Hail & Well Met! It is Sunday, April 8th

We did not come back on the internet yesterday because we had to take Lady A to the hospital. She was in the middle of doing the taxes and started having chest pains. Immediately, I picked her up and took her to the hospital. The doctors evaluated her and she had two blockage going to her heart. They immediately performed a surgery where they put in two stints to open up the arteries. She won’t be in there long. The doctors told us, she was otherwise healthy. She should be out of the hospital within 3 to four days.

Undue stress over losing our property, the letter from the sheriff’s office and the taxes did not help matters. She has made up her mind that we are going to lose our property. I sincerely hope that is not the case. The weather is beginning to clear up and we can begin construction on her old home site. I know she will be glad to get back home. But as it stands now, she won’t be going home. We are still short on meeting the taxes on the property. She has kept this bottled up and it has nearly killed her. If my property would sell I would gladly give her the money but the economy is bad and it is not selling.

Since this is the case, I am turning to you to help raise the rest of the tax money. You have bought and bought but we don’t make that much profit from the sales of the merchandise. That does not mean, we do not appreciate your purchases because we do. We have also received numerous donations, which we also appreciate. We are so close to raising the money that is would be ashame to lose the property now. I will appeal to those who have now made a purchase or donation to please do so. This has almost killed our Lady.

In the meantime, when she is out of the hospital, I will be running the WOTC as usual. Eleanor will not touch a computer due to her previous behavior on this site. We will keep you up-dated on Lady A’s condition and when she is out of the hospital.

Thank you,

Lord of the Myst


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