Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 15 & 16

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 15

The Fool

Love is exciting, extraordinary and stimulating. You’ve found it if you are experiencing a childlike curiosity to get to know someone lately. You are even one step closer to your soul mate if you are on the same wavelength. Free yourself from the idea that in a couple, you are either friends or lovers, but you cannot be both. Yes, you can. Friendship in this light turns into deeper, meant-to-be, long-lasting love.







Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 16

The Empress

The Empress promises a fruitful and loving union. It is about the maturation of affections in a natural rhythm that unfolds into something genuine, in time. In this light, no need to hurry any relationship along. Sparks reignite if you and your partner are going through a rough patch. You can rebuild and restore through the power and force of love. The two of you learn not to put conditions on unconditional love.