Your Rune For September 25th is Hagalaz


bw-hagalazYour Rune For Today     


Hagalaz is the hail Rune. It denotes chaos, destruction and disruption on a primal level. You may experience delays in moving toward your goals.


Today's Tarot Card for September 18 is The Fool

The Fool

Wednesday, Sep 18th, 2013









Pamela Coleman-Smith’s artful rendition of an “innocent Fool” archetype (Rider-Waite deck) is often used to represent Tarot in general. Early classical versions of the Fool card, however, portray quite a different character — a person driven by base needs and urges, who has fallen into a state of poverty and deprivation.

In some instances, he is made out to be a carnival entertainer or a huckster. In others, he is portrayed as decrepit and vulnerable — as the cumulative result of his delusions and failures. Not until the 20th century do you see the popular Rider-Waite image of the Fool arise — that of an innocent Soul before its Fall into Matter, as yet untainted by contact with society and all its ills.

Modern decks usually borrow from the Rider-Waite imagery. Most Fool cards copy the bucolic mountainside scene, the butterfly, the potential misplaced step that will send the Fool tumbling into the unknown. Don’t forget, however, that the earlier versions of this card represented already-fallen humanity, over-identified with the material plane of existence, and beginning a pilgrimage towards self-knowledge, and eventually, wisdom. The Fool reminds us to recognize the path of personal development within ourselves — and the stage upon that path where we find ourselves — in order to energize our movement toward deeper self-realization.

Your Hot, Hot, Hot Fall Love Horoscopes for 2013

Fall Love Horoscopes 2013

As the temperature drops, your love life could heat up…

Maria DeSimone                Maria DeSimone on the topics of astrology, venus, mars, love, horoscopes, fall equinox

Autumn is coming and you’re probably craving long, cozy walks with your sweetheart. Preferably in the early evening — just when it gets cool enough for the two of you to have another excuse to snuggle in tight. Whether you’re flying solo and dreaming of romance or, if you’ve already got your hands full with someone you love, this fall there’s certainly enough Astrology happening to offer something for everyone. Between eclipse season, another Mercury Retrograde and a fascinating trend with the love planet Venus starting in November, you simply must be “in the know” about what the stars have in store for you … and your heart this fall! Read on to learn how hot your fall is really going to get!

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This fall, you will certainly have a focus on partnership. It all begins on October 18 when a Lunar Eclipse falls in your sign offering you significant emotional fulfillment, or illumination about a personal relationship. You might feel as if you’ve found your spiritual equal if you’re newly dating someone thanks to a gorgeous trine between Venus in Sagittarius to Uranus in Aries just a couple days earlier on October 16. By December 7, your ruling planet, Mars, will enter your 7th House of Partnership for an unusual, extended visit. In fact, once we get to 2014, he’ll turn retrograde and then your relationship rehab will begin in earnest! During the last days of fall however, you and your mate might find that you’re quarreling more than usual. Ask yourself if you’re stirring up the pot just to keep things interesting or if there’s really a deeper issue at hand. Be honest with yourself.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You are about to enter one of the most glorious, pleasurable cycles possible for love and sex, Taurus. Are you ready? Mars, the planet that rules your libido, will enter your 5th House of Romance and Play on October 15 where he’ll remain until December 7. This once-in-two-year-cycle will offer you an opportunity to frolic around — or fool around — with someone special. Enjoy more date nights and entertainment — you deserve it! A notable Solar Eclipse will fall in your 7th House of Partnership on November 3 and for those of you attached Taureans who feel stuck in a stale relationship, there might be an opportunity for a new start.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This time around, Mercury Retrograde will only affect your love life if you’re wrapped up in a tricky office romance. From October 21 to November 10 Mercury will backtrack through your 6th House of Work and yes, miscommunication is possible in this area of your life. This might be a good time to keep work and play separate — at least temporarily. Thankfully, love potential will be quite exciting this fall for you! On October 7 until November 5 Venus will tour your 7th House of Partnership and any Geminis who are already attached will enjoy an extra harmonious time (even with Mercury Retrograde)! Then, on December 7, sexy Mars will slide into your 7th House of True Love offering a stimulating (and extra-long) cycle when it comes to dating and having fun in the bedroom!

