Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 30th


You will be the centre of attention in your family. Someone is finally going to notice that you have some pretty spiffy talents, and you will enjoy hearing their praise and admiration. You may receive a gift of artwork, music, or positive reinforcement.


Your intuition could lead you to an important new person who will make a dramatic impact on your life. One of your siblings or a neighbour could introduce you to a person, or to ideas that could enhance your life and improve your well being.


You may have a sudden insight about a friend or companion that could prove to be profoundly healing today. You may come up with an interesting and novel way to get more exercise together. Music could play an important role in your sense of well being today.


Expect the unexpected from your usual round of financial partners and advisors. There will be phone calls, letters and emails with good news and innovative ideas that you can take advantage of if you are prepared to act quickly and decisively today.


You may be considering moving or traveling because you have an idea there are greater opportunities in another place. Long moves, to another town, could be discussed with your loved ones or family members. There are definitely opportunities available, but you may need to do more research.


There will be more opportunities to make money today, but you may have to fight to get your ideas across at times. You may also find yourself discussing shared values or religious beliefs with a total stranger in a sudden “feel-good” moment.


If you are still single, you may not be for long! You have a nice little formation in your chart that will make you extremely attractive to potential partners. If you are already married, you and your partner will be making some spontaneous romance today.


You have an overwhelming urge to exercise or change your diet today, perhaps because of something you have seen on TV or read in your horoscope! But be aware it is best to make small changes, don’t leap into the pool to do 100 laps right off the bat.


You will soon be able to get out for a little fun. Even if you only set up a little impromptu game of catch in the parking lot at lunch, getting the blood circulating could prove to be a powerful motivator and mood lifter for everyone involved.


Home repair and improvements will be important topics of discussion today, especially expansions or changes caused by someone’s recent bout of ill-health. Your family will get together to bring the perfect solution into being – one that will solve more than one problem.


If you are looking for new information, the Internet is the best resource. You may have a hard time finding the exact details and items you are wanting, but it might be an enjoyable search. You will be learning new things that could open the way to new hobbies or pass-times.


Some unexpectedly good financial news could come about as a result of a friendship in the workplace. Cultivate relationships with VIPs, especially those of the opposite sex, and people who have innovative, unusual and expressive ways of thinking.


Daily Motivator for May 11 – The long haul

The long haul

Instant results are not always the best results. Have a little patience, and you can greatly expand your possibilities.

If your desires were always fulfilled immediately, you would have nothing to look forward to. You would miss out on the joy of anticipation.

There are some good things you can have instantly. There are many, many more good and valuable things that will take time.

You deserve more than mere instant gratification. Be willing to take the time, and to put in the effort, and give yourself access to life’s greatest rewards.

Value that arrives in an instant is probably going to be gone in an instant. Value that takes time and commitment to create will enrich your life far into the future.

Dream, plan, prepare and persist in your efforts for the long haul. The more time and effort you give, the more richness you can achieve.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Six Ways to Honor Mother Earth on Her Day

By Barry Dennis

Earth Day is the day when millions of people in 172 countries all over the globe share their appreciation for our beautiful planet. What are you giving back to the earth this year?

You might believe that one person can’t do a lot. But if we take the time to change a few small behaviors, we can make a difference collectively.

Here are six ways to be part of that effort.

Precycle before you recycle.

Precycling is the art of returning a thing to the earth before it was even taken, saving our resources and creating a brighter future. What kinds of things can you precycle? How about bottled water or plastic grocery bags? You can drink water out of a reusable water bottle, and pack your groceries in a reusable cloth bag. You’ve just precycled, preventing two plastic items from ending up in the refuse stream. Less demand for these items leads to less production.

Flick a switch.

This is simple. Begin to make it a habit to turn off the lights whenever you are leaving a room. Turn off the water when brushing or even while soaping up in the shower, then turn it back on to rinse off. Turn off your car ignition when you’re waiting for someone. Every time you flick the switch, you are also flicking a switch in your brain that helps to reinforce the behavior and turn it into a good habit—the habit of conserving.

If it ain’t broke, don’t replace it.

