I have still not had any contact with Lady Abyss and my worry increases daily. Mostly for her safety but also because the domain name Witches of The Craft expires in December and apparently can only be renewed by her. I am going to write to WordPress and explain that I have bought the website from Lady A but have not been able to contact her in any way since June 13th and ask if I can just pay the domain name fees or if I do a slight change to the domain name of this website will all the information still be available. I will let you know what happens. If nothing else I will start with help I hope of moving most of the over 40,000 posts over to Coven Life. Believe me I do not want to see the name Lady Abyss work so hard to get known and spent around 18 or 19 years owning to be lost to us.

I ask you to please light candles, say a prayer, do a ritual, or whatever you think might help me find out what is going on with Lady Abyss. Thank you. I have tried emailing Lord of the Myst a.k.a. The Druid Gentleman and Lynette Starfire but have not hear back from them.


A Special Wiccaning and Jumping the Broom into the Next Stage of Life on the New Moon Saturday, September 28th, 2019

You are cordially invited by Lady Beltane

To Jump the broom into your next stage of life. Child to Maiden or Warrior from to Mother or Father from to Crime or Wizard.

and/or have a  Wiccanings done by Lady Beltane to call upon your ancestors maternal to help protect and guide you.


If you want to either Jump the Broom and/or have a Wiccaning done for yourself or a descendant please email Lady Beltane as soon as possible as their is some information she needs for both rituals


Saturday, September 28, 2019


A Meet and Visit 6:00 – 6:55 PM CDT

Circle for the Wiccaning will be cast at 7:00 PM CDT

In Coven Life’s Chatroom

Lady Beltane will be checking up until 6:50 PM CDT on Saturday for requests to join US in the chatroom.

Can We Help You to Teach Your Children and/or Your Descendants About The Craft?

One of Coven Life’s Elders thought, and I agree, that we should post a survey to help us help you to teach your children about The Craft. If you do not want to put your answers in a comment below please email them to, please include your child’s age so we can post information by age groups. This whole idea of helping you to help your children learn is in the planning stages any ideas and/or suggestions to make it how you think will help our descendants to learn are very welcomed.

1. As pagan parents, would you like to see children’s activities posted on WOTC?
2. What age groups would you recommend activities for?
3 – 4 years old (mostly coloring pages of the different Sabbats with a small paragraph on what the Sabbat is for)
5 – 6 years old (Coloring pages of the Sabbats and Moon Phases with a small paragraph in wording they can read themselves to bring about a dialogue about what they are learning)
7-10 years old (Printable Information delving deeper into Moon phases. Brief introduction to Sabbat and Esbat rituals)
11-14 years old (Information for considering following a Pagan path building on what they would learned above)
15 – 18 years old (Introductory information on what it means to follow the Old Ways of The Craft including an introduction to Gods, Goddesses, Spellwork, Rituals. The spell work and.or rituals would be geared for the young adult to help their parent, grandparent, or care taker to prepare a spell and how to set up an altar if wanted and what preparation goes into writing and doing a ritual.)
This is a way that a child or young adult can build an understanding of the magickal and spiritual sides of witchcraft/ It will also help prepare them to become a novice in our coven or just to have the knowledge to work better with the adults that are solitary practitioner.
3. What topics would you like to see addressed?
4. What type of activities?
5. What other suggestions would you have for children’s and young adult’s activities ?
Remember you can answer the questions in the comments or email your answers to If you have any questions or ideas about this project please ask or share your idea. We are willing to start any child or young adult of any age so please do not think your child would have to start as a preschooler. There is no charge as you will be able to use what we post to teach your child the way you follow The Craft. We are here just to answer questions or help in anyway we can. We will be posting things for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres at the appropriate times for Sabbats.


Posted by Mistress of the Myst




As we have already defined, magical work or magical ritual is a creation of mental forms — matrixes of future events — where the building material for these forms is energy of the nature elements (the Fire, the Water, the Earth, and the Air), and the tools for their construction are your Imagination, Faith and Will.