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You’re floating on cloud nine these days, Cancer. In fact, you may feel as if you’ve got the world by its tail thanks to lucky Jupiter touring your sign. Blessings are likely to extend to your love life, especially as we get to the gorgeous Solar Eclipse on November 3. This eclipse will light up your 5th House of Expression and help breathe new life into your romantic happenings. Saturn is also in this part of your chart, but will enjoy the support of Jupiter in your sign as well as the eclipse energy to help bring stable, enduring love potential your way. In fact, Venus will enter your 7th House of Committed Partnerships on November 5 for an unusually long stay that will last until March of 2014! You can certainly count on revisions in the love department (most likely with a happy ending). With Mercury also retrograde in your 5th House of True Love from October 21 to November 10 it’s possible that this new love energy will arrive from an old flame who wants to start over. Be open to the possibilities.

Leo (July. 23 – Aug. 22)

You’ll kick things off with such heat this fall you might not want to believe the season is actually changing! Mars, the planet of assertive drive — including your sex drive — will be in your sign until October 15, allowing you to work your “sexy” factor. You’ll notice plenty of courage and stamina to pursue anyone who’s made your heart skip a beat. Love gets even better between October 7 and November 5 as Venus enters your 5th House of Love and Play. Expect romantic prospects at every turn. If, by some chance you’re still single, a gorgeous New Moon in your 5th house on December 2 should put an end to lonely nights once and for all.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Fall will definitely be your season for love! Whether you’re single or attached, romantic prospects will surely intensify. The headline news is that Venus will enter Capricorn and your 5th House of True Love on November 5 and will not leave this area of your chart until March 6, 2014! Why the unusually long visit? Venus will turn retrograde leading to a very special focus on matters of the heart for you. The retrograde won’t actually happen until the Winter Solstice, but during the fall you’ll want to pay close attention to developments in your love life. It will be the situations that happen in this fall that you’ll be revising your approach to come winter. On November 7 you and someone you’re casually dating may decide to take your relationship to the next level. On November 15 Venus will cozy up to Pluto and you can surely anticipate a fated love connection if single. If attached, sparks will FLY with you and your mate!

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

A telling Lunar Eclipse on October 18 will illuminate the status of a close personal relationship. The truth is that you and your partner might no longer be on the same wavelength in many areas and have already spent time and energy trying to reconcile these differences. At eclipse time you’ll know whether or not your efforts have been in vain. Relief is possible however if communication lines are clear. This is due to a helpful trine between Venus in your 3rd House of Communication to Uranus, now in your 7th House of Partnerships. A mutual agreement about changing the paradigm of your relationship to one that’s less traditional might be exactly what you need to salvage it. The Full Moon in Taurus on November 17 will illuminate your 8th House of Intimacy. Will the events that transpire this fall lead you to build a wall even higher than before or will they allow you to trust and reveal yourself completely? Only you can decide.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

