A Final Note….

As you know we opened the store to meet all our expenses and obligations. It was mainly built for the members of the WOTC. In the last month, we have received one or two orders from members here. That is not even enough to pay the water bill at both places. Instead of getting upset and disguised, we talked it over and decide to advertise with one of the major search engines. The advertising with this search engine is very reasonable which was surprising to me. It works out to pennies a day.

In the process of setting up our ad, we had to pick out several locations throughout the U. S. We picked out several since we had a choice of ever how many we wanted. One of those places has paid off big time. The merchandise is flying off the shelves. The reason I am letting you know this is because if you want something from the store, you might want to get it while it is there. That is why we weren’t on the internet Sunday and Monday. We got in new merchandise to restock the store and basically we had too because the shelves were just a tadbit bare.

I believe most of you haven’t even seen the new store. I know the ones from the ad say it is beautiful, well organized and carry great merchandise. If you haven’t visited it yet, you ought too. I know we built the store for the members but like I said we were not getting the sales we expected so we had to open it to the public once again. Got a moment stop by and check it and grab what you want while it is in stock. We have lots of new items, we now accept personal checks and money orders plus as usual, a free gift with every purchase.

Got a minute stop by, we would love to see you!



You’ve showed the rest, now shop the rest….


Your Daily Rune for Monday, July 17th is Laguz

Your Daily Rune for Monday, July 17th, 2018


“Log-uhz” – Literally: “Water” or Ocean – Esoteric: Unconscious, Collective Memory


Rune of the unconscious context of becoming or the evolutionary process. Rune of Life’s longing for itself.

Psi: emotion, psychic powers, unconscious mental processes, love, dreaming

Energy: life energy, ocean spirit, origins of life, collective unconscious, the astral plane, love as unity, evolution

Mundane: water, imagination, occultism, dreams

Divinations: Life, passing a test, sea of vitality and of the unconscious growth, memory, dreams; or fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering, depression, manipulations, emotional blackmail, lack of moral fiber, fantasy, poison, toxicity


Transpersonal powers
Mastery of emotion in order to shape wyrd
Guidance through difficult initiatory tests, ie. initiation into life
Increase in vitality and life force
Communication between your conscious mind to another’s unconscious mind
Development of ‘second sight’ or prophetic wisdom
All powers of dreaming (lucid dreams, astral projection)


Your Erotic Tarot Card for July 27 is Judgment

Your Personal Daily Erotic Tarot Card

The Judgement

The Judgement card indicates that you’ve had some sexual hang-ups in the past, but you’re working toward getting over them. This is a period of transition, and although you’re doing the work, you may not be getting the exact results you desire. Forgive yourself for past missteps in order to take a sexual step forward today. Being afraid to express your true erotic self can even effect other areas of your life, so getting beyond your sexual inhibitions translates into a happier overall existence.

Your Personal Daily Love Tarot Card for Today is The Fool

Your Personal Daily Love Tarot Card

The Fool

You deserve a partnership that deepens as you get to know each other. Wait for the person who has risen above commitment immaturity if commitment is your desire. The Fool reminds us that dating someone is not a mistake. It is falling in love and marrying them if it is not right. If your long-term relationship is encountering a difficult patch, now is the time to work together to rebuild.