Symbolism of the Owl as a Spirit Guide


Let’s Take a Look At The Month to Come With The Help of MahJong Tiles & Dominos

Your MahJong Tile for the Month of February

North Wind
Symbol: Water

The North Wind tile indicates there will be difficult moments ahead. These can be canceled out if the South Wind Tile is in your reading as well which unfortunately it is not in this reading.

Your Domino for the Month of February




A new life’s path is unfolding before you. Opportunities abound. You will do well if you have the courage to move down this new path, and do not stray from acting morally.


Your Daily Rune & Daily Witches Rune for Tuesday, January 29

Your Daily Rune for January 29


What is higher than the self is the Self become Higher.”

Tiwaz – “Tea-waz” – Literally: “The god, Tyr” – Esoteric: Justice, Sacrifice

Rune of the balance and justice ruled from a higher rationality. The rune of sacrifice of the individual (self) for well-being of the whole (society).

Psi: spiritual warrior, honour, righteousness

Energy: sovereign order, sacrifice, right decision making

Mundane: the rule of law, fairness, peace keeping

Divinations: faith, loyalty, justice, rationality, self-sacrifice, analysis, victory, honesty, even-handedness; or mental paralysis, over analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance, defeat, tyranny.

Obtaining just victory and success in battle, litigation or legal matters
Building spiritual will and development of sound judgement
Develops the power of positive self-sacrifice
Develops the “force of faith” in magic and religion


Your Daily Witches Rune for January 29

The Blank Rune

Meaning: This is a rune of difficulty and negative influences will rule your life for a time, but as all difficulties are a learning experience it will lead to improved personal perspective and progress on your life’s path. Always consult the surrounding runes with this stone. If it lies with a positive stone, it indicates that the pain of this experience will lead to a beneficial change in circumstances.


Your Daily Tarot Card, Your Love Tarot Card, Your Erotic Tarot Card & Past Life Card for January 29th

The Daily Tarot Card for January 29th

The Pope










Keywords: teaching, school, blessing, ritual, marriage, acting!

Astrological Correspondence: Taurus

As a priest, the Pope, or Hierophant, represents traditional values and moral development. He is the wise teacher or counselor guiding groups or collectives on their path in search for spiritual truth or meaning. Depicted as a religious figure in ceremonial vestments he interprets secret mysteries, divine law, and theological doctrine. Although this card implies that he is linked to the church, the Pope signifies not only organized religion but also focus on groups in general, such as schools, teams, companies – any group with fixed roles and assigned responsibilities. The Pope is a symbol for rules, procedures, structure, and ritual, creating harmony within groups and staying their course so they can find identity and progress as a whole. The negative imagery symbolizes dogmatism and inflexibility, extreme conformity, or conventionalism.

The Daily Tarot Love Card for January 29th

The Emperor










Today is perfection, in a good way. Why? Today represents someone’s advancement and growth in the ability to love. Someone, perhaps even the two people you are one-half of, grasps the realization that love is friendship intensified. If you’re dating and you want love, it is yours. The trick is to avoid being swept off your feet. Instead, grasp the idea of slowing down, knowing that time is on your side.

The Daily Erotic Tarot Card for January 29th

The Pope










The Pope represents pure masculine energy, and even if you’re female you’re going to be identifying more with your male counterparts today. The Pope shows you that coming to terms with past mistakes and taking responsibility for them in the present eases sexual tension, so let go of the past to free yourself from your inhibitions. You actually have quite the skill set when it comes to making sexual moves, but waiting until the time is right before taking the plunge can be a real turn-on. Let the anticipation build until you can’t take it anymore!

The Daily Past Life Tarot Card for January 29th

The Sun










Sometimes numbers fill your head and although you do the math, the equations just keep coming. This could be a sign that in a past life you were an economist. You might not understand it exactly, but there is just something in your genes that has always attracted you to numbers. Your past life as an economist is probably still on the treadmill of reincarnation. You follow numbers through the journey of your many lives, finding solutions that create new numerical questions.

The Numerology of 2019 and What it Means for You

The Numerology of 2019 and What it Means for You

Get your Numerology predictions by Personal Year number

Tania Gabrielle

2019 promises amazing opportunities for greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being. Here’s why: 2019 adds up to a 12 Universal Year.

2+0+1+9 = 12, which is a unique and highly creative number!