This fall you can expect an “all or nothing” approach to love. Venus will be in your sign until October 7 prompting you to have a mesmerizing effect on anyone you want to attract your way. Mercury will turn retrograde in Scorpio however and from October 21 to November 10 you might stumble on your words more than usual. This could prove to be tricky if you hope to have an important conversation with someone special. If a significant decision or vital dialogue must happen between the two of you try to time it as close as possible to November 7 when you’ll have the support of Venus in your 3rd House of Communication at a friendly sextile to Neptune in your 5th House of Love and Play. Even if Mercury is retrograde at least on this day, your lover will be more forgiving of any communication mishaps. The main event however, will be a Solar Eclipse in your sign on November 3. If you’re ready to take a relationship to the next level you’ll push ahead with unstoppable force.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Matters of the heart will become a strong focus for you this fall once we enter eclipse season. On October 18 a Lunar Eclipse in Aries will light up your 5th House of True Love. A casual (possibly torrid) affair may end during this time — particularly if things have been rocky. Alternatively, if you’re dating someone new and your feelings are growing stronger by the day, this eclipse might prompt you to make an emotionally open declaration of love. Venus will help you since she’ll grace your sign from October 7 — November 5. During this time you’ll look more beautiful than ever and will enjoy astounding confidence. This can’t help but translate into greater powers of attraction. Lucky you: you’re sexy and you know it!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Your love life might seem quiet as we begin the fall season but don’t be fooled — there’s plenty of activity in store. It all begins on November 5 when Venus enters Capricorn. Typically this is a cycle where you’ll enjoy greater powers of attraction and will also look and feel more beautiful. The fascinating difference between this year’s visit of Venus to Capricorn however is that Venus will turn retrograde (on December 21) and will not leave Capricorn until March 6, 2014! This fall you must take careful notes about what transpires for you in matters of the heart as well as your overall concept of love. While everything might seem extra special now, you’ll need to practically re-assess where you are in terms of love come winter. There are gorgeous indications this fall however, that you’ll be in a happy place when it comes to romance. On November 7 Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to Neptune helping you open up to a spiritual connection with your mate. Then, on November 15 Venus will be conjunct Pluto making it clear that when it comes to love, you’ll settle for nothing less than absolute intensity! The Full Moon in Taurus on November 17 will lead to an emotional climax between you and someone special.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

You might start off on a rough patch this fall when it comes to partnership. If you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll feel this most. Mars, the planet of action but also strife, will continue to move through your 7th House of Partnerships until October 15. After this date you’ll notice fewer arguments between you and your mate but until then, expect plenty of heat. Mercury will move retrograde from October 21 until November 10 and since Mercury rules your 5th house of Romance it’s possible that you’ll experience a few miscommunications during this time. Since Mercury will retrograde through your 10th House of Reputation, be careful about being the subject of salacious gossip. On December 17 a Full Moon in your 5th house will bring an emotionally charged situation between you and your lover to light. For better or worse, expect a turning point.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

If you’re single and looking for love, or, if you’re dating someone new, expect the fall to be filled with romantic potential. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will continue to move through your 5th House of True Love — a once in twelve year event! With a transit like this you might very well find the love of your life! When Venus trines Jupiter on September 26 you’ll have an even sweeter opportunity for love. If you’re already attached, Mars will enter your 7th House of Partnerships on October 15 and will remain here until December 7. There might be more arguments than usual, or you might decide to speak up for yourself with a greater amount of aggression. The funny thing is that on October 19 when Mars opposes Neptune you and your mate might scratch your foreheads in confusion, wondering what the heck it really is that you’re fighting about after all. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Surprise! Surprise! Guess Who's Here for Your Wild & Wacky Wednesday?

Yeah, it’s me, Mystie! What do you think about the pic? I love it. I would say it was one of Lady A’s cats but they don’t smoke or drink, lol! Lady A is out panhandling this morning. She left me here to see what mischief I could get into, plenty! I wanted to let you know we are starting a new game today. A new game, ha! It is the first game we have ever had on here. The game is called “How Well Do You Know The Witch.” Lady A and myself will take turns posting questions with multiple choice answers about each other. The winner will collect points to buy some of the merchandise we are going to feature or just hang on to them for future items. It should be hilarious. We hope you enjoy it. The game will appear at the end of each day’s postings so you can find it easily.

Have a very blessed Wednesday,


Well It's Sunday and the Weekend Is Almost Over! Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

I will admit, I am having a very difficult time being cheery today. I guess I want you to know something. That is we are all family. You are my brothers and sisters.  Perhaps we will never met. Perhaps we will. Either way we are still brothers and sisters.  We can also say we have the greatest mother that has ever walked this Planet, that is our Divine Goddess. Creator of all things, love for mankind beyond belief, tolerance, forgiveness. She is the Divine.

