Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 22 – ‘Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day’

It’s ‘Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day’ and if one of those kitty questions asks why their ears itch so much, then your pet might have ear mites. Take a flashlight and look inside the cat’s ears. If you see something that resembles coffee grounds, then your pet has ear mites. Puncture two vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the oil from one each into the cat’s ears. Gently rub the oil in and carefully clean out both the oil and the mites with a cotton swab. Repeat this process for three days in a row and the mites should disappear. The oil not only suffocates the mites, but will help Kitty heal from all that itching. Next question.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 20th – ‘Penguin Awareness Day’

It’s ‘Penguin Awareness Day’ and I thought I might fill you in on the lore involving having a penguin as your power animal or totem. Should you adopt a penguin as your power animal, expect a two-month period in which you will nurture, protect and then hatch creative energies that will propel you up the ladder of success. This information is ages-old and in black and white, so if you want to stir up some creative opportunities, then put an image of a penguin in the ‘Creativity’ area of your living space (middle of right-hand wall) and watch how things start to go swimmingly for you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

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Daily Feng Shui News for Jan. 1st – ‘New Year’s Eats’

Happy New Year! I wish you the most magical and wonderful 2014 you can ever hope to have. Towards that same end, you may want to follow an ages-old tradition that promises to put that wish in action. Legend says that on this day a grand feast should be eaten that includes salmon (for long life and wisdom), cabbage (for fortune and riches), and mandarin oranges (for good health and even better luck). Nutritional experts agree that eating fish is good for the brain, cabbage for the liver and oranges are filled with vitamin C to help support your healthy immune system. Bon appetit. Bon New Year!

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Dec. 18th – ‘National Roast Suckling Pig Day’

You may just want to literally enjoy the energies of ‘National Roast Suckling Pig Day,’ especially since Feng Shui holds the pig is such high esteem. This tradition says that having a pig around will bring extremely good fortune to the owner, as its presence symbolizes prosperity, abundance, fertility and success in all affairs. It is also believed to bring the possibility of promotion, as well as a new career for those seeking one. If you want more wealth and abundance for the entire family, then go whole hog and place a pig somewhere in your household.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui for December 5 – ‘Bathtub Party Day’

‘Bathtub Party Day’ can quell your nerves while cleaning you up at the same time. Consider it an anxiety-reducing party in your bathtub! Place one tablespoon each of rose petal and wheat grain and ten chopped dried plums in a net. Suspend the net in the bathwater and then add ten drops of rose essential oil. Lie down in the water, close your eyes and focus your concentration on the bottom of your collarbone. Massage your temples while doing this and within twenty minutes you’ll feel like taking this party out of the tub and out on the town.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Holiday Feng Shui

Holiday Feng Shui

Use the ancient art of organization to spruce up your gatherings

Stephanie Dempsey   Stephanie Dempsey on the topics of winter, holidays, feng shui


The holidays are here, kicking off a whole host of celebrations. If you’re going to throw a festive gathering, think about adding some Feng Shui to the mix. These simple dos and don’ts can ensure your party is the glittering peak of the social season.

DO put an even number of candles in the far right corner of your main gathering space. The far right corner governs relationships. By putting candles in multiples of two in this part of your home, your holiday parties will be loving, harmonious and fun. The best colors for these candles are red, pink, yellow or brown.

DON’T seat your most beloved guest closest to the door. Whoever is seated nearest to the door will be the first one to leave. Keep this in mind if you have any pesky relatives that have plagued past gatherings.

DO make sure that your centerpiece is low enough to ensure easy conversation. A round glass bowl filled with floating white candles will promote sparkling discussion. If someone has been kind enough to present you with a bouquet of flowers, display it on a sideboard or buffet table, where it won’t interfere with socializing.

DON’T let bossy, overbearing types sit at the head of the table. Otherwise, they’ll monopolize the conversation. If you have no other choice but to put such a person at the head of the table, position a round mirror to the left of this person’s eye line so that he or she will be more respectful.

DO enliven your home with enticing aromas. Fill a saucepan with water and then add five cinnamon sticks, some orange peel and a handful of cloves. Keep the saucepan on low heat so its warm, spicy scent will draw your guests into the heart of your home.

DON’T allow fights to break out. If your family is prone to squabbles, keep the yang energy to a minimum. Invite an even number of guests, keep the lights low and soft, and decorate with soothing earth tones like pumpkin, goldenrod, evergreen and chocolate. Round and square throw pillows can soften things up, too. Last but not least, keep shiny surfaces to a minimum and stow sharp knives out of sight.

DO create a feeling of abundance. A plentiful atmosphere will put your guests at ease, encouraging them to eat, drink and be merry. Disperse heaping bowls of nuts, dried fruit and candy throughout your gathering space. Keep pitchers of wine, sparkling cider and mineral water in a central location so that folks can help themselves freely. Place a mirror behind a beautiful bouquet of flowers to symbolically double your bounty.

