Your Animal Spirit for December 9th is The Porcupine

Your Animal Spirit for Today
December 9, 2013


Porcupine has appeared in your reading today to bring a message of innocence and trust. Although Porcupine can throw quills when cornered, he is gentle, loving, and non-aggressive. Is there an area of your life that need Porcupine energy? Have you lost the ability to trust??


Surprise, Surprise It’s Saturday Morning! Have A Blessed One!

I hope everyone is having a super Saturday. I just wanted to drop in and let you know this morning, I will be out promoting our site. Saturday is one of Pinterest’s hottest days. So I plan on covering their front page without nothing expect Pins for the WOTC. Pinterest has a huge following and that is how we end up with new members. They see our Pins, get curious and come over and visit. Right now, this is a fantastic advertising site for us. And besides there are so many people on here right now, I don’t want to interrupt their enjoyment of the site. It is great to see you all here this morning. Read, enjoy, look around, stay as long as you like. (It seems like when I show up to do the postings, everyone disappears, I don’t bite, I swear, Witches’ Honor!)

Anyway I am off to promote, I will be back in bit to start our new herb section and also put on some more strange forms of divination. I hope you have a fantastic day!

Luv & Hugs,

Lady A

The Witches Spell for Nov. 15th – Breaeaking an Unwanted (Love) Spell


Breaking an Unwanted (Love) Spell

This can be altered to fit any type of unwanted spell, or to zero in on one specific spell.

Perform this only if you are certain you are under a spell that is not in your best interests. It is wise to perform divination beforehand to see whether you are and whether that is the right course of action to take.

Incense: Frankincense, Sage or any appropriate cleansing/purifying incense or one that is personally empowering.

Timing: As needed, during the Waning Moon, at or just prior to Midnight.

Items Needed:

A candle (black for banishing or white for purity, cleansing & freedom)

Appropriate anointing oil

Unshelled pistachios

9 in number (or any number that is great significant to you personally).


Anoint your candle if desired, light it and the incense, set them in appropriate burners, visualizing yourself being freed.

Take one pistachio. Forcibly break it open, visualizing the unwanted spell breaking as the shell breaks. The more emotion you can put into the breaking of the shell, the better.

As you do this chant: “So may it broken be/ Any (love) spell cast on me/ That was cast not by my hand/ As I will, free and clear I stand!”

Continue this fashion until all 9 pistachios have been shelled. Eat the pistachios, knowing that you are now free.

Celebrating Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Celebration of the Goddess of Reason


November 10th

Martinmas Eve, Celebration of the Goddess of Reason

The old Pagan festival of Nincnevin, later Martinmas Eve, honored the Goddess Diana and her entourage. At Martinmas, the Germans celebrate this time by feasting on wild geese and then using the breast bone of the last goose to predict the weather for the coming months. It is believed that if the breast bone be fair and clear when the flesh has been eaten off it, the weather will be cold and full of hard frosts. However, if the breast bone is dark then the winter will be full of rain, snow, and sleet but warmer overall.

During the French Revolution, this day was celebrated with a parade through the streets of Paris. A young woman was chosen to represent the Goddess, and led the processional to the cathedral of Notre Dame, considered a center of learning, whereupon she was presented with a crown of oak leaves. It was hoped that the festivities would make the people aware of the importance of learning.


Calendar of the Sun for February 6th

Calendar of the Sun

6 Solmonath

Day of Aphrodite Genetrix

Colors: Sea green and white
Element: Water
Altar: Lay with a cloth of sea green, strings of pearls, white lace, many scallop shells, colored glass sea floats, abalone, small shells with hearts and fishes painted on them, and a large chalice of Greek wine with frothy sugared  floating in it.
Offerings: Shells. Fishes. Promises to aid expectant parents.
Daily Meal: . Shellfish. Sweet things, especially desserts. Whipped cream.

Invocation to Aphrodite Genetrix

Lady of Sea-Foam,
Green as the ocean from which
You sprang, with pearls
Of whitest foam,
Aphrodite Genetrix
Love that creates all Life,
We thank you for the Love
That sparked our existence.
We remember that we were all born of love
Whether it was brief and poignant
As a firefly’s courtship
Or solid and lasting
For half a century,
Whether it sprang from the body
Or the heart, or the soul.
You who bind the proton to the electron
And so bind the world together,
May we never forget your gift of attraction
That makes us all human
Even as you are divine.

Chant: Amor Invictus Amor Invictus

(The ritual for this day is the Great Rite, performed by one man and one woman, as Aphrodite Genetrix is the matron of procreative sexuality. If done symbolically, the man plunges a blade into the chalice held by the woman, and then it is poured as a libation. Ideally, it should be done literally, either by members of the house or by two who have come in for this purpose. If outsiders, it would be an auspicious time to conceive a child. All sit facing outwards in a circle and chant as the couple are wrapped in a red cloth and lay together in the center, and when it is done all repair to their rooms and either contemplate love or have ritual sex, alone or together.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

Calendar of the Sun for January 9th

Calendar of the Sun

9 Wolfmonath

Baubo’s Day of the Midwives

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a red cloth place a single red candle, a chalice of fresh milk, and a Sheela-Na-Gig.
Offerings: Give aid to a midwife.
Daily Meal: Center around milk or dairy.

