Till Tomorrow, my sweets…..

I hate to keep harping on it but a large number of our social connections have been reconnected today. It was because dumb bunny had forgotten the password to all of them and thus they were not getting our posts. Our posts are spread around the world so I know there are several that has missed out on the latest that is going on. Those of you who know, please bear with me.


As of April 27th, we will be closed Magickal Necessities permanently. The store has not turned a profit since the first of the year and we find ourselves in a predicament were we need every dime we can get. As you know I lost my home close to the end of last year. I lost everything in that fire and the fire was due to a stalker who throw something through the window and ignited the place. I went out a two story window with my pup and suffered several injuries. I was in the hospital for several weeks. When I got out Lynette had rented a house for Eleanor, Lynette and myself to stay in till construction could start back on my house. During that time, we have had two buildings to keep up. The second building is an added expense because my home was paid for. The other building being the house we rented to live in, we couldn’t live out on the streets. With the expense of the office and the house rental it has been an extreme burden just to make ends meet. So property taxes are now due on my house’s property and the office’s property. Those taxes total $1215.00. Since the store has not turned a profit and does no longer support itself, we are closing it. We are also short on the amount of tax money we owe. I can’t see paying for the store to stay open when it is costly to run and not making any money. As long as any of our sites support themselves, I have no problem keeping them open. Some have worried this would have an effect on the WOTC, it won’t the WOTC will stay open no matter what. If we don’t come up with the tax money though, I have no idea where we will be working from. The house Lynette rented is not big enough for that.


I think that pretty well catches you up. Now in the finally days of the store being open, I have asked that you please make a purchase before the merchandise is gone or if not and please make a donation if you can. I feel like I am throwing myself on the mercy of the world. But managing two buildings, especially when you are use to having one building has been an extreme burden and one heck of an expense. But we cannot afford to lose our property. They are trying to start construction on my property to rebuild my home(if the weather would cooperate). So you see, we have till April 16th to come up with the $1215.00 or else they will auction off our property. We are a little ways off from reaching that goal and I am sincerely hoping a miracle comes through before the 16th.


After thinking about it, I don’t know if I caused us to lose everything we owned, I could ever hold my head up again in the Pagan community. You might be stuck with Eleanor. I know you would love that and I know she would too. But back to our main problem right now, if you can make a purchase from the store before it closes, we would appreciate it. If you can make a donation, we would deeply appreciate that also. Either way, we would be indebted to you for the rest of our lives and it would mean the world to us. I have the links below. The donations or purchases doesn’t have to be much, every bit helps and we appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Thank you,

I love you,

Lady A

Thank you to all of you who have made donations and purchases so far. Thank you just doesn’t express it for me because what you have done so far is beyond words and I love you for it.


12 Days To Go

Please Make A Purchase
Magickal Necessities


If Possible A Donation, Either is Greatly Appreciated!
Thank you!



Astronomy Picture of the Day – Intrepid Crater on Mars

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2018 April 4

Intrepid Crater on Mars from Opportunity 
Image Credit: NASAJPLCornellOpportunity Rover Team,


Explanation: The robotic rover Opportunity sometimes passes small craters on Mars. Pictured here in 2010 is Intrepid Crater, a 20-meter across impact basin slightly larger than Nereus Crater that Opportunity had chanced across previously. The featured image is in approximately true color but horizontally compressed to accommodate a wide angle panorama. Intrepid Crater was named after the lunar module Intrepid that carried Apollo 12 astronauts to Earth’s Moon 49 years ago. Beyond Intrepid Crater and past long patches of rusty Martian desert lie peaks from the rim of large Endeavour Crater, visible on the horizon. The Opportunity rover continues to explore Mars, recently surpassing 5,000 Martian days on the red planet.

Earth Sky News for April 4th: Use the Big Dipper to find the Little Dipper

Use the Big Dipper to find the Little Dipper

So you say you can find the Big Dipper, but not the Little Dipper? This post is for you. Here’s the view northward on April evenings. At present the Big Dipper is high in the north during the evening hours. Notice the two outer stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. These two stars – called Duhbe and Merak – always point to Polaris, the North Star. Find Polaris, and you can find the Little Dipper.

Polaris is special because Earth’s northern axis nearly points to its location in the sky. It’s the star around which the entire northern sky appears to turn.

