Just Call Me Curious (And You Know What They Say About That & The Cat), A Little Poll….

It seems like here recently, every time you turn on the News, Kentucky is in it one way or another. Made me wonder if y’all are starting to think Kentucky is a terrible state, hmm…

I probably shouldn’t even bring this up but each of us have our own opinions and I am curious about yours. You have heard about the court clerk that would not issue same sex marriage license in Ky. As she know she refused to issue them because of her religious beliefs. Yesterday, as you probably know, the judge ordered her to be jailed. I know what my opinion on this matter is, I was wondering what yours was…….


Good Sunday Afternoon Dear Family & Friends!

Good afternoon, dear family & friends! How is everyone doing today? I hope super. I would like to thank everyone for their emails of concern to us. I have to admit we have been gone away to long. We have never let an active site of ours’ go down like this one did. I apologize for that. We have all been deathly ill with some sort of flu or virus. I know one thing, if you haven’t had it yet, hide, run for your life, leave the country (do I sound extreme, lol!). I can laugh now but I wasn’t doing much laughing with my head hung in the toilet. Bad, bad, bad experience. But the bug hit us, one right after the other. I have never seen anything like it. I know I was watching the local News and they said Kentucky was at its’ peak for the flu. I just wish they would tell me something I didn’t already know! I do feel better but I am not a 100% yet.

We are going to try to get the show back on the road tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get back to normal sometime soon. But like I always say, “what’s normal for us, huh?” Perhaps when Spring gets here, we will get back to normal then. I honestly hope it doesn’t take that long. :s If it does, I am going to dig me a hole and climb in. I hate being sick. I hate having my daily routine interrupted also. Speaking of which for the last two weeks my routine has been laying around on the couch moaning and groaning. I think the couch is calling my name now!

I hate to run but like I said I don’t feel 100% yet. I am going to go lay back down and hopefully tomorrow we will see you with bright, shiny faces. Thank you again for all of your concern and please keep us in your prayers.

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

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Good Monday Morn, My Dear Friends & Family!

Good Monday morning, my dear family! How are you doing today? I hope super. At least the Sun is shining here and that seems to lift my spirit just alone. Sorry about the weekend! I got pissed at myself Saturday, it just seemed like I couldn’t get anything done. Then I felt guilty about Sunday, but a little voice told me to relax and enjoy what I was doing. I have to admit I did enjoy it. My poor broke finger (that was suppose to be healed) is telling the tale I enjoy it too much, lol! Oh, so not funny! I still ain’t sure about those darn jingle bells. I guess they will have to do till I find something better.

I can’t get over it being December. It seems like this year has just flew by. The old saying around here, “Time flies when you are having a good time,” I must have been having one heck of a good time! Thinking back, I hope I don’t have this good of time ever again, lol! Broken finger & leg, stitches in the hand, and I am sure there are quite a few things I am forgetting. Oh, yeah, lost of memory, seriously! You ever go to do something, get up from the desk and then wonder what you got up for? That’s me. If I don’t write it down anymore, it don’t get done. I could call it what it is but I am not that old yet! Keyword, “yet!”

One more thing before I run…..Who hooked me up on Match.com? Everyone here swears up and down they didn’t (yeah, right!). It was curious when I opened up our email and there was about 6 or 7 saying, “Here are your matches for Kentucky.” I had to do a double take on that one. I thought it was funny though. Someone (and I am positive I know who) used my ID and our site email account and opened up a Match.com just for little old me. I almost laughed my rump off. I guess someone is trying to give me that extra special Yule present this year. Thanks Mystie but I am perfectly content the way things are right now. Ooops, did I say, “Mystie!”

Anyway I have got to run for now. I hope everyone has a very blessed week. Be safe, my friends!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

Good Afternoon, My Dear, Sweet Family!