Beginning a magical ritual, enter a particular mental state. Use your Will, Faith and Imagination. During a ritual, imagine those events which your actions must cause. Be completely sure in your right and in your acts. You must trust that the wishful events necessarily will take place in your life. Think about the future as about the existent present.


Making magical actions, you must necessarily see what result they will give. Surround yourself on all time of a magic ritual with images and visions of mystical forces and desirable events. If you use forces of Fire, Water, Moon, Cosmos or other supreme spheres, their images accepting the forms familiar to you or arising from your subconsciousness as symbols and obscure visions, necessarily must be visibly present at your magical space.


Your Will must help your Faith and Imagination, to direct energy in a necessary direction, create the exertion and the discharging of magical space, move material objects and transform the time. The magical Will, like a lens, focuses your emotions and forces in one point and helps to achieve the purpose.


Making magical changes of reality, you will use not only your internal, but also external forces and energies.


As in the physical world for production of various things and objects various materials are necessary, so in the spiritual world for initiation of different events is used power of various qualities. It is considered that the main materials of which are created all objects of the physical world are the four elements of nature: the Earth, the Water, the Fire, and the Air. Aspects of these main forces of nature (their energy) are present at all manifestations of our reality and constantly exert various influences on any sphere of our life. Therefore, correct revealing and use of energy of the four elements of nature will be utterly necessary for who will decide to change the world and oneself.


In our world, there are another secret influences and energies which can be useful for building of a favorable reality. First of all this is energy of the stars and planets — Sun, Moon, Venus, Jove, Mars, Saturn and Mercury. All these planets, as well as Gods in whose honor they were named, patronize the different activity categories of the people. Patronage of Supreme Forces also will be necessary for you to have the reliable protection and the bigger domination over people and a situation.


Having finished magical ritual, hide traces of your secret action.


Continue magic and in other days of your life. Remember that magical actions are not only ritual ceremonial acts, but also daily magic in real life.


Be not afraid of possible insignificant failures and difficulties — going towards big aim, you cannot avoid them. If something has not the result from the first, persistent recurrence or approach to a problem on the other hand necessarily will give you success. Remember much depends on you, on decisions made by you, and on promises given to yourself.


Feel that you have mystical connection with all living on the Earth and existing in infinite Universe. Make your own choice and find out not only the visible world, but also its latent scope.

The Witches Extra – The Ritual Outline

The summoning
The Ritual Outline

There are many methods of working ritual and the methods depend upon the type of work to be done. However, there is a simple outline that one can follow in constructing one’s own ritual. It is easily followed and complete enough to become the form for almost any ritual.

Establish intention

Construct ritual outline.

Set up temple.

Cast Circle.

Invoke Higher Forces.

Invoke God and Goddess.

Perform work.


Close Circle.

Reconstruct Temple.

1. One must have a reason for any ritual work. This reason can be simple worship, but there must be purpose in everything that one does when contacting the divine forces. The first step must be to establish the reason for the intended work. The intention must be clearcut, with a beginning and ending point.

2. The next step after deciding the work of what you are going to do is to establish the HOW. You must know what beings and forces are to be invoked or evoked. The tables of correspondences listing God names, incense, mantrams, etc., must be used as part of the routine exercises. The color scale of the operation must be determined from the table of correspondences and efficiently used. All of these steps are necessary to contact the desired points within the reference of western occultism.

3. The temple is set up next. This includes vestments, tools, candles, altar, in fact the entire temple. Even if the ritual is to be performed in a closet or the mind, the temple must be prepared. Robing is included in the preparation of the temple.

4. The Circle is next, cast in whatever manner is selected. For sample and deeper explanation see ‘The Circle.”

5. It is necessary to open channels to the Lord God of all the unmanifest existence. Even if we do not comprehend its existence, we must recognize its existence. At the beginning of ritual this is an invocation to the higher self or greater god forces existing in man

6. Next we invoke the God and Goddess, the manifested Godhead.

7. Work is defined as the project to be accomplished by the ritual.

8. We must return that which we have taken. We must balance the forces with which we work. Thanksgiving can be simple “Thank You,” or can establish eucharistic ritual.

