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Please show little, old me some love!!! I can definitely use the love today. I was out digging up the herb garden. I got to pulling weeds using the hand I had surgery on. Well, I am blogging today with a brace on my hand again. So I desperately need your love!!!!!

Send me your loving vibes and find your favorite posts and “like,” “like,” “like,” away!


A Super-Simple Way to Grow Food: Start a Bag Garden

A Super-Simple Way to Grow Food: Start a Bag Garden

  • Shelley Stonebrook

I’m all for planting in well-worked, well-maintained garden beds, but because of busy schedules and limited growing space, that isn’t an option for everyone. If you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge into the joy of growing your own food and want to start with an easy method, a bag garden might be for you.

To plant a bag garden, you simply purchase a few bags of topsoil from your local garden center (buy more than a few if you have the space and want to grow even more). Lay the bags anywhere that gets full sun and has dirt below—most people just lay them on the edge of a yard in the grass (note: the bags will kill the lawn directly below them, but that’s OK because this has transformed into garden space).

Next, use a utility knife to cut out a large, rectangular window on the upper surface of each bag. Leave the sides and 2 inches of each top edge intact, resembling a picture frame (see illustration above). The 2-inch rim of plastic will keep the soil from spilling and help retain moisture. Lightly dust the surface of the soil inside the bags with organic fertilizer and mix it in with a trowel. (Skip this if the bag’s label says fertilizer has already been added.)

After that, stab each bag through at least a dozen times with a screwdriver or a big knife to create plenty of drainage holes in the bottom. Plant roots will eventually use these holes to grow down into the soil below the bags.

Next, it’s time to plant your seeds! Consider trying easy-to-grow spring crops such as lettuce and spinach. Then, sit back, watch your veggies grow, and before you know it you’ll be enjoying a fresh salad you grew yourself!

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

  • Judi Gerber


Not that being part of a trend is ever a good reason to start or learn something new, but if it helps you move forward by being part of the “in” crowd, then you really need to plant your own edible garden this year.

That’s right, having your own vegetable garden is now trendy. In fact according to the 2009 Edibles Gardening Trends Research Report conducted by the Garden Writer’s Association (GWA) Foundation, over 41 million U.S. households, or 38 percent planted a vegetable garden in 2009. And, more than 19.5 million households (18 percent) grew an herb garden and 16.5 million households (15 percent) grew fruits during the same period.

The study found that there was a growth in edible gardening from both experienced gardeners and from an influx of new gardeners: 92 percent of respondents had previous experience and 7 percent (7.7 million households) were new edible gardeners.

And one-third of the experienced gardeners grew more edibles in 2009 than in the previous year. The GWA indicates that given the strong response for plans to grow more edibles into 2010, the vegetable gardening trend will continue and there will likely be a new high level of edible gardening activity this year.

Another survey done by the American Gardening Association showed a 19 percent increase in new hobby country farms and urban edible gardens in 2009 over 2008.

So, aside from its popularity, do you need some other reasons to grown your own food?

  • The GWA’s survey found that the main reason given for increasing or maintaining edible gardening last year was to supplement household food supply — to help them save money on food. That alone is a very powerful reason.
  • There is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyard, your windowsills, or on patio containers.
  • Growing your own fruits and vegetables means that you know exactly what does and does not go into your food and exactly where it comes from.
  • You will get healthier in a number of ways. Not only will you end up eating more fruits and vegetables, but you will be getting added exercise. Did you know that you can burn as many calories in 45 minutes of gardening as you can in 30 minutes of aerobics? And, working in the garden reduces stress.
  • You will get a bigger variety of your favorite fruits and vegetables because you can choose from hundreds of different varieties and you can grow the things you like the best.
  • You can teach your children or grandchildren where their food actually comes from and that it doesn’t come from the supermarket but from the soil, the earth that we all depend on.

Have a Fantastic Thursday, My Dearies!

Happy, happy Thursday to everyone! There seriously ought to be a law against someone feeling so good. I got out yesterday afternoon and worked my butt off. Since I got rid of hubby, I plan on fixing the porch the way I always wanted it. Yes my loves,  there is not much this old witch can’t do. I am going to have to quit referring myself as old, I am not old. Anyway back to the subject at hand, I cleaned off one end of the deck. Then I went to a local nursery in pursuit of landscaping bricks. I did not believe the number of landscaping companies I would have to go to before I found my mysterious bricks. I finally found them, loaded them up and off I went to the house. You might be wondering or not, what I wanted with bricks. I am fixing my herb garden finally and I wanted to put them around it to keep the lawn service from mowing them down. I got out back where I wanted to put the herb garden and I have never seen like the crap buried in the ground. I found everything and if I still had the contractor’s number, I would have to call him. But after I got that cleaned out, it was late and me and my pup were hungry. So I came in and cooked us some supper. After supper, I came into the bedroom and started working on the carpet. I am in the process of super cleaning it. But I had energy to spare yesterday and also today. I plan on finishing my garden this afternoon. I know to some of you, really all of you, I am putting out my garden late. But our seasons are messed up. I will have herbs up to late October. Then I go harvest and live happily ever after.

Ok, the Elder Witches amongst us doesn’t have to read this part. This is just for the newcomers and in case they haven’t figured it out yet or made the connection. I don’t mean to insult anyone, this is just a great way to learn and it stays with you. Let’s start, do you wonder why I told you all the stuff I did yesterday? Did you wonder how I had so much energy and it was natural energy? It was because of the moon. Yes, you hear right. There is a new moon lurking about. If you notice every time the Moon becomes Full or New (I haven’t never found this true for the other changes, in fact I end up drained during them.), you have a sudden surge of energy. You can’t sit still, you have got to be doing something. That is the Moon’s rays having an effect on us. If there is something you have been putting off and absolutely dread doing it, wait to the Moon become Full or New. You will have more energy than you know what to do with. The mundane world has almost found out our little secret. They are starting to notice how much crazy stuff happens. The crazy stuff happens because the average person doesn’t know how to handle the extra energy. We, the witches, do.