A Terrific but Hectic Day

Today I still have a home full of descendants it is a whole lot bodies than usual but what a blessing seeing my children and grandchildren from our of state. After we go to our towns festival and they leave it will be to quite for me for a few days. I know my familiars Cleopatra and Starbabie will be thrilled to have mommy and daddy to themselves again, but it’s not like they were ignored or missed any treats the last couple of days. In fact they got applied by their nieces.

I hope your last couple of days have been filled with as much love, laughter, and family harmony as mine have been. I’m hoping I can get back to posting more again tomorrow but after all the walking I’ll be doing today I may just be in to much pain and/or tired to do anything but sleep and read. Please help me by crossing your fingers that I will be mostly pain free and get a good night’s sleep so I can being horoscopes, divination, and more about the Chinese Zodiac to your inbox tomorrow.

until tomorrow dear ones blessed be.