind everyone that Rogaine is fairly expensive, and difficult to apply to one’s backside. Worse, creates the possibility some embarrassing moments. For example: Your High Priest was recently visiting a distant city and stayed in a motel near the interstate. Can you imagine the awkward moment which ensued when the maid entered the room to change the linen, only to find your High Priest standing on a chair with his pants bunched up in a pile around his ankles, his butt reflected in a mirror, as he tried with questionable results to aim the spray at his derriere? Oh, sure, we can laugh about it now… but such misfortunes present your High Priest with great dismay!

~ ~ Please use deodorant before arriving for ritual.
~ As we all raise our arms in welcome to the Lord and Lady, it would be nice if they are not dropped from the sky by an assault on their senses that leaves them crashing into the Circle by an unexpected blast that renders them incapacitated. If this can have that sort of effect upon the Gods themselves, how much more likely would it be to immobilize your brothers and sisters in Circle???

~ ~ When doing robed rituals, please lend some consideration to the material of which your robes are made.
~ Nogahyde is right out, as are robes that faintly resemble the battle regalia of Atilla the Hun! Similarly, while it may be cute, a robe festooned with images of Homer Simpson, Bart, and the rest of the Simpson family… are contrary to the atmosphere we are attempting to establish.

~ ~ Do not wear combat boots in Circle.
~ When doing rituals as a group outdoors, you will likely need something on your feet, but we tend to take a dim view of combat boots in Circle. It tends to establish the wrong ambiance.

~ ~ Curb your guide dog prior to circle.
~ If you are visually impaired, and must be accompanied into Circle by a guide dog, please make certain the animal has accomplished all of its duties outdoors, rather than simply showing up in the altar room and hoping for the best.

~ ~ Keep your dog by you!
~ On a similar note, it is nice if the animal is neutered. While it may be funny to see a Coven member trying to participate in a Spiral dance with your dog affixed to his leg, the Coven member is likely to form a resentment. Familiars are wonderful helpers to the Witch, so long as they do not become overly familiar!!!!

~ ~ Don’t score the High Priest and High Priestess!
~ Your High Priest and High Priestess, while appreciating the compliment, are nevertheless apt to take a dim view of their Coveners holding signs which have 9.3, 8.6, 9.5, 7.9 and such relating to performance and style points. Please remember this is Witchcraft, not the ABC Wide World of Sports!!!

~ ~ We will keep you apprised of any other rules which may need to be implemented as the need arises. Thank you for your cooperation.


—Author Unknown

Astronomy Picture of the Day – Where Your Shadow Has Company

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2016 February 22

Where Your Shadow Has Company
Poster Illustration Credit: NASA, JPL, Exoplanet Travel Bureau


Explanation: Want to take a relaxing interstellar vacation? Consider visiting Kepler-16b, a world in a binary star system. In fact Kepler-16b is the first discovered circumbinary planet. It was detected in a wide 229 day orbit around a close pair of cool, low-mass stars some 200 light-years away. The parent stars eclipse one another in their orbits, observed as a dimming of starlight. But Kepler-16b itself was discovered by following the additional very slight dimming produced during its transits. Like sci-fi planet Tatooine of Star Wars fame, two suns would set over its horizon. Still, Kepler 16b is probably not a Tatooine-like terrestrial desert world. Instead, Kepler 16b is thought to be a cold, uninhabitable planet with about the mass of Saturn and a gaseous surface … so plan to dress accordingly. Or, choose another Visions of the Future vacation destination.

Daily Earth Sky New for Feb. 22: Full moon plus Jupiter on February 22

Full moon plus Jupiter on February 22

Tonight – February 22, 2016 – no matter where you are on Earth, look for the February full moon! If you’re watching in early evening, you’ll see the dazzling planet Jupiter follow the moon into the eastern sky somewhat after nightfall, but by early evening.

In North America, we call the February full moon the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon or Hunger Moon. Watch as this February full moon climbs upward with Jupiter following it across sky throughout the evening hours. The moon and Jupiter will be high in the sky at and around midnight, and the brilliant twosome will descend westward in the wee hours before sunrise February 23.

If you’re up early tomorrow, on February 23, look for Jupiter over the moon in the western predawn/dawn sky.

Incidentally, that star above the moon and Jupiter this evening is Regulus, the brightest in the constellation Leo the Lion.

If you’re up early during the predawn hours on February 23, you’ll see Regulus below the moon and Jupiter. Throughout the night, as Earth spins beneath the sky carrying the moon and Jupiter westward, the moon is slowly but surely moving in its orbit around Earth, coming closer to Jupiter all the while as seen on our sky’s dome. By the time night falls again on the evening of February 23, the moon will have moved so far in its orbit that you’ll see the moon partnering more closely with Jupiter.

The moon will look full all night long tonight. However, astronomers regard the moon as full for only a fleeting instant – at the moment that the moon is most directly opposite the sun for the month. This full moon moment happens on February 22, 2016, at 18:20 Universal Time.

Although the moon turns full at the same instant worldwide, the clock times differ around the world. At our U.S. time zones, the moon turns full on February 22 at 1:20 p.m. EST, 12:20 p.m. CST, 11:20 a.m. MST or 10:20 a.m. PST. So by the time North Americans view the moon at nightfall February 22, it’ll be slightly past full moon.

Bottom line: Don’t miss out on the great sky show on the night of February 22, 2016, as the February full moon and the dazzling planet Jupiter light up the nighttime from early evening until dawn!