Lodestone Love Spell

Lodestone Love Spell

Lodestone’s magnetic properties are used to draw love towards you and then keep that love close at hand.

Lodestones are believed to have genders, just like other living creatures.  Their gender is determined by their appearance: the rounder looking ones are female, while the males are the more phallic looking stones.

Choose lodestones to match your desires, use one to represent yourself and another to represent the person you would like to draw into a romance.  Choose a lodestone that represents you and soak it in ‘Come to Me Lover Oil.’ Sprinkle it with magnetic sand and place it on the edge of a mirror. Choose a lodestone that represents the person you wish to draw into romance.Soak this one in ‘Amour Oil’ Sprinkle with Magnetic Sand and place it on the mirror, on the opposite edge of the first lodestone. Carve a candle dedicated to romance and dress it with ‘Lucky Lodestone Oil’ Light it and focus on your wish for romance and move the two lodestones slightly closer to each other. Pinch out the candle Repeat this daily until the lodestones meet in the middle, and then allow the candle to burn all the way down


A Charm Bag to Increase Love

A Charm Bag to Increase Love

Items You Will Need:

Adam Root

Eve Root

Pair of Lodestone grits

Magnetic sand

Mated pair of blood root chips

Red flannel bag


Red Ink

Attraction Powder

Love Me Powder

The Spell:

Gather all of your ingredients together and spread them out on a table. Have your red flannel bag with you and place inside it: a pair of lodestone grits clothed in magnetic sand, adam root, eve root, a mated pair of blood root chips (female – pink, male – brown). Take the paper and with the red ink write your lover’s name on it with your name crossing over the top of it. Place this also inside the bag. Before placing the bag on yourself everyday, lightly dust a small amount of attraction and love me powder inside the sachet. Carry the bag on you to increase love.