Tornado Touched Down with winds of 145 mph killing 3 in Brookport, Illinois

It is so wonderful to be back online with you, my family. The last time I talked to you, I ended our conversation by saying, “The Tornado Warning Siren has just been set off.”  That day will definitely be a day to remember. We live in a very sparsely inhabited region. We have tornados touch down all around us. But thankfully for us, only old barns and abandoned buildings were destroyed.  The people in Brookport were not that lucky. Brookport is located right across the river from us. I don’t know if you have ever heard the old myth, a tornado will not cross water. Don’t believe it! I could see the tornado forming in Kentucky and my daddy had always told me that myth about tornadoes. So I figured the tornado was going to double back and that was going to be it. The winds kept building and building. The National Weather service said that the winds had got up to 75 miles an hour before it crossed the river. It was a huge tornado that struck this poor Illinois town. They won’t allow anyone in except for emergency personal and those who are cleaning up. Apparently there is nothing left of the town.

I know on the news they keep mentioning the larger towns in Illinois. Brookport was devastated and nothing but local people are helping. I know the government finally showed up but they are not telling the basic needs of this community. These people have lost everything. I guess because I got to see this monster that was going to demolish this poor town, I feel like this was way to close for comfort. These people need food, clothing, housing, personal items, basically they need everything.

The local news station (which I provided a link to) has a spot on it for donating to the Red Cross to help these people. The people that were hit by this tornado were nothing but good hard working individuals. They had worked for everything they had and now it is gone. If you would like to donate to the Red Cross, where the Red Cross can purchase the necessary items, please use the link below. I know the people of Brookport will appreciate all the help they can get within the next coming months.

WPSD Local 6

This page will tell you how you can donate, if you live somewhere in the area, where the drop off points are, everything you need to know to help.

Thank you!

This Madness Has To End & We Can Do It

I have always said to myself that I would never mix Politics with our Religion. I have now learned you never say “never.” If you do, it will come back to bite you and I have got bit!

We are sitting here listening to the President talk about the Government shut down. I guess I thought down here in Kentucky we would never see the effects of  this. I know what I have seen locally and I would imagine it is going on every where, people are starting to hurt. I have seen parents that live from paycheck to paycheck wondering how they are going to feed their kids, put a roof over their heads, buy diapers and the list goes on and on. The Food Banks are empty because the grant money has stopped. There are people in this country either going hungry or will be hungry if this last much longer.

The individuals that we elected do not live in our world. They are still getting their salaries and all their other little perks. They don’t realize what they are doing to the average person in this country. It is time for the madness to end before the greatest country on this planet becomes a third world country.

You know I believe strongly in what we can do when we come together. It is that time again that I ask you to please join with me in ending this madness. Together, we are a mighty force. You have seen evidence in the past of what we can do. We can do it again. We have to do it for the sake of the people of this country. You know as well as I do, we have brothers & sisters that are starting to suffer. We have to do it for them. All it takes to solve this problem is all of us joining together as one. Uniting our Power again for the goodness of mankind.

Below you will find a very simple spell. All it requires is a white candle and a little visualization on your part. Please join with me nightly in casting it, it won’t take thirty minutes I promise. We have to do this. The madness has to end. We have to end it. Washington doesn’t realize how it is hurting the people of this country. Let us join together once again and put an end to this madness.

Now that the dust has settled
And the heat of the moment has passed
Help (The House/Senate/Congress) come together
To create legislation that will last
Let them realize the time for fighting is over
Let the healing begin
Let all involved acknowledge
In this fight, no one wins
Suffering comes to all
Help them put their differences aside
Let their pride no longer stay
Let them instead mend their quarrels
And let harmony rule our Country once again.
So Mote It Be

I Have Received A Wonderful Award, The Versatile Blogger Award!

I am now trying to straighten things out and get caught up on my duties here.



I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by a dear friend Shannon at Abstract Lucidity . This comes as a total surprise and I must say a very welcome one. I am honored to even be considered for such an Award. It is indeed a great honor and privilege to accept this Award and proudly display it on the site. Thank you so much, Shannon. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in considering me for the Award. Blessings to you, dear sister.

