Up-date on the Familiar Situation

First, I want to thank each of you that has donated. I figured up the donations and I thought you might like to know that we are only $50.00 away from getting that little darling delivered.


I have done the daily posts today and cried off and on. I wasn’t crying from the loss of Lady A’s familiar, I was crying for the loss of her. I only hope and pray that the Elder from the Hills was right. She told me it would be difficult to bring the bond between Lady A and Kiki. She said she didn’t believe that Lady A wanted it broken because of the items in the grave and then the concrete slab. She told me what I already knew, Lady A had to come back to this realm and herself. Kiki had to move on. The Elder said the only way to break it was to find something that would capture Lady A’s heart. I believe this little fella will.


The reason things have gotten so bad is because Lady A blames herself for Kiki’s death. She didn’t do anything to cause it, she thinks she could have done something to save her if she only had the time. My brother told me she went absolutely wild when Kiki died and that breaks my heart. Lady A has a very deep love for animals and they seem to return that love. My brother told me right before Kiki passed that she raised her little head up and tried to lick the tears from Lady A’s cheeks. They had an bond no one had ever seen the likes of before.


I love Lady A. She is my sister. We grew up together. I wasn’t here when Kiki passed so I blame myself for that. I want her to remember the good times with Kiki and turn her focus to the living once again. I believe once this little ball of fur jumps in her arms, it will be love. I know her love for animals and it will be instant love. I don’t make it a habit of begging but for my sister I make an exception, please we are almost have what we need to get this little ball of fur here. I beg you, please help us get him here. I said earlier you are not only saving one life you are saving two.

Thank you.




Have A Very Blessed Full Moon Evening!

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I would also ask you to remember that we are trying to raise the funds to get Lady A’s familiar here. If you can donate, great, if you can offer blessings, great, if you can offer prayers, fantastic. Just remember our Lady!

If you are coming in late and wondering what is going on, I included a link below just for you.