Still No A/C

Lady A told me she called every A/C place in Western Kentucky yesterday. All of them were booked solid. They told her it was because the temperatures are suppose to get close to 100 Sunday. There is no way Lady A can come in the office till the A/C is fixed. She went to the doctor Thursday. No longer than she was in the car, her arm had little blisters all over it. It is a side effect for one of the drugs she is on for her low white platelet count in her blood. The doctor said one of the best cure for what she has is plenty of Vitamin D but she can’t get in the sun. She has been on a once a week Vitamin D 50,000 un for the past two weeks. Whether she will have to be on it the rest of her life, we don’t know. I know she is hoping not. She loves being outdoors, going fishing, working in the garden, taking nature walks and so much more. I can’t imagine her locked up in the light hours of the day the rest of her life. That is not the doctor we went to though, we went to the neurologist. he didn’t do anything except we had him look at the spot the other doctor said was a hernia and the other said it wasn’t. The neurologist looked at it and said it was definitely a hernia and couldn’t figure out why the other one would say it wasn’t. Then yesterday, (I promised not to mention them) a family member stopped by who is in the medical field and she looked at it. She said it was definitely a hernia also. We have three for hernia, one not. We could start a scoreboard on Lady A’s mysterious hernia.


Back to the topic at hand, I forgot I hadn’t given you an update on what the doctor said Thursday about Lady A so I digressed. For as the A/C goes, we are suppose to have a man who promised to be here today one way or the other. I walked in the office and the thermostat read 98 degrees. I am going to grab a laptop and go sit under the tree till he gets here. We are suppose to be the first on his list. Hell for time and a half I would be the first one here also. It has to be fixed, if not for Lady A’s sake then for all the electronic equipment we have. Computers start over heating then we are screwed. Hopefully he will show up soon. I am grabbing the laptop and going to work on the store for a bit or till the battery on the laptop goes dead. In case you don’t know, we have numerous ladies working on the daily posts we put out. Sometimes Lady A wanders off on her own but basically we all compile information and then email it to her for her to put it on the site. She puts it on because she is a computer whiz and what a whiz she is.


The heat is getting to me I can tell. I am going to find a laptop and under the tree I go. Keep your brooms crossed the A/C man shows up soon. One last word, shop, shop, shop Magickal Necessities. That way we can pay for this man to come out on a Saturday.



Magickal Necessities