There are Rules to accepting this Award and they are as follows:

•Display the Award Certificate on your website

•Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

•Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

•Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post •Post 7 interesting things about yourself.


Seven Things About Myself. Hmm, my life is an open book, what don’t you know, lol!

1.  I am a Kentucky Hillbilly

2.  I am a Solitary Practitioner

3.  I am a Hereditary Witch. I was raised around a lot of Granny Magick in the Mountains of Kentucky.

4,  I long for the peaceful and quiet life of the Mountains again. It is just so peaceful and beautiful there. If you could see it, you would never want to leave it either.

5.  If I moved to the mountains, I would have to make sure they had the internet somewhere up there, lol! I could stand to part with my family and friends here.

6.  The WOTC is my baby. But as it has grew and gotten bigger, I now say, “The WOTC is yours, I am just the caretaker.” I sincerely hope you think of the WOTC as your home on the net. Because that is how I want you to think of it.

7.  And on a very personal note, I am recently separated from my husband and plan on divorcing. Am I sad, a little but it is something I should have done a long time ago. When the divorce is final, we are going to have one hell of a party! You are all invited!


Fifteen blogs, this ought to be interesting because my linker with WordPress is not fixed yet. So I will do my best at this….

1.   Lady Imbrium’s Holocron     http://ladyimbriumsholocron.wordpress.com/

2.   LoreBook    http://lorebook.wordpress.com/

3.   The Enchanted Solitaire   http://enchantedsolitaire.com/

4.   Mari Wells    http://mariwells.wordpress.com/

5.   Bohemimom42   http://bohemimom42.wordpress.com/

6.   Whyteferret’s Blog    http://ferretrunner.wordpress.com/

7.   Learn Everyday!   http://silverangel2011.wordpress.com/

8.   Balladeer’s Blog   http://glitternight.com/

I will notify these and post the remaining 7 tonight. Sorry, I just noticed the time. If I want to get my head on straight again, I have go to get to work. Thank you again, Shannon!

Blessings To All My Wonderful Family & Friends On This Beautiful Thursday!

Good Thursday morning, my dearest of friends! How are you doing today? I hope fine. It is beautiful here today. We have a coating of snow on the ground. The sun is shining on it and absolutely blinds you to look out the window. It just seems like a sign from the Goddess that each of our days will now be getting brighter and brighter.

I do need to let you know something. We will have to get off the site early today. The weather service around here issued a blizzard warning for us Christmas night, we all laughed. I mean really a blizzard warning for Kentucky, sure. Well, we are laughing out the other end now. We had a blizzard, the winds around here got up to 70 mph. It was one heck of a storm. Anyway, you all know we are located out in the boonies. We have several old, large trees around our building. One of those old, large trees got blowed over. Thankfully a younger tree caught it and the guys have it braced up were it won’t come through the building. But I have been on the phone this morning trying to get someone out here ASAP! I got in touch with a company that said they would be here around 1:00. So when they show up to cut the tree, we will have to leave the building.  I asked them how long it would take and they said it depends on how big the tree is. I am going to send the rest of the ladies home. Myself and some of the guys are going to stay here to  make sure nothing bad happens. Heck if it does, I don’t know what we are going to do about it, lol!

But I thought I would let you know why we are going to disappear around one this afternoon. It is always something, I swear. I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and remember one more day to the weekend. TGIF!

Blessings to you & yours, dear friends,

Love ya,

Lady A


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Good Saturday Morning, my dear, dear friends!


Good Morning, guys and gals! How’s it going so far? My morning has been super busy. I am starting to feel like myself again. And unfortunately everyone knows it, lol! Just kidding! I hate not being able to do things for myself. Especially having to depend on others to do things for me. I know they are very kind hearted to do what I need done. But it’s not the same, I want to get up and do it. I believe what I missed most was going down to the animal refuge every morning. That always starts my day off right.

