Well today has been totally shot to Hades…..

I am hot, tired and most of all aggravated! First of all, I have had enough problems today with all the electrical issues at my cabin. Now I want the bickering to stop about the psychic vampire deal and I mean now! It is over, it is done with. I explained why I asked and I did not expect all the comments that were received on this matter. We have established I am not a psychic vampire. So there it is official I am not a psychic vampire. It was a screw up, so let it go. Eleanor, I am having a long talk with you when I get off the computer today.

Now since this day has been a total screw, let’s pretend Monday is tomorrow. How does that work? I have played with the air conditioning man and also the electrical contractor. Everything is now fix and I was presented with a bill for $1100.00. I kid you not. I told Lord M what company to use to do the wiring and the a/c, do you think he listened, NO! He used a different company and the company I use does not do warranty work on any of the necessary repairs that needed to be made to do. Simply because they do not do business with the Carrier people or Link’s electrical contracting and sales. I tried my best to do the warranty route. When I called the people they recommended, it was going to take a least one of them two weeks to work us in. With the heat indexes in the 100’s again, there is no way we could have stayed in the cabin. I be damned if I am moving back in the rental. Also with my health condition, I cannot tolerate the heat, it would have killed me. So I went with the men I knew and trusted. They let me pay half now and half at the first of the month.

So why am I telling you this, I took out a working capital loan and this has busted that all to hell. We either sell a lot of merchandise between now and the first of the month or else we need some donations. After yesterday, if you don’t hate me that much that is. I hate to ask but I have learned a poor person has no business sticking their heads out of the ground. If you would like to help, I would great appreciate it. You will find the links below to the store and also make a donation. The remaining balance on this bill is $541.45. Any amount would assist me out or any purchase.

We will resume our postings tomorrow. I am going to go stick my head in a hole and not come out till then.

Love ya,

Lady A


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