Before upgrading to the newest iPhone or a bigger-model flat-screen TV, ask yourself if it will make your life better than if you simply kept the model you already have. Take a moment to really visualize all the earth’s resources it took to make these items. You could save some of earth’s resources by simply waiting six months or a year before replacing something old with something new. At the end of that time, assess whether the quality of your life was seriously compromised by hanging on to that older model.

Change the demand.

Our system of supply and demand is a good thing. That is, when we demand goods that are actually, well, good—good for our health, our home, and our planet. By bringing greater awareness to what we consume, we change the demand that must create a new supply. Consider organic food, which does not use pesticides or hormones. These are not only better for our home planet, they are also healthier for our “home bodies.” Increasing the demand will change our common agricultural practices so the supply naturally shifts for all our benefit.

Want what you already have.

We sometimes think that “stuff” will make us happy, like a shiny new car or another pair of shoes. But who and what really makes you happy: your pets, your family, your friends? Your work, your leisure activities, your home? Right. This Earth Day, think about those you love, as well as the things around you that make your life easier, more fun, or more comfortable. Give thanks for all that you have, instead of wanting more.

Declutter your life.

In celebration of Earth Day, walk around your house and get rid of everything that’s not useful or healthful. Go through your bathroom, closets, drawers, kitchen cupboards, garage, basement, porch, and yard. Recycle everything you can, and donate the rest. Cleaning up your immediate environment will make you feel happier. Keep your empty space empty. The earth will thank you.

Barry Dennis is an internationally known inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. His new book is The Chotchky Challenge: Clear the Clutter from Your Home, Heart, and Mind…and Discover the True Treasure of Your Soul (Hay House, April 2012). Learn more at http://www.BarryADennis.com.

The Green Life versus The Silver Life

The Green Life versus The Silver Life

Author: Luthien

The ol’ Witch in the woods had a couple of beeswax candles, the Sun, Moon and stars and knowledge of the uses of herbs in her area to use in her practice. The modern Witch has the world at their fingertips at the click of a mouse button. Were things better in her time, without the cacophony of engine noise, the persistent hum of computers, and mobile phone signals that clog up the air? Or are we far better off out of the dark ages, living comfortable lifestyles without constant fear of persecution and with worldwide sharing of information?

I’ve always been a bit of a sci-fi geek, always fascinated with modern technology. I’m not a Mathematician or a Scientist – I’m a writer, and I spent my teen-hood making stories from ideas based upon Space exploration and travel. Most of the fiction I’ve ever written involves futuristic civilizations living in artificial cities built in Space, the ideas of which were researched through a lifelong fascination of ‘what’s out there’, and ‘where mankind will go with it all’. I’ve also always been a sucker for post- apocalyptic dramas and films; there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the sight of well- known cities like New York being mass flooded and frozen over as in The Day after Tomorrow, or deserted and left to nature to take over like in I am Legend, or even taken over by vicious aliens as in The War of the Worlds. In fact, any fiction where the planet freezes over or burns to a crisp or explodes will generally have me on the edge of my seat.

Like any young person, I wouldn’t be without my laptop, mobile and iPod, these things which make our day to day lives so much quicker, easier and more enjoyable. Find me a housewife who’d be without her prize washing machine or a businessman who’d function for a day without his Blackberry or iPhone. I’ve also always had a thrill for travel, particularly to far- flung, exotic places. It’s soggy and grey most of the year where I live, and like many Brits I’m a bit of a sun- seeker. How easy it is just to bulldoze normal life to one side, hop on a cheap flight and be transported into a sunnier, warmer, care- free world.

So you can see where we hit the snag.

Does the slow- paced, Earth- reverence lifestyle of Paganism not present the exact opposite sort of mentality? Pagans live in the here and now, grounded in the present, not worrying frantically about next week or mulling endlessly over a past loss or failure. The majority of us are focused mainly on environmental issues. (Would you let your backyard turn into a mini landfill site?) This is the reason so many Pagans pour so much effort into protecting the environment, everyone’s back yard, and many enjoy nothing more than a walk through sylvan parks, forests and alongside tinkling streams rather than in the pristine, perfectly geometric stone and metal cities of my imagination.

Air travel is of-course a big no-no, so that’s potentially struck off my ‘How to be a Perfect Pagan’ list, being the largest producer of Co2 as forms of transport go. Pagans who travel abroad often attempt to use trains or ferries unless no such alternative is available or practical for the journey being made. If all else fails, though, I’m told that planting a tree will cancel out the Carbon Dioxide produced by a medium- haul flight.