Polaris is also fun to locate for another reason. It’s part of a famous – though elusive – star pattern, known as the Little Dipper.

So here it is! The Little Dipper! The North Star, Polaris, marks the end of its handle.

No matter where you see the Big Dipper, the two outer stars in its bowl point to Polaris. In this shot, Tom Wildoner caught the Big Dipper and Polaris at around 3:30 a.m. in July 2013. Thanks, Tom!

By the way, Polaris is less than a degree away from the true north celestial pole on the sky’s dome now. It’ll be closest to true north – less than half a degree away – in the year 2102. The change is due to a motion of Earth called “precession,” which causes Earth’s axis to trace out a circle among the stars every 26,000 years.

By the way, thousands of years ago, Polaris was an ordinary star in the northern sky, known to the Greeks by the name Phoenice.

Other ordinary stars in the northern sky now – Kochab and Pherkad, the two outermost stars in the bowl of the Little Dipper (see chart below) – have had the honor of being pole stars.

Kochab and Pherkad served as twin pole stars from about 1500 B.C. to about 500 B.C.

They’re still sometimes called the Guardians of the Pole.

Kochab is located about 126 light-years away. Pherkad is more distant, at about 480 light-years by some estimates. Meanwhile, Polaris is a bit more than 400 light-years away.

Bottom line: The Big Dipper is usually pretty easy to find, but the Little Dipper is less easy. This post tells you how to use the Big Dipper to find Polaris and the Little Dipper, plus how to recognize the stars Kochab and Pherkad.


Your Daily Charm for April 4th is Magick Nails

Your Daily Charm



Today’s Meaning:
The spirit of someone you knew dearly is trying to guide you in this aspect. In a dark room light a single candle and focus upon its light. Listen carefully with your heart and you will know what to do.

General Description:
These Gnostic amulets were held in high esteem for their supposed magical properties. They were made of bronze, sometimes gilt, and covered with inscriptions and curious occult signs. The Gnostics were mystic sects which flourished in the second century A.D., in the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. The nails were carried as charms for protection from all evil influences, also to guard the living from the lemurs, the ghosts of the unhappy dead. Nails with inscriptions were frequently buried with the body to prevent any haunting by the spirit.

Your Karmic Lesson Numbers for April 4th

Your Karmic Lesson Numbers are 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  

Karmic Lesson numbers reveal areas in which we need to grow. To become more complete, we need to give extra attention to these areas in this lifetime. If one of your 5 core numbers is the same as a Karmic Lesson Number the significance of the Karmic Lesson Number is reduced.

A 1 Karmic Lesson Number suggest you need to become more forceful. Your will needs strengthening and you have to learn to stand up for yourself and that which you believe in.

A 2 Karmic Lesson Number indicates a need to learn the art of diplomacy and tact. Try to be more sensitive to the feelings of those around you. Make an effort to learn to work with others as a team.

A 3 Karmic Lesson Number often reflects a person who is far too hard on themselves. Make an effort to not judge your performance too harshly.
The number 3 appears in your core numbers, so the the importance of this number is lessened.

A 4 Karmic Lesson Number is indicative of a need for direction in life. Although you may feel somewhat confused about why you are here, work to find your true path through this life.

A 5 Karmic Lesson Number points to someone who may not come close to experience life at its fullest—someone who spends too much time on the sidelines. Try and spark the spirit of adventure in yourself. Don’t watch. Do!

A 6 Karmic Lesson Number denotes an inability or reluctance to make commitments. Even when you do commit yourself to something it may be your nature to hold back any true passion for the commitment or relationship. Over time you might do well to slowly allow your passions to express themselves and put your heart into your commitments and relationships.

A 7 Karmic Lesson Number signifies you may be neglecting your innate talents. Whether it is a lack of will or fear of failure, it appears you are not devoting enough time and energy to honing those talents that are core to your being. You know what you are best at, so embrace it.

A 8 Karmic Lesson Number points to a talent for making money that is not properly governed. You may experience tremendous swings in your financial status. This is because while you know how to make money, you also tend to be way too speculative and impulsive when dealing with matters of finance. Try and develop a more cautious approach to money matters and it is possible these swings in fortune will diminish.

A 9 Karmic Lesson Number indicates an inability to see the toils of those around you. You need to work on your compassion and ability to see beyond your view of the world.