During any 12 cycle you are acquiring knowledge and gaining the strength to help you manifest what you’re learning into fortunate results. 12 symbolizes education on all levels, so you may need to set aside distractions in order to achieve the wisdom needed to elevate your life. Meditation is more important in 2019. Tune into your intuition for instant solutions. Observe closely what is happening at all times to remain calm and serene. Go with the flow. Don’t resist, just accept.

12 can be reduced to the single-digit root number 3, because 1+2 = 3.

The number 3 symbolizes happiness, creativity, and communication, inviting you to express yourself through every medium you can imagine. You’ll be more active socially, as well as feeling more optimistic and free to explore in 2019. This can be one of the happiest years of your life! Friends will be important to you this year — they’ll support you, and you’ll help them in return.

Number 12/3 also activates the powerful 1-2-3 code, which means it time to ready, set, go! Needless to say, the MOMENTUM and MOVEMENT in 2019 is going to be tremendous!

But that’s just part of the story…

Your Personal Year Number

You are also impacted by your own Personal Year number. Some numerologists start everyone’s Personal Year on January 1. To calculate your number using this method:

1. Add all digits of your month and day of birth + 2019:

Month ___ + Day ___ + 2+0+1+9 = ______

2. Now add each single digit of your total to arrive at the single-digit Personal Year number:

______________ = ____________+ _____________ = __________________

(Total) = (1st single digit) + (2nd single digit) = (Personal Year number)

Example: Linda, born on May 23:


5 + 2+3 + 2+0+1+9 = 22

22 = 2+2 = 4

In this case, Linda will be in a 4 Personal Year.

However, after reading thousands of clients, I have found that the shift we feel on New Year’s Day is related to the Universal Year number changing, not our individual Personal Year. Most people, unless they are born in January, have TWO Personal Year numbers during any given calendar year:

1. One carried over from the previous calendar year UNTIL your birth month.

2. One FROM your birth month onward.

Using this method in the example above, Linda would be a 3 Personal Yearfrom May 2018-April 2019 and a 4 Personal Year from May 2019–April 2020.

Now that you know your Personal Year Number(s) for 2019, lets head to the fun part: what it all means for you!

1 Personal Year

Keywords: new beginnings, action, change, new goals

Focus on: a fresh start, opportunity, rebirth, letting go of old ways, things, people, and investments that are not supporting you, learning a new modality, being bold and courageous — you are at a crossroads

Guard against: stubborn resistance to change, not being focused, being consciously present and avoiding planning your future

• You will experience a new beginning in some or all areas of your life

• Take the initiative with your ideas and ambitions

• This is an intense period of awakening and change

• Explore bold new directions

• Foster new opportunities

• Embrace what makes you unique

• Create and invent

2 Personal Year

Keywords: cooperation, new partnerships (personal and business), balance, patience, peace, germination of seeds planted in 1 Personal Year

Focus on: relationships, diplomacy, slowing down, meticulous attention to details, correct timing, trusting that your goals are being taken care of, listening, your intuition

Guard against: impatience, division, insecurity that prevents you from making decisions

• Your 2 cycle is bringing you into equilibrium, helping you balance light and dark, so you learn to embrace all of life’s experience without judgment

• Listen closely to your inner voice for answers and direction

• You are highly sensitive to energy from people and places

• Trust in the correct timing and be patient

• Foster relationships that bring balance to your life

• Communicate with compassion and sensitivity

• Take time for serenity

• Embrace your inner psychic!

3 Personal Year

Keywords: creative self-expression, social connections, sharing feelings, pleasure, beauty, communication

Focus on: circle of friends, expressing your true inner voice, sharing your gifts, relaxation and having fun, enjoyment of the arts, activities and people that make you feel positive, travel, action, optimism

Guard against: emotional drama, distractions, moodiness, meddling

• Tune into your creativity — it is being channeled through various sources and expresses itself through you

• Share your feelings openly and with vulnerability

• Take great joy in nurturing what fulfills you on soul level

• Your imagination is limitless!

• Setting positive intentions consistently attracts many opportunities

• Opportunities are seized with bold action

• Share your soul through writing, speaking, art, dance, or music

• Connect socially with others, especially your “soul family”

• What moves you to tears? Follow that thread.

