Happy Irish Heritage Day To All My Dear Lads & Lassies!

Happy Irish Heritage Day!

You heard me correctly, we don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day around here. We do celebrate our Irish Heritage though. Why might you ask don’t we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, well it is the same story I tell every year. But this year I will try to make it shorter. You see it is out of respect from our dear brothern Druids. You have all heard the story of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. Those snakes they were referring to is the Druids and the Pagans. He was captured by the Pagans and was a slave for many years. He escaped his bondage and headed straight to the Catholic Church. The Pope at that time was trying to wipe Pagans and Druids off the map and especially in Ireland. Ireland had numerous clans, the Pope figured if he wiped out the Druids, he could conquer the Pagans and all the clans. The Druids was considered the leaders, the heads of state, religious leaders and so on. He sent St. Patrick back to Ireland since he already knew the people and the land so good and told him to wipe us off the face of the map.


Now tell me truthfully how can you celebrate a man, in particular a Saint, whose main mission on this planet is to wipe you off the face of the earth? Sorry I can’t. I do have some Druids in my family and out of respect to them I will not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Back to the story in the last paragraph lol. You heard about how St. Patrick run the snakes out of Ireland, those snakes were the Druids. Previously, the Roman army had made its main mission to wipe the Druids out. Caesar got got tired of all the clans in Ireland there was to fight. He learned about the leadership of these clans which happened to be the Druids. He decided he would go on a raiding party or two to wipe them out. He did a fairly good job but as fate would have it, he left a few behind. Thank the Goddess for that. St. Patrick is then sent in to finish wiping the Druids and Pagans out of Ireland. Oh, how he thought he had done it. He held a great big rally at one of the old Pagan churches now converted over to Christian and announced, “Ireland is free of Snakes!” He wasted his breathe in the crowd were some of those snakes that he had run off. While other escaped to other Isles, some stayed. I think they stayed mostly to lead raids and keep our faith or the Druid faith alive.


We have one Druid with us now. Out of respect for him and my ancestors, I wish you a very Happy Irish Heritage Day! Oh, that doesn’t mean you can’t drink all the green beer you want. Feel free, just remember every time you take a drink it is for one of our fallen brethren that that sip is for.



Lady of the Abyss





I have been up since 2 this morning straightening out the store. I ran into a section that you wouldn’t believe because I didn’t believe it. So I am blurry eyed and crossed eye at the same time. Anyway, I thought of an old Irish toast that we switch up, if can be used by the men or by the women, just change the wording in it. Oh, yeah, you probably heard it in the movie “Master & Commander” also. I caught they were using Irish toasts in the movie on one or two occasions. Anyway here is the toast……


Raise you mug, glass, whatever up in the air……


(For the women)

I would like to toast all the men in my life

One for my husband

Two for my lover

And hope like hell the two shall never meet!



Now guys, I am sure I don’t have to tell you which words to substitute. If I do, you have already had one two many, lol!

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