New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 9/12/15

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Report for 9/12/15

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Cosmic Weather: New Moon & (partial) Solar Eclipse

The Big Re-set, Rusty Cages & The Way Through

Hello friends. Welcome to the Fall “Eclipse” season. This year promises not to be your usual order of business or even bag of tricks. Fitting really, as either has this year in any way, now has it?

The effects of eclipses can be felt for weeks and even up to six months. Based on my research on these two upcoming eclipse (Lunar Eclipse to follow on 9/28) are going to be of the latter variety. Pack a punch? You could certainly say that, but based on the energy and other astro-energy of this year, we have been preparing this Summer (Winter) for another “dose” or vibrational upgrade. It’s definitely upon us.

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are details. – Albert Einstein

Virgo often gets associated with some of the more problematic aspects of mind such as worry, perfectionism and criticism. It’s important to remember that Virgo IS seeking perfection in an imperfect world and that’s where the trouble can start. On the higher octave of that energy, it’s about the HIGHER MIND and reaching even closer to the Universe or Source Energy.

As a vibrational and gem essence maker and practitioner, I’ve often been interested in the idea of contrary “medicine,” which is my own form of homeopathic alchemy. In this case with a double dose of Mercurial MIND (Sun and Moon in Virgo,) there is also the opportunity to get into its opposite energy, which is Pisces. This is the way up and through mind to higher levels of transcendence, healing and clarity. Traveling alongside with this New Moon is an almost perfect (within one degree) opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer. This brings us a good opportunity to observe and not necessarily react. To reach into discernment and away from the garden variety, everyday judgement. Eclipse are always potential and magical moments in time. When the travel with a New Moon it’s a “re-seeding” moment – a reset point of the highest order.

You are not your mind and its thoughts; especially the ones of a negative or repetitve nature, that which has appropriately been referred to as the “monkey mind.” Seek the place that arises in between thoughts, the deep peace and truth of your being. This is where the true healing elixir of the Soul is found that is the relief to all ailments. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 1.3.15

The other planetary energies playing strongly into this New Moon are Uranus, Pluto and also asteroid goddess Eris. In the great works by the late, great author Robert Anton Wilson he referred to the followers of Eris in his fictional novels as “Discordians.” The name implies the energy that they would often bring to the table as Eris would definitely be considered an ally to Uranus. Sometimes it was nothing more than a game on their part to see how much they could knock you off course or distract you, while other times there was a deeper meaning to their message. So more transformation and shaking things up in your personal sector? This very well could be. Keeping your sense of humor, staying open and in the moment will all be helpful.

In the past I could never really understand why there was such an ominous sense of foreboding that could follow eclipses. This was mostly attributed to Lunar Eclipses due to the emotional component, but Solar Eclipses were also not exempt. I understand now that it is because they are cosmic moments in time that are hard to ignore and they often “force the hand” of those who may be indecisive, stuck or just plain stubborn. Those who roll with it will be in finer shape in eclipses than those who don’t. It’s also helpful to look to your own natal chart to see what house sector these powerful energies are impacting for you personally.

Thinking on the cosmic tune for the particularly epic new moon, the great and appropriate “Rusty Cage” came in. Originally performed by Soundgarden, I felt the Johnny Cash version was perfect for the righteous and bad@ss nature of just what we’re working with.


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Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses

What’s the difference between a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse?

Tarotcom Staff Tarotcom Staff on the topics of solar eclipse, new moon, lunar eclipse, full moon, astrology

Eclipses are pretty major events, especially in Astrology, but that doesn’t mean everyone understands the difference between a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse — not to mention how they affect your life.

A Personal Moon report can help explain just how much the Moon affects your emotions. But in terms of eclipses, let’s start with the basics: A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and a Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun.

Full Moon vs. the New Moon

With a Solar Eclipse, which can only happen at the New Moon, the shadow of the Moon is cast on the Earth and fully or partially blocks the Sun. Sometimes you can see a “ring of fire” glowing around the Solar Eclipse, but when there is a Total Eclipse of the Sun, the sky can grow dark in the middle of the day.

In Astrology, the darkness associated with a Solar Eclipse also casts a shadow on our innermost selves — it’s a time when we are reminded to turn inward, tap into our emotions and reconnect with the past. Solar Eclipses are about taking care of unfinished personal business before you can move on to new projects.

With a Lunar Eclipse, which can only occur at a Full Moon, the shadow of the Earth is cast on the Moon. This happens when the Moon passes behind the Earth and the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays, so it can only happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon are very closely aligned.

Lunation’s to spur personal growth

It’s much more common to view a Lunar Eclipse because they last longer (hours as opposed to minutes) and they can be seen from anywhere on Earth where you can see the Moon. During a Lunar Eclipse the sky will be very dark, but the Moon will appear Full and luminous, with a soft orange or pinkish hue.

Just like its softer visual appearance, the Lunar Eclipse has a softer astrological effect on our emotions, too. A Lunar Eclipse is a bit less intense, as it helps you to question less and feel more ready to let go of the past, shed old fears and habits, and finally feel light enough to move forward.

To dig deeper into the meaning of each Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse, you’ll want to know in which sign each is taking place, as that will affect the overall forecast. But generally speaking, both Solar and Lunar Eclipses are special lunation’s that spur personal growth.