Wishing All Our Dear Brothers & Sisters of The Craft! May the Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

Merry Meet
I hope everyone is having a very beautiful and relaxing Saturday. I wanted to touch base with you real quick and let you know what is going on.

If you remember about a little over a month ago, I was assaulted. At the time is was discovered that I had a few cracked ribs, a sore back and numerous bruises. Since that time, I have had a hip that has slowly but surely gotten worse. It started out a small pain and now if I accidentally sleep on that side, I can hardly walk in the morning when I first get up. Whatever it is, is causing my entire right side to draw up. I can’t straighten the leg out and the is pain, I can’t even begin to describe. The final straw was the other night, I woke up with a box cutter knife pointed right straight at the pain in my upper thigh. I had been thinking before I went to bed, “if only that tendon or whatever it was could be loosened, then perhaps I could straighten my leg out and stop hurting.” I guess that is what I was getting ready to do when the point of the knife woke me up. It is the only thing I can figure out. I decided that night it was time to stop battling this by myself and go to the doctors. I figured after I told them that story, they would lock me up in the nut house but they didn’t. They both understood a person will do whatever it takes to stop hurting.

Both of the doctors have checked out the pain in my hip and leg. Both of them agree, that it is my hip causing the problem. I have several tests coming up within the next few weeks. They also put me on another pain medication and it knocks me on my rump. So if you see “zzzzzzzzzzzz” across the screen, don’t think anything about it. I am taking a brief nap. That is the reason our posts have been so sporadic, my trips to my favorite men, the doctors. Both of them also agree that more than likely I will have to have my hip replaced.

Due to the numerous tests coming up and the doctors’ appointments our posting schedule will be a tadbit from normal. I apologize for this but the doctors don’t work on  my schedule, they work on their own. I wanted to let you know what was going on. Right now with this extra pain medication, I am pretty much a zombie. But at least I don’t hurt right now, which is the important thing.

Between the doctors’ appointments and tests, we are going to try to keep our normal schedule. I know they have said for sure that I would have to have some type of surgery done on that hip. It all depends on what the tests come back showing. I could have a simple torn tendon or ligament they could repair or else I could need a total hip replacement. Who knows? The only thing they have said for sure is that I must have took one heck of a lick when I hit the desk when I was assaulted. Ah, hell, with  me it is one thing right after another. I am about ready to go dig a hole and stick my head in it and never, ever come out again.

I thought it would be best to let you know what is going on instead of keeping you in the dark. If you would like to say a prayer or light a candle for me, it would be greatly appreciate it. I will keep you up-to-date on everything and when it comes to the surgery, I will give you the date for that. I asked one of them if they could just jack this old body up and run a new one under it. He just laughed. Funny, I don’t see this as a laughing matter. So you now know what is going on, today we are doing a condensed version of our usual postings. It is a trial run to see if I can stay awake during the postings, lol! Won’t be the first time I have passed out at the computer.

Now I am off to get our postings up and running. Got a moment say a prayer or two for me. Till tomorrow…..

Love ya,

Lady A