Your Ancient Symbol Card for August 3rd is Balance

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


Balance denotes the benefits of keeping the use of your energies justifiably proportioned between your pursuits. The symbol Yin and Yang is used to represent the balance. Yin and Yang is possibly the most elegant and sometimes elusive definition of Balance there is. While Balance is rarely if ever perfect, being far out of Balance means that while one part of you may be thriving tremendously, another part of your life may be wilting.

As a daily card, Balance indicates a need to find and maintain a level physical and spiritual state. It suggest you may be concentrating your energy on one or a few things so much that you are neglecting other important aspects of your life. While this is often necessary to make immediate gains it can lead to missing out on the diverse richness of life in the long term.

Your Daily Witches Rune for August 3rd is The Wave

Daily Witches Rune

The Wave

Meaning: This rune symbolizes your friends and family and their influence upon you. Its meaning is usually derived from the other stones closest to it. This rune is also associated with travel. A journey abroad is indicated especially if the Sun rune is nearby, but a journey for someone close to you if the Moon stone is closest. If it is near to the Rings it foretells a holiday or long distance relationship.

Your Daily Influences for August 3rd

Your Daily Influences for August 3rd


Tarot Influence:

The Tower

The Tower upright represents change, conflict and possible catastrophe.











Astrological Influence

Gemini Reversed

Gemini reversed denotes vacillation. Decisions are not made, because all side of the issue pull with the same strength.










Element Influence

Fire Reversed

Fire reversed denotes calamity that may be on a catastrophic level. Prepare to deal with changes you do not want.

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Aug. 3rd is The Universe

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Universe

Like The Sun, The Universe brings good blessings. The Universe appears where all is in balance. It allows you to act effectively not only as an individual but as a member of a group too. The Universe promises contentment, fulfillment and completeness to those under its influence. It doesn’t guarantee there will not be moments of strife or discord in your life, but it does indicate that your trials and tribulations will be overcome; that ultimately you will know inner-peace and contentment. The Universe suggests you have found or will find your place in the scheme of things—that place where all is as it should be.

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading for August 1st





Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading for August 1st

A one-card reading gives you a glimpse at what’s coming

For the week of August 1, I chose the Knight of Pentacles, reversed!

The reversed Knight of Pentacles just can’t seem to get out of his rut and move forward. Perhaps he’s bored with the day-to-day routine but isn’t inspired enough to create change. Perhaps he’s fed up with a situation but is not willing to do things differently to shift the energy again. Or perhaps he’s just being lazy and unmotivated.

Think about how this reversed Knight might be playing out for you this week. Are you being stubborn and unwilling to move? Or are you feeling lazy or unmotivated? What is it going to take to get you out of your comfort zone and get the energy moving once again?

Prepare to change things up, break the routine and get creative as you get yourself out of this funk.

Ask yourself, “How can I break free of routine?”


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