9. Close the Circle.

10. Reconstruct the temple by removing the tools used for special work to their usual place of rest. Then unrobe.

There are many variations from this sample, but the basic pattern must remain the same. The Universe exists as a balanced polarity and we who tamper with its existence and use its natural laws, must maintain that balance. The results of unbalanced forces are far reaching, and as students of the occult we must be ever dedicated to their maintenance.


A Book of Pagan Rituals
Herman Slater

Let’s Talk Witch – A Look At Rituals & Their Basic Points

The summoning
A Look At Rituals & Their Basic Points

Ritual is the systematic working procedure dedicated to achieve a particular aim or effect on individuals or groups. It is usually a practice that when repeated, with the same intention, dedication, working methods, time and sacramental techniques produce the effects or affects. Ritual is learned by practice and observation, but it has become increasingly necessary to list methods for building a ritual, plus samples of ritual and hopefully, to construct practical operations for themselves in a private capacity and perhaps they will leave something for those who follow.

Basic Points

A ritual must have intention. That is, there must be a purpose for the ceremony, even if it be simple devotion. The purpose must be understood ahead of the time of working and not change during the course of the work. Next, there must be method. Any work must not be performed haphazardly. This does not mean perfection of performance, but simply no flouncing around. The Priest, Priestess, or ritual leader must know what he or she is doing, and move steadily toward that purpose using whatever method has been agreed upon, not changing that method in the middle of the stream.

Mood is also very important. One works on many levels in ritual, for we live on all planes
simultaneously. It is the inner reponse to the outer action that affects the changes caused by what we term magic. This inner or subconscious change reflects directly upon our outer physical plane self and directly and indirectly upon the self that exists on the other planes. Therefore it is necessary for emotional control so that concentration and meditation can effectively be worked. It is necessary to hold attention for long periods of time on one subject, and mixed emotions hinder this. In methods such as healing,

it is necessary to direct your feelings to the person you are working for, and if these feelings do not produce the proper or desired result, harm rather than healing results. Also, when directing powers from other levels, the wrong mood can call adverse vibrations to you, or your inner self will interpret the result in the wrong fashion and damage could occur. Therefore, it is necessary to approach ritual in a frame of mind that will help, not hinder your work. It is best to begin thinking about the ceremony days before the actual working. It is necessary to avoid people a few hours before the ritual. Immerse yourself in the emotion that is to accompany your work. Walking out of doors helps to open oneself to the vastness of the universe. Taking a bath helps to effect the feeling of purity. Music certainly helps to calm the emotions, or excite them if that is the way of the ritual. Music is one of the prime factors that can be an aid to ritual construction. Music can change or create mood. Music is the method we can use to adequately instruct the innerself of the attitudes we wish to obtain in ritual worship.

The approach to all these methods is, of course, through the mind. We are psychological beings. It must be recognized that all of our realizations, all of our perceptions, are based upon the action and reaction of the inner and outer minds. In the methods described above, all of the action occurs through the mental channels.

All of these methods use in some way the same methods of repetetive wordage. The idea is to implant the emotion through the use of sound, color and through vibration into the inner mind, affecting the symbols there, effecting the results desired. Other tools, such as smell (incense), feel (tools), and the interaction of mind to mind response used in groups are useful to help the individual more easily perform the task he sets for himself.


A Book of Pagan Rituals
Herman Slater

Let’s Talk Witch – Disposal of Ritual Offerings

Gothic Fantasy

Disposal of Ritual Offerings

A common question that comes up is the matter of how to dispose of offerings made during a ritual once the ritual has concluded. Disposal methods may vary, depending on a few things. For instance, does your particular magical tradition require you to dispose of offerings in a certain way? Also, what is the offering? Organic materials can be disposed of in different ways than non-organic offerings. Finally, does the spell or ritual itself include a method of disposal? Consider all of these factors when you’re deciding on how to dispose of a magical offering.