4 Personal Year

Keywords: organization, planning, work, taking care of details, concentration

Focus on: work, logical deduction, manifesting goals step by step, security, home, perseverance, commitment, patience, planning

Guard against: working too hard, not relaxing, escaping responsibilities

• Dedicate this cycle to making your gifts real and tangible

• You feel secure when you set goals that align with your true values

• Organize your ideas and strategies into a coherent plan

• Work diligently at implementing your ideas to reap rich rewards

• Pay meticulous attention to details

• Your brilliance is grounded in a practical way

• Focus on family and home

5 Personal Year

Keywords: flexibility, pivot point, decisions, opportunity, surprises, adventure

Focus on: change, movement, taking risks, choices, expecting the unexpected, quick decisions, travel, being open, taking a chance, freedom

Guard against: scattered energy, multi-tasking, not following through, restlessness, impatience

• Embrace change as a constant in your life

• Freedom is key for you this cycle, so be as flexible as possible

• Constant movement propels you forward

• The middle of your nine-year cycle symbolizes a shift and a breakthrough

• You are transforming your life by taking risks

• Exploration and claiming your independence bring ultimate fulfillment

• Make big and small decisions quickly, so your energy does not stagnate

• Travel to unknown realms both physically and mentally

• Connect with others and share your new ideas

6 Personal Year

Keywords: taking on responsibilities, focus on family, home, love, and nurturing others, beauty, intimacy, home business, financial flow

Focus on: health, home, harmony, compassion, beauty in your environment, helping others, emotional equilibrium, personal growth, connecting to close friends, birthing new opportunities, nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

Guard against: neglecting your needs, taking on too much responsibility, emotional imbalance, controlling others

• Embrace your responsibilities fully and with joy

• Be open to heal yourself, and you will be a healing influence on others

• Explore empathy and embrace being of loving service

• Your passion for life and compassion for others is expansive

• Focus on financial wellness and wealth

• Make your life and surroundings exquisitely beautiful

• Attend to your health and overall well-being

• Nurture yourself — you are giving a lot this cycle and must replenish

• Focus on home and family

7 Personal Year

Keywords: lightning spiritual insights, intuition, analysis, sudden discoveries, unexpected shifts, self-awareness, sabbatical, rest, awakening

Focus on: rest and rejuvenation, higher wisdom, learning and taking classes, introspection, slowing down, recognition, honor, spending time in nature, reading books, the unexpected, time alone

Guard against: over-analyzing, over-thinking, worrying, doubting

• Listen and act on your strong intuitive hits

• Think through your plans and implement your brilliant ideas

• Embrace sudden shifts as opportunities for growth

• Your wisdom expands exponentially through deep inner learning and understanding

• Be a bridge between spiritual and material realms

• Realize your intuitions and visions by taking time for retreats and relaxation

• Trust your hunches

• Seek wisdom and truth

• Rest and rejuvenate

8 Personal Year

Keywords: money manifestation, leadership, goals, strength, power, vision, energy expended equals rewards

Focus on: money matters, taking action, balancing the material and spiritual, building strength and confidence to overcome obstacles, prosperity, rewards, honors, ambition

Guard against: being afraid of success, doubting your own power to succeed, your perceived inability to follow through on goals

• This is your year of empowerment

• You are very motivated to manifest

• You exude confidence in everything you do, think, and envision about your future

• Lead and you will succeed

• A strong focus on abundance impacts the actualization of your vision

• You are motivated to fulfill your destiny

• Overcoming obstacles makes you stronger

• The energy you expend enriches you and brings great rewards

9 Personal Year

Keywords: completion, culmination, celebration, release, endings, unconditional love, compassionate leadership, wisdom

Focus on: finishing what you began in the last eight years, being of service, releasing relationships and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old behaviors, practicing Feng Shui in all aspects of your life, purging and letting go as your nine-year cycle is coming to an end

Guard against: feeling discouraged and dissipated emotionally, resisting the urge to let go

• Embrace endings and celebrate your successes

• Leading from a place of love creates deep fulfillment

• Release ideas, beliefs, physical possessions, and people that you’ve outgrown or do not support or uplift you anymore

• Complete all projects by the end of this cycle to reap rewards

• By being a wise example to others, your love instills courage

• Embrace all that life has to offer — both difficulties and positive developments — for the greatest abundance

• Letting go of values acquired from others (and mistakenly attributed as your own) opens up miraculous doors

• You have come to the end of a cycle and are making room for a rebirth is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019

Your Name Numbers, and How They Stack Up

Your Name Numbers, and How They Stack Up

Reveal how the Numerology of your name influences you

Hans Decoz

Those of you familiar with Numerology know that three of the five core numbers in your Numerology chart come from your full name at birth.