Speaking of which, I know I am running late but it is not because I have been goofing off.  We went up in Illinois the other day and picked up a young momma cougar and her two babies. The first call we have ever got from Illinois and our first cougar. A first all the way around. We brought her back and I put her and her babies in their new home. She won’t let anyone come close to the enclosure except me. So I feed her every morning, clean out the cage and of course I have to play with the babies some. When the momma gets a little older and the babies bigger, I am going to have to find a safe place to release them. I know Kentucky has wildcats, bobcats but no cougars that I have actually seen. I can’t remember who it was but it was someone visiting me while I was down at the refuge. He told me about a cougar further down in Western Kentucky that was attacking cattle. Then he said a farmer came out and found the cougar on top of one of his horses. He said the cougar had almost tore off one side of the horse’s face. The farmer shot at it and missed but did manage to scare it off. The vet came out and managed to save the poor horse. But that man said there had been lots of reports of cougars around here. He told me I should be very careful at night when I come down to the refuge. I remember him saying, “You know a hungry cougar would knock you off your four-wheeler and eat you before you knew what happened. Now you be careful, gal!” I know I have heard some rumors of these supposedly cougars around here but something just don’t wash with me about the stories. Hmmm….

Oh, I have good news, I am training a new witch to help out with the postings. She will be mainly over the Southern Hemisphere section of the blog. I know those poor people feel totally neglected and I apologize for it. I was doing both sites till we got the cougar. Now my mornings are fairly full doing everything that needs to be done for her. The new witch’s name is Kathleen. She is a Hereditary witch and a Solitary. She has helped out here at the WOTC before. She use to reply to all the emails we receive. Now she understands my circumstances, she is willing to help out on the sites. I am very grateful for that. Now you will have three of us old broom riders you will have to put up with, lol!

Well the old broom rider is going to get on her broom and get busy. I hope everyone has a very blessed Saturday. If you are going out shopping, avoid the mobs at all costs, lol! No matter what your plans, enjoy the day.

Goddess Bless You & Yours,

Lady A



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Good Thursday Morning, dear brothers & sisters!

Today, in Kentucky it is a glorious, sunshiny day. We haven’t seen the sun in so long I almost forgot what it looked liked. But when I look out the window, I stop to think about all of our brothers & sisters in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and all the other regions that are in devastation. It makes me feel guilty to have such a beautiful day here and yet they are hit by another storm. How much more can these poor people endure?

I remember in Kentucky, about 4 years ago, we had a severe ice storm here. We didn’t have any warning about it. We went to bed one night, got up the next and we were covered in ice. A crippling ice storm had hit our area, the ice was severe inches thick on the roads. If you were lucky enough to get on the roads, you would slide right back off of them. The trees were weighed down with ice. It sounded like shotguns going off when the branches broke. When a tree fell the earth literally shook. Our power was out for 14 days. To me it seemed like an eternity. Daylight was fine. I could manage it but when night fell, I felt like the whole world was closing in on me. I think what kept me sane was meditation and talking to the Goddess. I also didn’t sleep during the night. I kept a watch on the kerosene heater to make sure we stayed warm and didn’t die from the fumes. To this day, these fourteen days seem as fresh as yesterday. One day, we were living in modern comfort, the next we were forced back into the 1600’s. It was a traumatic experience probably one I will never ever forget. But we were much luckier than those individuals up-state. We had our home. We had a place we could feel safe in. We lost nothing except some power and of course some inconvenience. But nothing like those people up North. I have only lived through some of what they are going through. I know what kind of mark it left on me. I only hope and pray they come through this and rebuild better than before. Have a life full of much happiness and joy.

In case any of the storm victims are able to read this. I want you to know that we haven’t forgot about you. We keep you in our hearts and prayers daily. If there are any of you (you & your area) need anything, let me know. Simply write me a comment, tell me what you need and give me an address. The WOTC will help you as much as we can. I will also post it on the side board for our family to read. I know there are many that want to help. All you have to do is ask.

Please remember we have not forgot you. If we can’t be with you physically, we are with you spirituality. You will get through this and we will help you in anyway we can.

May the Goddess grant you strength, courage and most of all Her love,

Lady Of The Abyss





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