WOTC Extra (a) – Circle Casting

WitchCircle Casting

An incredibly simple yet amazing protection spell is accomplished by casting a circle. Just as children play tag and they have designated zone( s) the other playmates cannot enter, so is like casting a circle. The circle is designated as “safe”. No malevolent spiritual force can touch or harm your while within the circle.

In addition to personal protective magic circles, circles are traditionally cast to contain threshold experiences as well as whatever is perceive as potentially vulnerable

*Circles are drawn around rituals
* Circles are drawn around sickbeds
* Circles are drawn around woman in childbirth
* Circles are drawn around sleeping children and infants.

Jane’s Pocketbook of Spell: Cleansing, Banishing, Protection and other various Remedies

Alicia (juju j.a.n.e.) Hill