The first is found by adding the numerical value of all the vowels in your name. The second is the sum of all the consonants, and the third is found by adding all the letters, vowels and consonants. Those core numbers are called your Heart’s Desire, your Personality and your Expression number, respectively.

The personalities of numbers, as I have often said, are much like those of people, to the extent that they are influenced by the personalities of those around them, as well as other factors. Your Name Numbers similarly are influenced by each other’s characteristics.

Bridge numbers are so named because they look at the bridge (or the gap) between the core numbers.

Let’s use an example. A person by the name of Daenko has a 3 Heart’s Desire, an 11/2 Personality, and a 5 Expression.

The Bridge numbers, like all numbers in Numerology that are found by deducting one number from another, uses only single-digit numbers. The 11 Personality is therefore reduced to a 2 — we ignore the 11.

The Bridge number for the 3 Heart’s Desire and the 2 Personality is 1 (found by deducting the smaller from the larger, in this case 2 from 3 is 1). This tells us that the Bridge number 1 represents the main obstacle between Daenko’s Personality, the way people tend to see him, and the “real” Daenko, the somewhat hidden qualities showing what he likes and dislikes, and so forth. Individuality, independence, taking charge, the masculine persona, those are the attributes Daenko needs to acquire or strengthen in order to make his inner and outer personality as harmonious as possible. In other words, the 1 represents the potential conflict between his inner and outer persona.

The Bridge number between Daenko’s Heart’s Desire and his Expression is 2 (again, we deduct the smaller, in this case the 3 Heart’s Desire number, from the larger, the 5 Expression, which is 2). This tells us that to help Daenko align his somewhat obscured inner self with his productive life, his range of talents and abilities so to speak, he should learn to be more tactful, sensitive, and aware of the subtle aspects of human interaction, such as body language and facial expressions, not to mention refraining from gossip and thoughtless remarks.

The gap between his Personality number, the way he acts and behaves, and generally carries himself, and the ability to take full advantage of his talents, is 3 (5 Expression minus 2 Personality). The reason Daenko thus far has not been able to land his dream job may be due, in large part, to the fact that his personality, his presence, is too soft and pliable, and that the way for him to overcome this dilemma is not so much by puffing himself up with macho attributes, but through communication. He needs to be much more forthcoming with his ideas, his wit, his quick intelligence. His 5 Expression tells us that he has those qualities, it’s just a matter of opening up his channels and showcasing them when needed. (Self promotion is another of the 5’s attributes, but without communication it is useless.)

There are other numbers we can use to recognize positive and negative forces at work among the core numbers, but the Bridge numbers are probably the most important. As one of my clients once told me: “I am not all that interested in my good qualities, I want to know my weaknesses, because those are the things I have to work on.”

True enough, of course, but knowing your strengths helps you to take advantage of them. The bottom line is, the better you know yourself, the better your chances are for living a happy, successful, fulfilling life. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019

Get A Jump on Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, January 30

Get A Jump on Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, January 30

By Kelli Fox


March 21- April 19

Your mood is jovial, your comments are apt, and you’re in touch with your own highest principles. Somehow, the world seems to be in sharper focus than usual. Today is for honing your skills and using them for something important. It’s tempting to sit back and enjoy this energy, but you should put it to some good use. It would be a shame to waste this ideal moment on fleeting pleasures, instead of taking this opportunity to put something in motion that will be of benefit.


April 20-May 20

You blew past laziness a day or two ago and right into full-on self-indulgence. You’re not in the mood to do anything that’s difficult or challenging in any way. Instead, you want to experience nothing but the pleasurable side of life. It might be nice to take a day or two to get out of town with someone special, or even by yourself. You can be your own best company! Don’t be surprised, though, when putting everything on hold causes teetering pile ups that demand your attention upon your return to regular life.


