Spell to Establish Stability in a Relationship

Spell to Establish Stability in a Relationship

To establish stability in an otherwise unstable relationship, light a brown or green candle and some juniper, frankincense or neroli incense or oils. Picture yourself and your partner standing barefoot on grass, among green hills, embellish as you deem fit. Maintain the image of your bare feet in contact with the earth, saying: 

“(Your lover’s name), let no winds blow you away, 
let no fairy-lure tempt you, no charms ensnare you other than my own true love.” 

Then, picture green shoots rising from the ground all around you, one of them becoming an ear of corn. Take the ear of corn and grind it to powder, saying: 

“Nurture what we have grown, that we may reap it together.” 

Add to a cake, bread or biscuit mix, and feed it to your lover. Repeat as necessary.