Good Thursday Afternoon, my sweets! You still are my sweets, aren’t you?

Good afternoon ..*
The question is where do I begin? First, I owe you an apology for not telling you what has been going on. I believe I am not the only one around here that owes you an apology. It looks like someone could have posted what was happening and we hadn’t skipped the country. But that is water under the bridge. I am sick of telling you about my health and I know you are probably just as sick as I am hearing about it. Hopefully this go around will be the last of my health problems and we can resume normal operations tomorrow.

First, I have good news. You know I told you I had a large hernia that looked like an alien popping out of your rib cage. Come to find out, I went to the surgeon and I do not have a hernia. At one time in my life, I had a woman’s washboard ab. I sort of got older and let myself go a little bit and what I am seeing is a result of that. The surgeon told me he could repair it for cosmetic looks and I said no. I have been cut on enough. So that is the good news.


The bad news is I have always had a disease in my bones. This disease goes dormant then it will resurface. It has resurface with a vengeance.  I am now undergoing treatment for that. I also found out I have another rare disease, this one pertaining to my blood. The blood disease is nothing like the bone disease. It was caught soon enough that hopefully with proper diet and 5 different medicines it can be controlled. The doctor even said if my body reacts the way it is suppose too, I might not have to take the medicine the rest of my life. We would just keep an eye on it.


So that is what has been going on with me. I didn’t know how long all of this would take so I told the ladies to close up the office and take a vacation. They are getting a vacation and I am being used for a pin cushion. Sounds like they are getting the better end of the deal to me. But for now I am alive and kicking and I plan on staying that way. I have to eat a proper diet, take my medicine and exercise more. The doctor didn’t consider eating two Three Musketeers for breakfast a proper diet, imagine that? Now I feel like the monkey from the Tarzan movies, I get a banana and a bowl of cream of wheat. I start swing from branches, look out!


Again I apologize for no one letting you know what was going on. I was sort of down in the dumps. I mean it is one thing right after another, give me a break. I know one thing, I am through talking about my health. The store is still open. It is open because of all the recent added expense to my budget. I believe Jacob is going to start adding new merchandise over there. I know one thing if doctors and hospitals don’t drain your blood dry they will your bank account. This is pathetic. Anyway, I am going to get myself straightened out finally. Things will get back to normal and we will have a fantastic rest of the year. Agreed? Agreed.


We will see you tomorrow, till then….


Love ya,

Lady A