A Charm Bag to Increase Love

A Charm Bag to Increase Love

Items You Will Need:

Adam Root

Eve Root

Pair of Lodestone grits

Magnetic sand

Mated pair of blood root chips

Red flannel bag


Red Ink

Attraction Powder

Love Me Powder

The Spell:

Gather all of your ingredients together and spread them out on a table. Have your red flannel bag with you and place inside it: a pair of lodestone grits clothed in magnetic sand, adam root, eve root, a mated pair of blood root chips (female – pink, male – brown). Take the paper and with the red ink write your lover’s name on it with your name crossing over the top of it. Place this also inside the bag. Before placing the bag on yourself everyday, lightly dust a small amount of attraction and love me powder inside the sachet. Carry the bag on you to increase love.


Gris Gris Bags

Gris Gris Bags

The gris gris bag is a powerful charm bag made out of red flannel or chamois bag. You never change the color of the bag. The bag is always red flannel or chamois. If the bag you are making calls for a specific color, you would put a piece of that material in the bag. For instance, if your bag required a purple color. You would find a piece of purple fabric. Then cut a square piece of the purple material out. Place it in your gris gris bag. This takes care of the color correspondence.

The gris gris bag is made the same way you would make a mojo bag or a sachet bag. The only difference is the requirement for the specific color.

Below you will find some items you might use in your gris gris bag along with their correspondences.


Lodestones  –  To attract positive forces and repel negative ones. Often used in pairs for this purpose.

Four Leaf Clovers  –  To attract luck.

Rabbits Foot – For good luck.

Cross –  To symbolize faith.

Coins – To attract money and prosperity.

Dice – To attract luck in gambling or games of chance.

Personal Items, Nail clippings, hair or photographs – used to link the energy of the amulet to a Particular person.

Piece of colored Cloth or feather – To add additional color correspondences to the amulet.

Talisman written On parchment – To add planetary influences or strengthen the intent of the amulet.

Saints medals Or cards – The appropriate patron saint is added to strengthen the intent of the amulet and invoke the aide of the saint.

Magickal Oils And Powders – To add strength to the intent of the amulet.