DON’T let a deafening silence ruin the holidays. Take some time to create a mix of festive music that you can play when guests arrive. This music should be lively enough to keep the energy alive, but soft enough to allow easy conversation. Mix old standards with newer variations for a fun atmosphere.

DO bring nature indoors. A display of evergreen boughs, holly berries or poinsettias will keep winter gloom at bay, encouraging guests to laugh and mingle.

DON’T forget to let the kids join the fun. Enlist children to make place cards, ornaments and decorations. These whimsical additions will encourage guests to loosen up and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Daily Feng Shui News for Dec. 3rd – ‘Roof Over Your Head Day’

On this ‘Roof Over Your Head Day’ I thought I’d share some ages-old, ‘secret’ Feng Shui about just that. If the surrounding buildings are taller than the one you live in, then fresh Chi or energy cannot reach your abode, making for some very bad Feng Shui. Eventually, all the energy in your living space will be old and stale and attract only negative things into your life. To counteract this, Feng Shui suggests that you position a mirror on your rooftop with the reflective side facing up. This will symbolically expand your roof so that it’s now proportionate with the taller ones around you.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Daily Feng Shui News for Dec. 2nd – ‘Special Education Day’

On this ‘Special Education Day’ I’d like to teach you a Feng Shui cure for getting good grades. This adjustment is applicable for any student at any age or stage in their studies or lives. According to this tradition, a small statue of a seven- or nine-layered pagoda placed on a student’s study desk or at bedside is believed to be a powerful way of cleaning the atmosphere of impurities while also bringing study ‘luck’ to students. Placing this pagoda in either the ‘Knowledge’ or ‘Fame’ area of the student’s room is additionally believed to bring fame and eventual career advancement. That’s a lot of punch from one small pagoda.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com

Thanksgiving Feng Shui Tips

Thanksgiving Feng Shui Tips

Give thanks and attract positive energy in return!

Stephanie Dempsey  Stephanie Dempsey on the topics of thanksgiving, feng shui

Thanksgiving is a marvelous opportunity to acknowledge all of the bounty we enjoy on a daily basis. By being more receptive to abundance, you can attract it more readily.

Mellow out

Muted colors like chocolate brown, goldenrod, pumpkin and olive lend a sense of safety, protection and support. If you’re preoccupied with financial worries, integrate these colors into your decorating scheme. They will make you more content with what you have. Earth tones can also make you more resourceful.

Back to square one

Sturdy and reassuring, square shapes promote contentment. Using square plates instead of round ones will make you slow down and appreciate meals more fully. If you have a hard time sitting still and enjoying your surroundings, put some square cushions on your sofa or square pillows on your bed. And a square-shaped mirror will make you more satisfied with your appearance.

Soft as silk

Soft textures can make you more receptive to warmth, kindness and affection. Go ahead and splurge on a downy comforter, some plush pillows or a set of luxurious sheets. Positioning a plush, comfortable love seat in the far right corner of your home or office will make you more open to loving, nurturing relationships. This will also stimulate your own generous instincts …

A trip to bountiful

It’s easy to be thankful when you’re surrounded by symbols of abundance. A bowl filled with fresh fruit, a vase of colorful flowers, a rack filled with fine wine, a painting of a harvest field … all of these things will make you feel prosperous and content. If you have a collection, display it to its best advantage. The sight of it will remind you that there is more to wealth than money in the bank.

Stay focused

Do you have a hard time putting work aside, even after you come home? Hang a shelf bracket in the far left corner of your bedroom, and then place a beautiful vase or sculpture on it. This will help you lift your thoughts to a higher plane.

Picture this

Sometimes a desire to get ahead at work can cause you to neglect the people and things you love most. Displaying a recent photo of your loved ones on the far right corner of your desk can help you to strike a better balance between work and home.

Create boundaries

If you have no choice but to keep a desk in your bedroom, create a barrier between your sleep and work stations. Suspend a flowing curtain so that you can’t see your desk when you’re lying in bed. Alternately, you can shield the desk with some lush plants.

Soften up

Your bathroom represents your ability to nurture yourself. Make this space more inviting with soft lighting, fluffy towels and a tactile rug. Add soaps, candles and lotions that are pleasing to your sense of smell. A radio tuned to a relaxing music station can also transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space to a mini-spa.

Give thanks

The best way to enjoy the fruits of your labor is to pause and acknowledge them. Make a list of 27 things for which you are grateful, and then place this list in a red envelope. Put the envelope under your mattress and keep it there until the Winter Solstice. The energizing power of your list will suffuse you with peace and contentment, allowing you to enjoy autumn’s blessings to the very fullest.

Daily Feng Shui News for Nov. 22 – ‘Go for a Ride Day’

On ‘Go For A Ride Day’ I thought that I might share some ‘Car Shui.’ Never leave garbage inside your car. Feng Shui considers this ‘car clutter’ that creates a negative and distracting environment. If you want to lift the car’s energies and keep yourself alert, put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball so that it can release its subtle scent inside the car. And always listen to music that you enjoy. This will keep your journeys enjoyable while also making your rides rock.

By Ellen Whitehurst for Astrology.com