Let’s look at some of the different ways that you can get rid of an offering you’ve made:

Earth & Water

If your offering is an organic item, such as blood, fruits and vegetables, tobacco, or other plant material, you may want to consider burying it. A garden is a good place to do this, particularly if you have a compost bin, because the nutrients will go back into the soil as the offering biodegrades, continuing the cycle of life.

Some people choose to bury non-biodegradable items as well, such as candle stubs and incense remnants, but if you do this, you should make sure you do it in your own yard. Disposal of organic items into a moving body of water, such as a river or the ocean, is acceptable in many traditions as well – make sure, though, that you’re not putting any non-organic materials in the water. Use your best judgment here.

The Power of Fire

Nearly any ritual offering can be disposed of by burning. In some hoodoo traditions, burning an offering is considered part of the ritual itself – for example, Cat Yronwoode says that to destroy an item’s influence, it can be burned in the ceremony. You can also burn ritual offerings such as meat, bread, and other foods.

Sharing With Wildlife

Got a pile of seeds and nuts you used in your ritual? As long as they haven’t been tainted with anything toxic, you can feel free to scatter them outdoors for the local critters to snack on. One Indiana Pagan named Apollonia says, “My coven does a lot of rituals that make offerings to grain gods, so we always have a lot of bread left over. Typically, the day after the ritual, I’ll take it to a local pond and leave it out for the ducks and geese. They consume it, and the life cycle of the grain continues on.”

Also, don’t discount the science of nature itself. Some offering items can be left out until they go away on their own. For instance, if you make an offering of consecrated water in a bowl, eventually it’s going to evaporate. If you do an outdoor ritual and you’ve offered herbs and flowers, those are going to blow away at some point, and find their way to a new home.

What About Icky Things?

Sometimes, let’s face it, we do a working that involves something negative. Maybe you’re trying to banish a pesky former lover, or you’re trying to get that crazy fundamentalist lady down the street to leave you alone. In cases like this – particularly if you’ve created a poppet – you may want to get the item as far away from you as possible. In cases like this, simply because of the nature of the ritual, you may want to go ahead and find a place such as a landfill, a port-a-john, or some other foul place to be rid of the items. Just make sure you’re not putting anything into the ecosystem that is going to cause damage down the road.

In the matter of spell components, you may not always want to permanently dispose of the items right away. Depending on the purpose of the spell, you may choose to hide the item in someone’s home, bury it in your own yard, or tuck it into a tree. Obviously, your disposal methods are going to vary depending on the ritual or working itself, and on the nature of the ritual offerings that you need to be rid of. Use common sense, think outside the box, and find a way to adapt to each situation as needed.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
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The Five Steps To Ritual Preparation


The Five Steps To Ritual Preparation

Intention is the focus of your spell and the absolute will to succeed. I try to never do a spell unless I feel it well up inside of me beforehand. Spells don’t work unless you are able to focus your Will. Your intent must be clear, or your spell may have unintended results.

2. PREPARATION: Assembly of tools and materials
The spell actually begins at this stage because your Will starts to focus itself as you gather the herbs, select the candles, choose the incense, decorate the altar and lay out your tools. Knowledge of correspondences is essential here, so that you select materials appropriate to the spell.
Incense, candles, music and ceremonial dress, makeup or masks can be used to make sacred space, set the mood for a spell. You must have something to represent each Element – earth, air, fire, water – on the altar or working surface.

• Call Corners (also called calling quarters)

• Cast the Circle, invoking the Lords of the Watchtowers.

Raise power. You should feel it between your hands, like the force of two magnets that repel each other, as you invoke the Lords or Ladies and cast the circle.

Perform the spell, reciting its words and carrying out whatever actions it requires. The words of a spell should be said aloud, in a commanding voice. This is the Word that goes forth and comes into being, so mote it be. Manifestation of word into deed is the essence of magick.

Close the circle and ground the power you have raised. Clean up. Carry out any afterspell actions that the spell required.


Lady Ishtar’s Complete Guide to Wicca Protection Spells