All the silver shiny things that make up our day to day lives, the computers that make us stay- indoorsy robots and the mobile phones that distract us for hours and hours on end from our natural surroundings, those things that make our lives easier and more enjoyable on the surface, but in the long term cause fatigue, depression and stress due to our over- busy lives and lack of communication with Earth’s energies – how on Earth do we fit it into a modern Pagan lifestyle?

After all Pagans fulfill a variety of jobs and careers – there are Pagan IT technicians, plumbers, teachers, actors, writers… we wouldn’t be able to live in this age without technology. The answer is compromise, to combine the two. We can’t progress without embracing modern technology. Without the wonders of the Internet this article wouldn’t be reaching you. And ‘Progress’, when used to justify annihilating thousands of acres of rainforest, to deplete the world’s natural resources and to allow alarmingly and unnaturally rapid shift in the Earth’s climate, really makes me cringe.

It needn’t be like this. It’s industrial- age thinking. Progress as a species to me means developing sustainable ways of generating energy and living, while developing our technology without compromising our ozone layer or environment. This is of course easier said than done, but for me part of being a witch is always asking questions, always exploring new ideas and better and more eco- friendly ways of doing things.

The term ‘Techno-Pagan’ is becoming more and more widespread, to describe those who would use the Internet to network with other Pagans and bring together people and ideas. According to Wikipedia, the Techno-Pagans are also those who would use modern –day devices in ritual, such as a ‘disk of Shadows’ instead of a traditional book, using an oven for a hearth and a laser pointer instead of a wand. Some will go as far as to say that electrical devices have a soul or energy field of their own, and their use in ritual helps to bring together the spiritual and physical worlds. I will use music from my laptop to use in meditation, but generally speaking I like to keep the two separate.

There’s something magical about holding a book in your hands filled with carefully written- out pages, and using altar tools that you made yourself of things you found out in the park or in the garden. Though I’m sure many of us have the Internet to thank for the roots or development of our magickal education, or for networking with and maintaining contact with many more Pagans than otherwise would have crossed our paths.

But beside all this we can still make time to be one to one with nature, if we can only pause our hectic lifestyles for a brief time and take in the serenity of the Earth’s healing energies. I’m a great admirer of the Pagan author Starhawk, and her novel The Fifth Sacred Thing tells of a futuristic world where a bleak, totalitarian regime attempts relentlessly to invade a small green pocket of land where witches fight with their lives to protect diversity, freedom and the greenery of the planet. Here she combines my two favorite genres, and in the novel these two extremes are set to clash horribly. This isn’t the way it will be in my own life, though; getting the right balance is imperative to our wellbeing, and if we can reach for the silvery stars while keeping rooted in the green Earth, we will make great tracks indeed in our lives and in the lives of others.

Starhawk, ‘The Fifth Sacred Thing’

Water Magick – Potions, Brews & Elixirs

Potions, Brews & Elixirs


Potions brews and elixirs are all essentially the same thing, with a few small differences. Potions are made from liquid ingredients or worked into a liquid base. Elixirs usually have crystals added to the liquid for extra power. Brews usually require some sort of heating process. (Soup and tea are both brews.)



Cut an apple in half and carve your initials on the inside of one half, and theirs on the inside of the other.
Close them back together with a sewing needle in each, loosely threaded together by red thread.
Hang this from the tree it came from with a pink ribbon, and
chant: Apple of love, leaf of tree, find him, bind him, now to me.”

Green Tip – 9 Uses for Old Jeans

9 Uses for Old Jeans

  • Chaya, selected from Networx

By Adam Verwymeren, Networx

There are few things more comfortable than a beloved, broken-in pair of jeans. But some day, when the denim’s faded, the seams have split and the cuffs have frayed, you’re going to be faced with a harsh reality: All good jeans must someday meet their end. But rather than let that precious fabric go to waste balled up in the back of your closet or, worse yet, getting tossed in the trash, you can (and should) repurpose and reuse those precious pants.

The durability, heft and stylishness of denim make it a great and versatile fabric for a variety of projects and purposes. Here are some great uses for your old jeans.