May 21-June 21

You could go far today, physically or mentally. Whatever you do, set your heart on something meaningful and think big. This is a great time for brain exercise with a trip to the library or, better yet, an energetic debate with a well-informed friend. Be sure to listen well to their viewpoint, because it’s easy to hear only what you want to hear. It’s a good thing your exuberant energy draws people to your side, because you’re in the mood for company. Take a good friend on a spontaneous trip some place intriguing.


June 22-July 22

Your sensitive nature flares up today, and you probably won’t deal with it gracefully. Instead, you might give hotheaded responses and put your foot in your mouth. It feels like there’s a gap between you and someone important, and this makes you nervous. But you’re only widening it by lashing out. Try to calm yourself, Cancer, and explain your feelings to someone you trust. You’ll only end up getting sick if you try to bottle them up or express them in unhealthy ways.


July 23-August 22

If you’ve been feeling blocked, don’t worry — today brings a fresh perspective. You’re feeling alert, tuned in to possibilities, and downright inspired. You’re aware of the opportunities out there and ready to grab hold of them. So whether you’re tackling a new or established project, you’ll bring a little extra ‘oomph’ to it. Putting your new ideas into action is even easier with help on your side, so turn your inspiring perspective toward your friends and colleagues. They’re sure to be impressed with your vision and your energy.


August 23-September 22

You want to take chances, but you forget exactly which rules you’re breaking. You feel like a daredevil, but your safety gear is such a mess that you’d rather not appear in public with it. This could be a nervous, scattered day. Old issues are pressing on new situations, distorting your reality. Yes, it’s tempting to clean house, but then you’d only be lost in the past. Reenter the here and now. This is where you belong.


September 23-October 22

What’s that warm, sunny feeling wherever you turn? Don’t worry, it’s just fortune smiling on you today. You just have to pass on some of this glorious input, or you’ll explode with the wonder of it all. Intelligence pours out whenever you open your mouth, and glamour drips from your very fingers. It’s not like you really have a choice about these things, either. This is you in your element, and all is very cool — even that warm, sunny feeling. No matter where you need to go next, you can find your way there from here.


October 23 – November 22

Today, you’re motivated by passion, which isn’t really anything new — and it’s understandable that you want what’s coming to you. But sometimes, self-restraint and humble endurance are far more effective for getting what you desire. Your usual tactics — pressure, intensity, focus, pursuit — are likely to make today’s red tape and traffic jams even worse. You have to be patient — in the not so distant future, you’ll be glad you restrained yourself. For now, seek a fun or functional distraction, such as a quick, impromptu trip out of town or a thorough overhaul of your finances.


November 23-December 20

Your genuine, sunny nature will excuse any screw-ups you happen to make today. People will love you for your brash honesty and total clarity. They might even cut you a little more slack than usual in exchange for one of your trademark charming apologies. It’s good that you have these skills and know how to use them, but it would be a mistake to base your plans on the kindness of strangers. Know when to stop pushing your luck and start pulling your weight.


December 21-January 19

Work on something with careful dedication, and you’ll make a favourable impression. Hard questions don’t daunt you now, making people appreciate that solid core of yours even more. Your intentions are as honorable as always, and that’s clear to everyone. Today, you might even bump into someone who really understands you. Wouldn’t that be fun? A word of caution, however: Even if an enticing new job or relationship beckons, give it a few days to develop. You still have some loose ends to tie up.


January 20-February 18

Forward thinking will benefit from a little extra oomph today. Here’s how it works. The energy pouring out from your heart will amplify the logic already buzzing in your head. The scars and bruises from your past won’t make you afraid of where you might still try to go. Past accidents are lessons that don’t have to restrict you. When you express yourself under these conditions, you’ll find that all the separate parts are working together now. Be good to yourself, be happy, and become something more than you ever thought you could be.


February 19-March 20

Self-pity could be messy, and the clean up could make this particular problem even worse. But today, you may not even see your mess through whatever illusion is helping you operate. Clearly, this is unwise and unsafe. Part those veils soon so that you can see where you’re going. And if you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and why, being false or sneaky about it won’t do you any favours. So take a deep breath, love yourself, own your situation and get on with the life you’re supposed to be living.

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, January 29

Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, January 29

By Kelli Fox


March 21- April 19

You’re in touch with your introspective side, but not in a moody or downhearted way. No, you’re actually feeling quite aware, in tune with the world and excited about the possibilities that today brings. Take a look inside your heart, and you’ll see that you know just what to do during this charmed period. Remember, you’re as timely and adroit as ever, and multi-tasking is a particular skill now. Use it well: Focus on a project or goal that really means something to you.