Baubo Invocation

Hail Baubo, Mother of Laughter,
Great open door upon your belly,
You who open all things,
The woman’s womb, the hard-bound heart,
The eyes shut tight in fear,
The belly full of mirth repressed,
All these you tear open like a child
Reveals their holiday gifts with glee.
We are your packages, your presents,
To undo as you will!
Today no weeping will sound through our halls,
And only mirth shall walk our paths,
O Baubo upon the bridge!
You watch those who walk down to the dark places,
You see those who weep their sorrow
Like Mother Demeter trailing in the dust,
And your great heart of understanding
Knows that no word of sense will ever help
When the shadows are darkest.
Only absurdity, only paradox
The extravagant, the foolish, the incredible,
The outlandish and preposterous,
Only these can make their way
Under the tight doors of desolation,
Through the cracks of misery.
A small thing, laughter, yet without it
We drown in the rivers of our own self-importance.
Hail Baubo, Mother of Mirth!

(One or more who have been chosen to do the work of the ritual come forth to do Baubo’s job. They must shed their clothing, and naked wear faces painted on their bellies, and tell jokes until laughter is rampant. Finish with the chant listed on Ilithyia’s Day.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]


Calendar of the Sun for August 13

Calendar of the Sun

13 Weodmonath

Festival of Diana

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon a white cloth set three white candles, a silver crescent moon, a chalice of white wine, and figures of bears, wolves, and beehives.
Offering: Meat and honey. Celibacy tonight, unless there is a contradictory festival.
Daily Meal: Barley porridge. Lamb. Bread with honey.

Invocation to Diana

Hail, Diana, Mother of Bears!
You protect the young girls
In their time of greatest vulnerability,
Between the edge of childhood
And the edge of womanhood.
Your roar echoes through the forest,
Virgin huntress with the silver arrows,
Silver waxing crescent among the clouds.
Hail, Diana, Mother of Bees!
Queen among your priestesses you fly,
Center of the flowering hive,
Your women poised to sting and kill,
Bringing forth sweetness
Unparalleled in its golden beauty,
Under a glowing full moon.
Hail, Diana, Mother of Wolves!
The ancient crone in you
Is no hearth-clinging shroud of bones;
She grinds roots with her old teeth
Bared snarling at the forefront of the pack.
You are friend to the wilderness
And the lonely howlers who inhabit it.
Bless us, Diana, Threefold Goddess,
With your fierce protection
And the uncompromising wisdom within it.

Chant: Diana Diana Lucina Lucina Lumen

(The white wine is passed around, and the remainder poured out as a libation.)

[Pagan Book of Hours]

The Wicca Book of Days for July 14th – A Mighty Half Month

The Wicca Book of Days for July 14th

A Mighty Half Month


The runic half month of Uruz (or Ur) begins on July 14, and will end on July 28. Uruz symbolizes uruses –  also known as aurochs – the wild, long horned cattle that are now extinct, but were very much alive and roaming Northern Europe when the language of the runes came into being. Any human who was able to run down, hunt, and then kill one of these swift, huge, and ferocious creatures had accomplished an impressive feat indeed, so that this rune has a double edged meaning, for the strength that it signifies refers to the might of both the beast and its conqueror.


Bastille Day

The French national commemoration of the morning of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, which led to the French Revolution, and then to the establishment of the Republic of France, it a very good excuse to celebrate the principles of liberte, egalite and fraternite today.



Mighty wings once carved the cumulus

sowing storm filled clouds and reaping rain.

Soaring, we bounded the radius

of the peak crowned heights of our domain.

How long is the road to Dragonheim?

The length of a dreamer’s call.

How number the miles to Dragonheim?

It is none, I say, and all.

And the sky roared when touched by our flames

it sang to words wrought in fume and smoke.

Firey visions dwelt within the names

of numberless tribes of dragon folk.

Where winds the path to Dragonheim?

Hidden in a name; a secret sound.

Where stands the entrance to Dragonheim?

In the place never lost, though seldom found.

Majestic mountains once housed our young

born from crystal eggs that caught the light.

In strong shadowed heights our dwellings hung

ne’er crossed by the foes who feared our might.

What shapes the trail to Dragonheim?

A maze of dreams, pointing streight.

How travels the way to Dragonheim?

On paths of heart, devoid of hate.

Now the lands are gone, scourged by the ire

of the modern day people’s decree.

But spirits live on, look to the fires.

You must catch our souls to set us free.

In what age stands the halls of Dragonheim?

Time beyond time, between the worlds.

Where dwell the inhabitants of Dragonheim?

They smile as your spirits soar and curl.

** – J.A. Bordeaux (Steorra Rokraven) , 17 Feb 89

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Hey Ya’ll, It’s Saturday! Relax & Enjoy!

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Hello, my dear friends! How is everyone doing today? I hope super fine. My early morning wake up calls is killing me. I had Kiki (Pom pup) jumping up and down on me this morning at 4 a.m. She decided I needed to get out of the floor and go to bed, HA! I think I fell asleep around 11:00 and she waits till 4 to get me up. Great timing, all I can say. I have been up ever since. I thought about going back to sleep. But after I put the cookies up, washed dishes, straightened up the living room, cleaned the bathroom, well heck, the sun was up. I do more things while most people are asleep than your average joe does all day.

Well enough with my boring routine. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. If the weather is pretty where you are at, get outside and enjoy it for me some too. It is cloudy, miserable and suppose to snow. I am ready for Spring!!!

Anyway, have a great one, my dears!

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