This might seem a little off subject but hang with me for a minute, okay! When I actually get a chance to get out by myself, I do a lot of talking to the Goddess.  I always have my ears open for Her soft voice to reveal the answer to me (if I am to know the answer). I was thinking the other day on September 11 about what happened 12 years ago. I was wondering in my mind how could something like that be allowed to happen. I even went so far as to say, “if our Goddess is so loving and cares for mankind the way She is suppose too.” “How could this have happened?” The answer hit me.  Our Goddess gives us life, She nurtures us, She loves us, She cares for us. She does everything a normal mother would do. She doesn’t want to see Her children killed or hurt in anyway. Then why does this stuff happen? Then I was reminded about the Fates. I had forgot about Them. The Fates know from the time we are born till our last day on this Earth. It suddenly made sense to me.

I know I say the Goddess reveals to us information she thinks we can now handle. Perhaps I had been mad at the world for way to long. That is why she revealed the Fates to me. I had always known about the Fates but I always thought all decision were left up to the Goddess. But apparently now. The Fates are the ones that control our destiny and our time on this plane. It finally made sense to me. I had always asked why my mother was taken from me at such an early age. When I asked that question, I was always down right bitter. But bitterness for my Divine Mother never felt right. In fact, it scared me to feel this way toward Her. Then the Goddess opened my eyes and showed me. Everything has it’s order in the Universe.

It is really amazing when you stop to think about it. The Goddess and The God, The Fates, our Deities, all working together to shape and mold our lives. It is indeed amazing. So with all that worked out, now begs the question, do we really have free will or is our fate already sealed?

What Mask Do You Wear? Quiz

What Mask Do You Wear? Quiz

One of the first steps toward creating a life that fills us with joy and  contentment is recognizing the role we play that may be keeping us confined in  unhappy, unsatisfying patterns of behavior. Most of us learned our roles early  in childhood, but after a certain point, those masks we wear stopped helping us.  Which mask do you wear?

Take this quiz to see which role you play. You may recognize the masks your  loved ones wear, too!

1. Do you often find yourself thinking, “It should be like THIS” or “They’re  doing it WRONG”?

2. Does your striving for perfection sometimes drive you crazy?

3. Do you feel like you will never be good enough?

4. Do you often tell yourself, “I can’t help it” or “It’s not my fault”?

5. Do you find yourself looking to the past and thinking, “It would have been  alright if only. . .”

6. Do you look to the future and think “Everything will be alright  when. . .”

7. Do you sometimes do things because you think you should or you feel  obligated to, but you really don’t want to?

8. Do you commonly tell yourself that making others happy is more important  than what you need or feel?

9. Do you often say yes when you really want to say no?

10. Do you often rush in to help people and fix it for them?

If you answered “yes” to 1, 2 or 3, you may be wearing the mask of the  Judge. The Judge is the mouthpiece of the Demon of Perfection that says,  no matter how good it gets, it will never be good enough.

If you answered “yes” to 4, 5, or 6, you may be wearing the mask of the  Victim. The Victim makes up “poor me” stories and is rarely in a state of  gratitude or in the present moment.

If you answered “yes” to 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11, you may be wearing the mask of  the Prostitute/Rescuer. The Prostitute pretends to be anything you want  her to be, compromising herself to get what she wants–which is usually love and  acceptance. She hides the truth of how she really feels. The Rescuer is the more  respectable face of this mask–the Nurse endlessly mopping the brows of the  wounded, the Hero rushing in to make everything better. The problem with this  mask is that it subtly (or not so subtly!) tells people, “I don’t respect you  enough to believe you can do this yourself.”

There is no shame in having learned to play one of these roles. Most of us  did. But we can all learn how to gently put aside the masks that hide our  authentic selves.

Your Charm for September 11th is The Inscribed Amulet

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:    

This aspect is affected by a narrowly averted dangerous situation. The dangerous event could be a personal confrontation or even an accident you narrowly miss.