April 20-May 20

Your natural response to tension in the air is to batten down the hatches and get ready for a storm. But today, be aware that rash, heavy-handed behaviour won’t make you any friends. It’ll be a lot better if you can quell your anxieties and try for a lighter touch with your friends, family, and colleagues. Taurus, ground yourself with something soothing: a bubble bath, maybe, or a walk in the park with a friend or pet.


May 21-June 21

Your mind is full of all kinds of possibilities. You’re familiar with the options — how are you ever going to choose? Don’t worry — it’s OK to take a day to explore them. You’ll make the right decision, as long as you hold off on making any promises until you’re really clear on things. For now, enjoy that feeling of wonderment that borders on confusion. At the moment, there’s no need to know the answers — it’s still a little too soon to be certain. Just explore the questions.


June 22-July 22

Today, you’re nostalgic and melancholy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could travel back to a point in your life that felt simpler? Actually, no. Aside from the fact that time travel doesn’t exist, stagnation and regression aren’t nearly as appealing as they might seem. This mood you’re in will pass soon, thank goodness! Instead of avoiding all new and odd influences, make an effort to connect with others and with your own inner calm.


July 23-August 22

You have an open mind and a gregarious style, and your best qualities — courage, warmth, generosity — are on full display today. This is no time to go it alone, so use your friendly, charming personality to get other people involved in the cause of your choice. Surprise, surprise — others care about the same goals and projects you do! And it’s easy to integrate friends and allies into your efforts. Forming a strong team will help get things off the ground and running smoothly.


August 23-September 22

Satire feels virtuous today. You see yourself as a champion of the weak and oppressed. You’re using your sharp insights to let some hot air out of those who dare to fly their balloons too high. Yes, it’s easy to criticise when you feel morally superior. But think about your audience. Are they laughing at you, too? Are you more of a clown than a critic? With so many different perspectives, the same joke isn’t always funny for the same reasons. Take it in stride instead of feeling insulted.


September 23-October 22

Seek what you know you can find, instead of reaching for the stars. Connect and merge with those who’ll accept you, rather than storming the gates of places where you’d never fit in. Is it really OK to rely so much on those moments of ecstasy, discovery and bonding? You’d hate to turn into just another experience junkie, because those people are like perpetual tourists, always looking and never satisfied. Climb outside of yourself to get a better view of who you are and why you desire what you do. Find kindred spirits today.


October 23 – November 22

Now isn’t the time to be crafty or manipulative, no matter how sorely you might be tempted. Go for cautious optimism and sensible choices instead – in the long run, they’ll get you a lot closer to your goals. You’ll even notice minor benefits in the next day or two. And really, do you need everything all at once? You have enough of a sense of self-preservation to wait it out — just trust that you’ll get what’s coming to you. The universe will take care of you, especially if you return the favour with patience, honesty, and humility.


November 23-December 20

It’s hard not to flirt today. You want to be part of everything, whether it’s to satisfy some driving passion or just have a little taste. If you’re the life of the party, it’s because you’re wise and introspective, not because you look like an air-head. Well, there is a lively part of you. But whatever social skills you deploy, whatever your angle of approach, it will be up to others how involved they’ll let you be. Don’t take rejection personally. There has to be someone else just as wise who still wants you around.


December 21-January 19

You’ve always been solid at your core, and that’s what people are attracted to. Keep that in mind now, because though you’re feeling energetic and ambitious, this may not be the time to let that energy loose on the world. Excessive vitality could all too easily undercut that solid foundation of yours. At the moment, people just want to know you’re dependable — they’re not looking for you to be vibrant and enthusiastic. Similarly, instead of striking out in new directions, observe your ties with the past today. They’ll help define your future.


January 20-February 18

Maybe you have a couple of secrets that are slowly, sweetly ripening. Maybe a private flash of insight is putting that grin on your face. Maybe the scope of a project just ballooned, driving your future profits into the stratosphere. Whatever’s going on inside your head, keep it under your hat for today. Live your life, greet your neighbours, hang with your friends. They’ll know something is ready to pop, but your carefree attitude will drive them crazy. You like having your audience on the edge of their seats. Nothing is more powerful.