Coffee Cozy: Cut down on wasted cardboard coffee sleeves by making your very own denim coffee cozy from an old pair of pants. Simply snip the fabric to fit your favorite sized cup or mug and hem the top and bottom. [via Doctor Popular]

Knee Pads: Gardening is a great hobby, but sometimes digging around in the dirt all day can be tiring on the knees. Transform an old pair of jeans into a padded mat to spare your tired limbs while you garden. This handy guide will show you how to make a handsome knee pad, but for a quick and easy alternative that requires no sewing, simply cut off one pant leg, stuff it full of something soft and tie off each end with a zip tie. Of course, another way to save your knees is to hire a local landscaper. [via Martha Stewart]

Patching Other Jeans: Don’t let a small tear force you to toss an otherwise perfectly good pair of jeans. Cut patches from an old pair to fix up a current pair of pants. Use a bit of fabric glue to adhere the patch, and just like that, your pants have been fixed.

Sharpen a Razor: Stropping, the practice of removing microscopic burrs from a razor, is essential for getting a close, smooth shave that doesn’t leave your skin burning. Usually done with a piece of leather, stropping can also be done with a pair of old jeans. The coarse texture of denim smoothes and polishes the surface of a razor, extending the life of a disposable blade. [via Instructables]

Desk Organizer: Using the back pockets on a pair of blues, you can make a handy desk-side organizer with a board and a glue gun. The pockets are a great place to store pens, pencils and other office supplies. Or use it in the garage to store tools, nails and other hardware.

iPhone Sleeve: Cut up a pair of blue jeans and resew them to fashion a cheap, effective sleeve for your iPhone, iPad or other gadgets. Use a swatch from the jeans’ rear and the back pocket can double as a storage place for credit cards and cash. It’s an iPhone case and a wallet.

Heat Pack: Cut off a pant leg, tie off or sew up end and fill the leg with dried rice. Seal up the other end and you have a convenient hot pack to soothe achy muscles. Simply pop it into the microwave for a couple of minutes and apply wherever it hurts. A homemade heat pack would be perfect in a DIY gift basket for someone who deserves a little TLC. We’d like to give these (as well as a huge pat on the back) to the Dallas roofers who helped to rebuild several Texas churches that were lost to arson.

Make a Quilt: Anyone who has had to part with an old pair of jeans knows that it’s hard to let go of such a well-loved and well-worn piece of denim. Transform that soft, supple fabric into quilt so that you can continue loving those jeans long after they lived their last day as a pair of pants. [via HGTV]

Keep Out the Cold: Fill a pant leg with sand and sew it up. Slide it against the base of a door to insulate your home in the winter months.

Hex-breaker Bath

Hex-breaker Bath

Agrimony Reversing
The herb, agrimony, is prized in magick circles for it ability to repel and return a hex.
Make an infusion by pouring boiling water over angelica, agrimony, chamomile blossoms, hydrangea flowers, lovage and either tormentil or five-finger grass. When it cools add everything to your bath.

Daily Motivator for December 7th – In this unique moment

In this unique moment

This is a precious and irreplaceable day in your unique, one-of-a-kind life. Make sure to make good and worthy use of it.

This is your chance to live with richness, meaning and fulfillment. This is when you can joyfully express the outstanding beauty and value of who you are.

This is your time to imagine the very best of what is possible, and then to make it happen. This is when you can give real, meaningful substance to your life.

Today is the culmination of all you’ve ever been. Today is the beginning of the best that you can be.

In this unique moment be true, be honest, be authentic, and be joyful. Let your life come more fully to life than ever before.

This is your day, your moment to live, so do it with passion and purpose and love.

— Ralph Marston


The Daily Motivator

Bright Blessings Potion

Bright Blessings Potion

1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup fat-free sweetened condensed milk
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup club soda
4 ice cubes
As you put each of the ingredients one by one, into the blender, empower them with the blessings of the Goddess and God. You can do this by simply dedicating each ingredients to a favorite Divine presence. Blend all the ingredients until the potion is thick and smooth. As you slowly sip the potion, think of all the blessings in your life such as the people who love you and the many opportunities you have been given. Feel the joy of these blessings coursing through you as you drink the potion.
Makes one large serving.