General Description:    

In ancient times inscribed charms were believed to possess great potency and influence. Some Egyptian written amulets have been found dating as far back as the 12th dynasty, some 2,500 years B.C. and at the present time great numbers of these inscribed amulets are still in use in Egypt. Our picture is of one of the Greco-Roman period dating 400 years B.C. It is a formula which gives instructions as to the course to follow in the outer world in order to obtain bliss and immortality, and worn to avert danger.

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, August 16th

Our hopes are high today, but reality won’t let us get away with excessive fantasy. The upbeat Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with the proud Leo Sun, raising our expectations while romantic Venus shifts into relationship-oriented Libra, emphasizing our desires. But powerful solar aspects to strict Saturn and relentless Pluto can prompt power struggles. The erratic energy begins to settle down once the Moon enters steady Capricorn at 11:25 pm EDT.

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You feel as if you can make progress on projects that are stalled now, but there’s still a complicated cocktail of cosmic disturbance to manage. You might not be able to actually put your plans into action yet, but you’re in a forward-thinking mode, nonetheless. Watch the signs carefully today; paying attention to your relationship dynamics ultimately helps you get to where you want to go.

Taurus Horoscope

(Apr 20 – May 20)

It may seem out of character if you overreact, but everything feels extremely important today. You want to be sure that you aren’t missing anything that could negatively impact your progress. But it’s possible to overcompensate in your attempt to achieve perfection. If you find your emotions growing intense, taking a few steps back enables you to maintain a healthy perspective on your life.

Gemini Horoscope

(May 21 – Jun 20)

Relationships are emphasized now, but the energy between you and others probably won’t be all that warm and fuzzy today. The connections can, however, be exciting and even adventurous, but the emotional aspects of your interactions might be temporarily relegated to the back burner. What’s more important now are the activities that you undertake together. Being a good companion allows you to have your fair share of fun at work or at play.

Cancer Horoscope

(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You might bring a rather unrealistic idea into your workplace today and your solutions could be more grandiose than the problems they seek to remedy. The good news is that, although you may be stressing over finding the right amount of passion to bring to the job, you still have a solid chance to strike the balance you need. Don’t give up; small steps in the right direction are better than none at all.

Leo Horoscope

(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

You’re feeling as if you’re on the top of the world today and it seems as if accomplishing anything should be as easy as just visualizing it and making a wish. Unfortunately, all your problems are not magically solved by simply thinking about them. Nevertheless, you can make progress on many fronts as long as you take a creative approach and apply your energy in a balanced manner.

Virgo Horoscope

(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

It’s nearly impossible for you to gauge how much is enough today. You are pretty sure that your best strategy is to narrow your focus of vision, yet a loud inner voice tells you to widen your scope to get the largest possible view. It’s as if you are experiencing reality simultaneously through two different camera lenses. Instead of attempting to favor one perspective over the other, keep your options open for a while longer.

Libra Horoscope

(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You may stress about what to say and what to keep secret now. Although your fantasies are more vivid than usual, it’s been easier to keep them to yourself. However, your key planet Venus makes her yearly return to your sign today, encouraging you to relax and share more of your inner world with those you trust. There are still some things that should be left unsaid, but don’t waste too much energy worrying about it. If it feels right, smile and say what’s in your heart.

Scorpio Horoscope

(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Unfortunately, others might not understand the depth of your feelings now, so it’s better to keep them private. You may be cleansing the wounds of an emotional battle scar, whether it is quite recent or from your childhood. Thankfully, establishing boundaries and creating safe space gives you the room you need to honor your process. Heal quietly on your own or in the company of a trusted friend.

Sagittarius Horoscope

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Your words pack more of an emotional punch now that the evocative Moon is back in your sign. But you might also notice that your feelings are in a state of flux. It’s as if your heart is attached to a kite, getting tossed around by the changing breezes. Controlling the sky is out of the question; you cannot harness the wind. Thankfully, going with the flow allows you to gain power and take charge when the turbulence settles down.