February 19-March 20

If going with the flow means going for the gold, you could easily strike it rich. There is a catch, however. In this case, you may have to pay a price if you can’t navigate carefully. But that’s just the part you can see. Don’t get too sloppy with all the undercurrents surging through your experience. You might overflow your boundaries today, flooding other people’s acreage with something too rich and extreme for them to handle. Clouding these waters won’t help anyone see the light. And not much can grow without light.

Love Astrology: Going Beyond Venus

Love Astrology: Going Beyond Venus

How planets and houses influence your love style

Maria DeSimone

We all know that Venus is the planet of love, harmony, and affection. This is the planet that tells us about our powers of attraction. In a man’s chart it speaks volumes about the type of woman he’s physically attracted to, while in a woman’s chart we look to Venus for key information about what qualities she has she’ll use to attract a man.

Yes, Venus is also connected to the 7th House of Committed Partnership and Marriage, but did you know that there’s more to love than Venus? Way more.

Find dating clues in your 5th House of Romance

Love begins in the 5th House of Romance in your chart. This is the place of fun and pleasure. The 5th house rules romance and giving love. This is where we take a chance in life and gamble.

When it comes to love, wouldn’t you agree that it might be the most speculative bet of all? We risk our hearts being broken and having our spirits crushed. And yet, we continue to keep our hearts open because we know if we “win” the jackpot is huge. Our hearts filled with joy and love.

So yes, where you begin to date someone, fall in love and have romantic and fun sex is a 5th house of Romance matter. Any planets that are in your 5th house will offer more details about your love potential. Don’t have a planet in your 5th house? Not to worry — you’re not meant to be lonely. Your 5th house story just takes a bit more digging. You’ll need to look to the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of your 5th house for more information.

Mars rules your sex drive

Speaking of romantic love, invariably it will lead to sex. Before you have sex, however, you need to desire a person. That desire is where Mars enters the picture. This warrior planet is not only about action, it rules your libido. In a woman’s chart, Mars symbolizes the type of man she’s physically attracted to, whereas in a man’s chart Mars will tell us all we need to know about how he shakes his tail feathers and attracts a woman his way.

In either gender Mars will tell the story of how the person is aroused. Mars is what turns you on, pure and simple! Eventually, the love that begins in the 5th House of Romance might become more than a casual fling or dating fun. Love may blossom into commitment, and once it does it becomes a 7th House of Partnership matter. When love enters the domain of the 7th house, something interesting happens. Love gets deeper. Much deeper.

Going deeper in the 8th House of Sex

In fact, a committed partnership no longer has the carefree 5th-house sex. They’ve graduated to 8th House of Sex and Spirituality. The 8th house is all about intimacy and sharing your resources on a deep psychological level. You don’t do this on a one-night stand or in the early dating stages of a relationship. Once you’ve become exclusive and decide to share a life together, however, a deep bond is forged and can intensify love. That’s the job of the 8th house.

Fear of intimacy is conquered here. Interestingly enough, love that may be obsessive, jealous and controlling might lurk its ugly head in the 8th house, as well. The 8th House of Intimacy is where we figure out the power behind the bonds of love and learn how to surrender to it in a psychologically healthy way. Occasionally, this is where we are betrayed or become destroyed by love.

Neptune holds the key to unconditional love

Ideally, love is unconditional. For that, we look to Neptune, because this is the planet that is known as the higher octave of Venus, ruling unconditional and spiritual love.

If you want to know whether love can conquer all in your chart, look to see what Neptune is doing. If this planet makes an aspect to your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus, then you’ve got a natural ability to love unconditionally. The question is … will you receive that in return?

The Moon illuminates our emotional needs

The Moon is also quite important when we speak of love. The Moon rules our deepest need — what we crave. We all crave love, but the Moon will tell us how we need to be nurtured.

In a woman’s chart the Moon is an important indicator of what she needs in order to feel most attuned to her feminine self. In a man’s chart, the Moon suggests qualities he needs emotionally more than anything else from a woman.

Mercury: The key to communication

Finally, what’s love without communication? If you can’t talk about love and express your feelings, well, love may have a more difficult time reaching you. Look to your Mercury placement for clues on what you think about most and how you best interconnect with others.

In the end however, love is a universal language. Venus may be the key to love, but remember she’s not the entire story. is Part of Zappallas USA © 2019