Capricorn Horoscope

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Although you’re unlikely to show all your cards today, you’re more motivated than anyone realizes. It’s not that you are specifically attempting to be secretive; it’s just that you know more than others think you do. Your knowledge is your secret weapon and you’ll be better off if you hold onto this advantage for a little while longer. The future will arrive sooner than you think.

Aquarius Horoscope

(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

The call of far-away places and great adventures beckons, but you may need more time to make your great escape happen. On one hand, this is a magical and dreamy phase when you can put your creative nature to good use. On the other hand, you need to monitor your daydreams or they could lure you down the wrong track. Ultimately, acknowledging your long-term desires is healthy as long as you remember to also be appreciative of your current set of circumstances.

Pisces Horoscope

(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You’re expected to do something at work that draws your energy away from what you prefer to be doing for yourself. Although it might be frustrating if you cannot find the time to attend to your personal needs, don’t panic. It’s all a matter of perspective. A change of attitude is all that’s required to make your present moment more enjoyable. Instead of putting your energy into unrealized dreams, find the magic in the here and now.

History Of Lammas

Lammas/Lugnasadh Comments

History Of Lammas

In medieval times the feast was sometimes known in England and Scotland as the “Gule of August”, but the meaning of “gule” is unclear. Ronald Hutton suggests following the 18th-century Welsh clergyman antiquary John Pettingall that it is merely an Anglicisation of Gŵyl Awst, the Welsh name of the “feast of August”. OED and most etymological dictionaries give it a more circuitous origin similar to gullet; from O.Fr. goulet, dim. of goule, “throat, neck,” from L. gula “throat,”. A Welsh derivation would point to a pre-Christian origin for Lammas and a link to the Gaelic festival of Lughnasadh.

Several antiquaries beginning with John Brady offered a back-construction to its being originally known as Lamb-mass, under the undocumented supposition that tenants of the Cathedral of York, dedicated to St. Peter ad Vincula, of which this is the feast, would have been required to bring a live lamb to the church,or, with John Skinner, “because Lambs then grew out of season.” This is a folk etymology, of which OED notes that it was “subsequently felt as if from LAMB + MASS“.

For many villeins, the wheat must have run low in the days before Lammas, and the new harvest began a season of plenty, of hard work and company in the fields, reaping in teams. Thus there was a spirit of celebratory play.

In the medieval agricultural year, Lammas also marked the end of the hay harvest that had begun after Midsummer. At the end of hay-making a sheep would be loosed in the meadow among the mowers, for him to keep who could catch it.

In Shakespeare‘s Romeo and Juliet (1.3.19) it is observed of Juliet, “Come Lammas Eve at night shall she [Juliet] be fourteen.” Since Juliet was born Lammas eve, she came before the harvest festival, which is significant since her life ended before she could reap what she had sown and enjoy the bounty of the harvest, in this case full consummation and enjoyment of her love with Romeo.

William Hone speaks in The Every-Day Book (1838) of a later festive Lammas day sport common among Scottish farmers near Edinburgh. He says that they “build towers…leaving a hole for a flag-pole in the centre so that they may raise their colours.” When the flags over the many peat-constructed towers were raised, farmers would go to others’ towers and attempt to “level them to the ground.” A successful attempt would bring great praise. However, people were allowed to defend their towers, and so everyone was provided with a “tooting-horn” to alert nearby country folk of the impending attack and the battle would turn into a “brawl.” According to Hone, more than four people had died at this festival and many more were injured. At the day’s end, races were held, with prizes given to the townspeople.

Spirit Summoning Spell

Spirit Summoning Spell

You might ask why summon a spirit. If it has been haunting you or just making you feel uncomfortable. You can find out exactly what it wants by summoning it.

Ingredients:   Mint Sprigs

Another technique used to enhance your positive results during a spirit summoning session, is to leave twigs or pieces of fresh mint as an offering during your attempted contacts.   If you are attempting the contact inside a magical circle, the mint should be placed on your altar, in an offering plate.